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  1. Does anyone know if the player ratings issue (for fullbacks particularly) was affecting FM Touch on Switch as well, and whether the minor update has been rolled out to the Switch to fix this? I understand that the updates aren't made as regularly for the Switch, so I'm guessing it may still be an issue, but would be grateful if anyone could confirm before I get the game on the Switch for now...
  2. Nice thread, great setup to replicate. The first thing I would suggest is that I think you want both strikers with Moves Into Channels, taking advantage of the wingers coming inside, as both Nihat and Rossi did for Villarreal under Pellegrini. Because of that, I would suggest changing your Poacher to an Advanced Forward, or possibly a Complete Forward on Attack if you have the right player. The CF on Support could also work well as a Deep Lying Forward. As you have pointed out, although they played with a Brazilian-style box midfield in possession, without the ball they fell back int
  3. It can make sense where you feel you have the numbers to win the ball back in the middle, but don't want to encourage the opposition to exploit your weaknesses on the flanks. For example, if you're playing with a 4-3-1-2 or another narrow shape with only one player on each flank, but you aren't confident in your ability to deal with crosses into the box.
  4. Even with a lower LOE, forwards on Attack duties will look to play higher up the pitch, which might explain why you're still seeing a gap between midfield and your front two. From a counter attacking perspective, that might be exactly what you're looking for, as they are available for an outball when you win the ball back to break. The way I see it, you could look at it two ways: 1) Bring the forwards closer to the midfield - you could do this with at least one support duty (e.g. by changing the TM to support) and/or changing the AF to an Attack duty role that doesn't play as hi
  5. I'd like to agree with this again - could anyone please confirm whether this has been introduced with the control changes for the Switch this season? If you still need to individually click to select more than one player, I'll stick with the PC version, as niche as it may seem, so would be really grateful if anyone can confirm. Thanks!
  6. This entire thread is brilliant, but I was particularly interested in your 'Highly Structured' 4-3-3, using a more disciplined passing game with the younger players. This immediately made think of my attempts to incorporate positional play with lower league teams in FM20, and how affording less creative freedom might be a better idea with more limited players. After playing around with the excellent Mentality Calculator (https://theresonlyoneball.com/2020/05/22/an-individual-player-mentality-calculator-for-football-manager-2020/), I struck upon the following setup as a potential solution
  7. I would just like to second this - playing FMT on the Switch, and it's frustrating having to click on players individually if you want to select several at a time. I also find it easy to misclick on the Switch (probably my fat thumbs), which means that you end up selecting one player only, and then have to click them all again. I've found this not just with scouting players (as I understand the limit on 50 at a time), but also if I wanted to promote several players to the senior team, offer 10 youth players out for loan at a time, etc. The obvious solution to me would be if one of th
  8. Coventry Thread - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/285918-FM12-Coventry-City-FC-Fancy-a-challenge
  9. JPEGs seem to take about 3 seconds to load on my computer, the PNGs have to scroll down and take probably 10-15 seconds.
  10. Hmm, I'm somewhat re-thinking my idea for the "Flee to a Small Nation" or whatever because of getting a job issues. Semi-Pro is good enough, but annoyingly it seems that sometimes it can take a long while to get a job. Also, starting unemployed is annoying in that there are manager-less clubs e.g. Stafford that will always give you the job if you apply at the start as a Semi-Pro, and having everyone as the same team would be annoying. Therefore, I propose instead that they pick a team from the Big Nation's Third Tier to start off with. The issue with this, is Holland. Of the Big Nations, Engl
  11. Yeah, I'm in the process of experimenting with it at the moment but obviously there's only so far I can go in the short term. Semi-Pro seems to a decent reputation to start with from what I've seen so far: I managed to get the Macclesfield job when I applied for it (League 2) but not the Leyton Orient one (League 1) so I think that transfers across other big leagues well. I will try and do a run through of the whole thing, seeing how deeply the whole "being sacked" thing affects your employment prospects. The trouble is whether its worth all the bother going through that if no-one's going to
  12. Anybody got any feedback for my challenge idea other than Frazza Pee's? I don't want to start it without people saying its a good idea, because I'm really not sure.
  13. Boo FF FTW! (That person doing the challenge with them is me btw!)
  14. I think that's the sort of idea that can work provided you can consistently keep up with putting interesting challenges out there. Its probably harder to consistently think of new ones than it seems. However, I do quite like the idea and I think you can probably get a fair amount of traffic for challenges that involve big clubs (with big fanbases) such as Liverpool etc and the fact that they are in a lower league is a good proposition to the many people that like the challenge of bringing someone up through the leagues. I still don't know how I feel about weekly challenges in general. Thats V
  15. Hmm I'm not sure. Seeing as you're starting off with Regional Reputation anyway (In theory, this is suspect to change), and by the time you've won three domestic titles I think you'd be more or less at Continental Reputation, as you'd have had games in Europe as well presumably to have gotten to that point. I've been looking at people's manager profiles in Gundo's Challenge to see how long it takes to hit Continental Reputation, and generally they seem to manage it after a couple of title wins, so as you have the bonus of being Regional as opposed to Unproven at the start then I think you'd ge
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