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  1. Can any mac user help me?

    leave your dock where it is and play fm in full screen mode when you want to do other stuff press apple+tab and select the finder, this will make the dock appear over fm and then you can do whatever you want, open new windows, run other apps etc to return to fm just press apple+tab again and select fm does this help?
  2. great thread so far cleon, but i have a question, in your first post you say: "Mentality directly affects a players starting position on the pitch, this is a really important thing to remember." i'm aware of this fact but it's always puzzled me exactly what this means, i agree that mentality affects a player's starting position on the pitch but in relation to what? i'll try and explain. lets say you're playing a flat back four and all your defenders have their mentality set to the last notch of defensive, as i understand it this means they would play deeper than the position you have given them in the tactics screen, if you then change the mentality of your right back to the first notch of normal he will play slightly ahead of the other three defenders but...and here's where it gets tricky...isn't the right back playing in the exact position i have placed him on the tactics screen? that is to say aren't the other three defenders actually playing slightly deeper than their position because of their mentality? this has always made me think that only a mentality of normal means a player will be positioned exactly where you want them to be, do you see what i mean? i'm not saying this is a fact, it's just something i've always thought about as i'm sure it would impact on building tactics yours, and anyone else's, opinions are most welcome
  3. i agree with everything that is being said here in my opinion, football manager is a game within a game, first you need to work out how the tactical side of the game actually functions before you can play the 'main' game it's almost like playing a video game where you have no instructions, trying to figure exactly what the game is about as you go along with minimal feedback
  4. sorry if this has been posted already, and sorry if this has made it into fm o9, i'm still playing fm 08 i'd really like to see visual representations of the statistical feedback i get from the home/away stats screen at the end of a match for example from the stats screen i can see that my striker has taken 4 shots on goal and 1 shot was on target, it would be great to see this represented visually, with an image of the pitch and visual indicators marking out where those four shots were taken from, and different colours used to represent the shots that were on target and those that weren't this would be a great help as it might show if your striker is trying to many long shots, for example another example, from the stats screen i can see that my central midfielder has attempted 40 passes and completed 32, a visual representation of this with a pitch and coloured markers showing where these passes were made would really help this would help as, for example, it might show that your midfielder is attempting a lot of passes from deep, which would allow you to make decisions on what kind of passing setting you give him depending on how you want your tactic to work
  5. i'm playing fm08, 8.0.2, on a mac, and i find that when i change from one tactic to another whilst playing an actual game it wipes all my OI settings is this a bug or is it intended to happen, and if it is does anyone know of a way round it cheers
  6. anyone here lucky enough to still be at university, my advice is play this game as much as humanly possible without it affecting your studies, 'cos once you graduate and start a job it's all over, the odd stolen hour here and there, maybe a few hours at the weekend depending on what the gf has planned only now do i realise how good it was back then
  7. 8.0.2 patch

    cheers rinso
  8. 8.0.2 patch

    the page on the SI website for the official patch just says go to the forum for details on where to download the patch (!) anyone know the details of the mirror sites?
  9. what happened to the thread about the patch? anyone know where it is or where i can download it?
  10. great thread wwfan it's really inspired me to develop my own tactics one question i have is on the use of the 'mixed' option when setting sliders and how players from lower leagues respond to this. i'll explain. i'm playing as chippenham in the BSP, needless to say my players aren't very good. if i have a winger and i set his RWB slider to mixed, what exactly am i instructing him to do? my assumption is that, effectively i'm saying to him, don't always run with the ball, mix it up, run with the ball when you feel you should. if this assumption is correct, then does a player's decisions rating come in to play? if i'm telling a player it's up to him to decide when to run with the ball and he has a poor decisions rating, will he decide to run with ball at the wrong time, thus losing possession, will he choose not to run with the ball when he should, or will he just stand there trying to decide if he should or should not run with the ball? my next question then becomes, for lower league players is it best just to tell them exactly what to do in a tactic, so they don't have to decide for themselves (assuming they have poor decisions ratings). or...am i just complicating things?
  11. willie howie in cm2 99/00 (i think it was) from partick thistle scored 46 goals from central midfield in one season for my spurs side, leading us to CL glory
  12. just tested something else i'm suggesting that a high creative freedom releases players to play the way they've been asked to play without fear of making mistakes or losing possession in my test games where my central defender had a creative freedom of 20 he wasn't doing anything, but i realised he wasn't being asked to do anything but defend, all his sliders (forward runs, try through balls etc) were set to rarely so i played a third game, everyone on creative freedom of 1, except my central defender with a creative freedom of 20 and this time i set his forward runs to often however at the end of the first half he hadn't made any forward runs at all, so i lowered it back to rarely and upped run with ball to often, still nothing i had another look at the game where the whole team were playing with creative freedom set to the centre of the slider and my central defender on 20 my right back had played well in that previous game, getting a match rating of 8 and making almost 60 passes, even though his creativity rating is only 5 as well very confusing, until i spotted a difference between my centre back and right back. my right back has a bravery rating of 19, my centre back 10 i think it may be possible that a player's bravery rating also impacts on how they respond to a high creative freedom a player with low creativity but high bravery will still be brave enough to try different things when given a high creative freedom this may explain the previous post on why flamini plays better than fabregas i experience similar problems with my central midfielders, one has tackling of 15 and a bravery of 18 with creativity of 5 so i always give him a low creative freedom and try through balls set to rarely the other has passing 16 and creativity 13 but a bravery of 10, so i always give him a high creative freedom and try through balls set to often however i consistently find that my defensively minded midfielder attempts and makes more passes than my offensively minded midfielder and gets higher match ratings i'll definitely be testing a few other things to see if i'm on to something here
  13. i've been testing a few things out and have one or two initial findings that prove interesting i played a game setting everyone's creative freedom to 1, extreme left on the slider then i changed the creative freedom of one of my central defenders to 20, extreme right on the slider he has a creativity rating of 5 and a decisions rating of 5. the result? nothing really happened no hopeful long balls to my strikers, no attempts at dribbling the ball out of defence, no forward runs to support the attack. this is to be expected though, a player with such low creativity is probably going to be devoid of ideas. however i was surprised that although his creative freedom was so high it didn't affect his defensive role, or the defensive stability of the team. he didn't get out of position, or close down too far up the pitch. does this suggest that setting a player to high creative freedom doesn't necessarily mean they will ignore their instructions? the only thing i noticed was that he seemed to 'want the ball' more, if that makes any sense. and at one point i got the following in the text commentary: '<player name> looks really fired up for this!' this came just after he'd tackled the opposing striker. this got me thinking that maybe a high creative freedom does more than just instruct your players to do what they want, it also gives them a boost in confidence, it says to them, i trust your ability so much that i'll let you play however you think is best. i decided to try something else, i replayed the game, same tactical setup, same team etc, except this time i set everyone's creative freedom to dead centre on the slider, and kept the same central defender to a creative freedom of 20 needless to say the team played much better, there were more players trying through balls, or crossing the ball or making forward runs, you could say there was much more variation in their attacking play however i did see a reduction in my possession due to my players giving the ball away more, and an increase in offsides, probably due to more players making forward runs although again, it seemed as though the players were more confident and were playing almost without inhibition. what i found interesting was that the wide men who were told to cross the ball were doing so, and the central midfielders who were told to try through balls were also doing this, but to a greater extent. the players were trying more than they had been asked. their individual settings were exactly the same in the previous game when they had a creative freedom of 1 and they hadn't tried to do half the things they tried in this game. so now i think a high creative freedom almost releases players from their inhibitions, allowing them to express themselves the way they want through the instructions they've been given. players with a high creativity rating will respond better in such situations, those with a low rating, like my central defender, won't know what to do
  14. great discussion guys, and something i've thought about for a while however i find myself scratching my head over this: what exactly does the CF slider measure? is it reasonable to assume that it measures the extent to which a player or a team have the freedom to create? if it is then create what exactly? again i think it's reasonable to assume that this means the freedom to create a goal, therefore players with a high creative freedom are given more freedom to create goals if this is the correct understanding of how creative freedom works then it raises some interesting points if we accept that increasing creative freedom leads to players or teams ignoring the instructions that human managers give them, then the next question is this: if players aren't using our instructions as a guide to how they play then what are they using? i think that when we give a player or team high creative freedom we basically say 'you decide what you want to do' which is why i'm sure that a player's decisions rating is linked to their creativity rating it's no good telling someone to decide what to do if they're very poor decision makers the next point is this if players/teams are given a high creative freedom and are therefore ignoring the instructions we give them then how can we know what exactly they are going to do in order to create goals? for example if we have a DMC with forward runs and run with ball set to rarely, and then we give him a high creative freedom does this mean he's going to dribble the ball a lot and get forward more? or will he do something more unexpected like drift out to the wing and attempt crosses? how can we know? this is something that i've been trying out in my own testing, giving a centre back a high CF to see what he does for example if you set his closing down to rarely and give him high creative freedom, is he likely to charge around the pitch closing everyone down? why would he do this? this isn't necessarily going to create goals, isn't it more likely that he'll try long balls to the strikers, or maybe make forward runs to join attacks? will be interesting to see what everyone thinks
  15. yes you can </div></BLOCKQUOTE> do you have to take a foreign player on trial even if you have the option of scouting him? or is it just the case that if you can't scout a foreign player then you must bring him in for a trial?