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  1. Is there a better sight for a 21 year old?
  2. Feel like I've posted some of these fellas before but here we go: Bruno Henrique - signed on a whim from Brazil for £7.5m and immediately punted out as he misses out on the non-EU quota in Italy. Looks tremendous to me and the same mould as Haaland. Wouldn't mind if he scored some more on the loan spell, right enough. Giovanni Papi - part two of my embarrassment of striking riches, currently usurping Haaland in the league this season. £12.5m from Sassuolo. Really like him as an advanced forward. Warren McCool - part three of my striking riches trio. Missed out on a season of fir
  3. The question is, keep Haaland on £300k per week, or give one of these two lads a crack?
  4. Is there a way to change the shirt name of a player by an LPC file? For example, my goalkeeper shows up as "Sinclair-Hutton", which I would rather prefer just to be "Hutton" whilst in-game. I know you can change first name, common name and last name, but can this be done?
  5. The big question is: who to play upfront on their own in a one striker system...
  6. So, so excited by this lad. He'll be the saviour of Scottish football.
  7. My issue with this tactic is that it is totally scattergun. You'll have 18-20 shots per game but only one or two of them will be clear cut chances.
  8. The defensive shape of this tactic is horrible. Consistently end up with three or four attackers on a two man defence, with a goal coming from a simple cross to the unmarked men.
  9. The current crop I have at Fiorentina to modernise the ageing setup I arrived at. None of them particularly scream out at me aside from Ali Adjaoud who I originally signed when I was at Brentford but couldn't get a work permit for him.
  10. Not had the greatest of starts to my PL season with Brentford, after finishing fifth last season using SUPREME. The last Chelsea game gave me a bit of belief as we managed to defend quite well.
  11. Made a good start to the season with this tactic. I love the defensive solidarity but I wouldn't mind a few more goals. I changed the CF(S) to a DLF(A) to better suit the player and he's been scoring a bit more since but otherwise I'm quite happy with the way things are going. The unique way in which the Scottish League Cup is run now saw me qualify to the second round (group consisted of Motherwell, Rangers, Brechin, Stirling and Airdrie) and we qualified second after only losing to Rangers, including a 1-0 away win at Motherwell. Lost to Hearts in the Second Round though. G
  12. Had a wee run going there with Brentford before it ended at 2nd placed Sunderland. Still conceding a little too many goals for my liking but hey ho, scoring goals is more fun. The big challenge I've set myself is establishing a proper academy and training ground. We're moving to a 20,000 seater stadium at the end of this stadium but the training and youth facilities remain adequate or average. At current (Dec 2018) the board are improving both, slowly but surely. The one youth intake I had with Brentford was pretty poor, so the HOYD (Robert Rowan who has a very interesting
  13. Had a very average first season with Bilbao, finished 6th in the league but resigned three games before the end, was just getting frustrated with the Basque limitation and there was no one really who could improve the squad. Ended up at Brentford second season and got to the play-offs, now just started third season. It's a unique challenge, Bilbao. A difficult one but its fairly enjoyable.
  14. Just knocked back £45m from Dortmund for this lad in the January after this screenshot. He's scored 25 in 18 starts but I don't have anyone ready to fill the void just yet - Eichner is still a bit young and his physical's aren't brilliant for breaking into the Champions League squad. Working at Ajax has made me appreciate how much the Jong is for developing talent. It negates the need for a loan system and gives young players the starts they need, albeit at a lower standard. Pizarro scored 25 in 31 at Jong Level but is kicking on really well in the first team.
  15. We love a good young player at Airdrie! Anyway heres my whack at Ajax, found it quite hard going with nothing great coming up after four intakes, so I've imported some good talent... And here's our best prospects from home:
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