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  1. Take it if you can, I've never manage to sell one of my players for over £60m. That includes Pogba, Sancho, or any other £100m+ player in my ranks (2029+)
  2. Hello James, Upload done "zhongkuidata.dat" Player unable to sign contract is Barriero
  3. Hello, In my current save, I am unable to offer a player a renewal contract, he is in his final year and would rather not lose him. He is currently playing, morale is superb, happy to stay at the club, but when I offer him a contract, it says he "has no interest in negotiating new terms at this time". And I am unable to offer anything in the wage box to begin negotiation. *I have also gone on holiday for 2 months to see if it's because I am trying to offer several times, but with no luck. He is still playing games and morale is superb.
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