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  1. Thanks for this, unfortunately the competitions aren't right and when testing in editor shows lots of issues.
  2. A further to Brexit: 1st Jan 2021 whole squad becomes unregistered, registration window doesn't open until 3rd Jan, have to play game on 2nd Jan with generated players. Hopeless.
  3. Does anyone have any plans to make the Spanish Tercera? Highly regionalised which is why I don't think I can/have the expertise to do so.
  4. Here's one. Not sure if it's a data issue right enough... it appears the registration window for League 1 opens on 3rd January, but it makes all my players unregistered on 1st January. Now I've got a game on 2nd January and don't have any players registered, and won't let me register because it's outwith registration window... Tried holidaying past date and game but playing with gen'd players means a 3-1 loss to Dumbarton, after going season until now undefeated, so quite miffed at it.
  5. Same with me. Game processing after match. Crash dump attached.{"response":"ok","_rxid":"1d380000-5a51-6205-0000-000000000000"}.dmp
  6. Is there a better sight for a 21 year old?
  7. Feel like I've posted some of these fellas before but here we go: Bruno Henrique - signed on a whim from Brazil for £7.5m and immediately punted out as he misses out on the non-EU quota in Italy. Looks tremendous to me and the same mould as Haaland. Wouldn't mind if he scored some more on the loan spell, right enough. Giovanni Papi - part two of my embarrassment of striking riches, currently usurping Haaland in the league this season. £12.5m from Sassuolo. Really like him as an advanced forward. Warren McCool - part three of my striking riches trio. Missed out on a season of fir
  8. The question is, keep Haaland on £300k per week, or give one of these two lads a crack?
  9. Is there a way to change the shirt name of a player by an LPC file? For example, my goalkeeper shows up as "Sinclair-Hutton", which I would rather prefer just to be "Hutton" whilst in-game. I know you can change first name, common name and last name, but can this be done?
  10. The big question is: who to play upfront on their own in a one striker system...
  11. Had a wee run going there with Brentford before it ended at 2nd placed Sunderland. Still conceding a little too many goals for my liking but hey ho, scoring goals is more fun. The big challenge I've set myself is establishing a proper academy and training ground. We're moving to a 20,000 seater stadium at the end of this stadium but the training and youth facilities remain adequate or average. At current (Dec 2018) the board are improving both, slowly but surely. The one youth intake I had with Brentford was pretty poor, so the HOYD (Robert Rowan who has a very interesting
  12. After a prolonged period away from the game, I loaded back up last night and had a bit of a play. I'm maintaining my 4-2-3-1 as it is turning up some great results and the service that Schone, Andrija Zivkovic and Viktor Fischer provide for Milik is irresistible at times. I've had a bit more squad movement in the January window but the big challenge was keeping a hold of those four, albeit losing Bazoer to Real Madrid for £16m (replaced by Nuri Sahin - £3m). My issue is that Fischer and Milik all have low release clauses (most sub £15m), sadly it was the only way they would sign the contract
  13. Finished my first season with Ajax too last night. Really enjoyed the season and looking forward to the next one. Heres the main points: Eredivisie Won in some style. Lost some points in the final five or ten games but overall met expectations of a dominant season. Dutch Cup Out in Third Round to FC Eindhoven. Disappointed with this as I thought we could have walked to the Dutch Cup too, but I fielded a young team and they couldn't see off FC Eindhoven as they won on penalties. A good win over NAC Breda was the highlight, though. Champions League Unfortunately didn't progress after b
  14. Ari Milik is some boy, scoring goals for fun at the minute but still not happy because I let Klaassen go and didn't 'replace' him with a big name, despite both Schone and Sinkgraven playing very well in his absence. I was playing with a back line of van Rhijn, Veltman, Riedewald, Dijks up until January when Veltman spat the dummy when I rejected a bid from Monaco, he then departed for £4.6m which was a disappointingly low fee. I have Mammana to replace him though, hopefully he and Riedewald make a solid partership. I also punted van der Hoorn so I'm a bit short on defenders at the minute (V
  15. Really good analysis. I've currently got an Ajax save ongoing playing a 4-2-3-1 with Bazoer and Gudelj the 2 and Schone in front after selling Klaassen. Brought in Mammana and as such I'm under using Riedeweld. Really excited by the likes of Nunnely though. Trying to factor him in the team as I go, fighting it out for a slot with Fischer, El Ghazi, Younes and Andrija Zivkovic. My goal is going to be to enhance the reputation of the Dutch league by winning the big competition, but trying to keep the squad as homegrown as possible.
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