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  1. Here is one more for the road. Players are mentally fragile beings. I know some players are prone to buckle under pressure. It has been known to happen. But sometimes in FM it is just silly. First season, I'm at United. We have a 2-0 lead against QPR at Old Trafford. I tell the lads not to get careless. Out of the gates comes my team, and Vidic, Scholes and Giggs are all extremely nervous. Say what? These boys have been around the block, and played some big games, and I have never seen any signs of nerves on any of them. Suddenly at 38, with a comfortable lead at home against a relegation candidate, they get extremely nervous? Might add that this was early in the season, not a last game where we needed to win by 3 goals to get the title or anything like that which might actually add pressure... Laughable. This consistently happens, a 25 year old with 40 caps for Italy gets nervous with a 1-0 lead against Ipswich at Old Trafford when the league title is already i the bag. As in the game is pretty much meaningless. It is so silly I am having trouble understanding it. Yet somehow he is able to keep a cool head in the champions league semi final agains FCP in Portugal? Ya, that's like a friendly, right? No pressure there... How about making some players mentally strong and make them handle everything stoically, and then making some players fragile and prone to buckle under the slightest hint of pressure, then letting the rest be, well, normal. As in they might get nervous in a big game, or after they make a huge mistake, but then again, they might not. As it is now, everybody gets nervous and completely collapse after a mistake. Not right.
  2. Second post. One thing I would love would be for the advice from my assistant during the games to be based on what is happening in the game. An example is my assistant moaning that my central defender, or my fullback are getting skinned way too often today. Yet the player has a rating of 7.5 and there has not been a single highlight where he gets skinned. I would think that a defender getting skinned all the time would result in a highlight or two? And that brings me to the performance ratings. Scoring goals is important, but for a defender it is not his main purpose, and as such should be judged far more on how he performs his defensive duties. Now it seems a defender can score 4 own goals and make 3 penalties, but if he scores a hatrick, he will most likely get a 9.0 rating. Perhaps exaggerated, but I have seen defenders have completely horrible games, but get a goal on a corner and instantly go from 5.2 to 8.0 in rating. It is plain silly. Then there is the news, and press conferences. I swear some of the reporters must be ********. Away game against Chelsea who won the league two years ago, and finished runner up 5 points behind us last year. This year they have come out of the gates all guns ablaze and are undefeated and number one in the league. We draw them at Stamford Bridge in the Capital One Cup. The reporter asks me: Do you think the draw has been favorable as you were drawn against Chelsea, a considerably weaker opponent? No I don't think so. And Paul Metcalfe (talented regen) has recently returned from an unsuccessful loan spell with Twente. And before that with West Brom. He scored 24 goals and was top scorer in the championship at West Brom, yet it was an unsuccessful loan spell. 17 goals in 29 games for Twente. Unsuccessful loan spell? My question then, is what would be considered a successful loan spell? Because none of my players have ever had one. The examples of news items, press conference questions, in game commentary and advice that must be generated in a parallel universe because they have nothing to do with the current in game reality are endless. Please fix.
  3. While I have seen many good suggestions here about different improvements in transfers, press conferences, etc, I still find the match engine to be the biggest factor in the game as it is. In the old days, before I could see what was going on down the pitch, I never had any issue with the match engine. I just accepted the results and moved on. But now I can see what is happening, and when my world class players behave like 5 year old badminton players (as in no interest for football) it irks me to no end. So... Get rid of the ridiculous headers. No pressure within half a mile, no world class defender (or any senior player I would think) is going to mindlessly put his head on the ball to get it away. He will control the ball and give it to a team mate. End of discussion. Ball going out of bounds. Will be our throw. But no, my player hurls himself at the ball, barely touching it, thereby giving away the throw. What gives? Or even worse, my fullback races after a throughball, has complete control and just needs to cover it so it crosses the line. What does he do? He stops the ball on the line and races on so the opposition player following on his heals can just grab it and get a free one on one with my goalie. Professional players usually make good decisions in these cases, in FM, never seen a player cover the ball out for a throw. Defensive positioning. Throughball on the left, my fullback is tracking back but is late, opposing winger flowing through. My central defender runs a straight line from midfield towards the penalty spot instead of trying to cut the winger off, thereby giving him a free one on one with my keeper. Mind you there are no other opposing players approaching, no choice to be made between covering space for a cross or pressuring the ball. It looks pretty stupid, especially when the defender is much faster than the winger but does not bother him until he is inside the box and it is essentially too late. My central striker goes deep to get the ball. Loses the ball. Promptly runs into the opposition box instead of trying to win back the ball. Now I realize they can't all be Wayne Rooney and run 70 meters trying to win the ball back, but to turn away from the ball that is 3 feet away to go to your "position" is just ridiculous. Wingers unable to hug the line even with the tactical instruction and preferred move. And constantly chosing to shoot with the weaker foot. I have seen Ryan Giggs cutting inside from the left and popping of with his right foot more times in the first season of FM13 than he has done in his entire career in real life. It almost never happens. Same with RvP, putting himself in positions where he awkwardly needs to use his right, instead of getting in the position to use his favoured left. Central strikers unable to score headers. I have tried to make it work with winger and a sizable central striker, but have had to abandon winger alltogether because the winger refuse to hug the line consistently, even with the look for overlap shout and great offensive fullbacks they are not used, so crosses are hard to come by. But the most annoying thing is strikers missing sitters when they get them on the head, while scoring wonder volleys again and again when the crosses come waist height or lower. Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke were not really considered kings of the air, but with Giggs and Beckham on each wing, they scored loads of goals on headers. Even Messi puts it in the back of the net when he gets a good cross. It is easy. My defenders do it consistently on corners and free kicks. But even big tall world class strikers get one every other year. The only exception is the winger/inside forward coming in to the far post. That header goes in maybe 2-3 times per season... I realize with the match engine being unable to simulate defensive positioning and decision making, as well as offensive creativity, it is a hard ask. I think if you gave the offensive players the brains and skills of a real life Iniesta or Xavi or Messi, barcelona would win every game 30-0 and if you gave Terry and Vidic and Ashley Cole the real life tactical skills, positioning and decision making, no fm team would ever score against you... But try to make defenders make good choices, and try to make attacking players look for teammates with space in front of them. It happens in real life, but almost never in FM, even when you play quick attacks with rarely run with ball, etc, etc. And then there is possession. I play somewhat possession based, the ideal is Bayern Munich of this year. But I still find that sometimes Hull and Stoke dominates possession against me when we play their stadium. Now I know Hull and Stoke can beat us, through committed defending and a bit of luck or mistakes on our part. Maybe even put a few goals past us. But they simply do not have the skill, or the mentality to dominate possession 55+ % against us. But they do sometimes in FM. If a top team has a bad day against a bottom team, they can lose, but they lose because they can't create big enough chances to score, make defensive blunders, not because the bottom team plays circles around them as if they were Barcelona on speed. But the game is not good at simulating the frustrating defensive deadlock that sometimes happen in these games. And as has been commented before, useful tips about the opposition would be good. Advice on pre match training focus is well and good, but it would be good to know a little more specifics about how to counter threats and exploit weaknesses. And I wish the game would take the current state of affairs into account when making comments in the press. Like claiming my Southampton are underdogs against Arsenal, when we are fighting for the title, and Arsenal are fighting against relegation for the third year running(this is deep in space 9 now (2021 or so), so don't get your panties in a bunch). Also, comments like I am lucky to win after being cut open numerous times. In a match we were defensively solid, and the opposition had a lot of shots but 0 clear cut chances, and we had 3 and scored the one we needed. It is called a deserved win, although I admit we could be criticized for being negative. Ok, I am signing off here. But please fix the match engine or I shall be forced to stop watching highlights and that would be like taking a large step back in time...
  4. I must admit I have not read all of the 40 pages in this thread. So my constructive feedback may (probably) have been mentioned before. But I'll go ahead anyways. So, constructive feedback. I understand that creating a ME that accurately simulates real life using only 1's and 0's is challenging. Especially simulating the genius of players like Xavi, Iniesta, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Cantona, etc. Now, while I understand this, it is still frustrating to watch players acting completely contrary to real life. Examples are central defenders abandoning pursuit of an attacking player who goes wide to resume position central on the pitch, and thus leaving said attacker free on goal. The same thing happens with offensive players as well. A striker suddenly abandoning pursuit of a ball he would certainly gain posession of, to resume his position in front of goal. No tactical instruction in the world would make players behave in this way. Tell me how often you have seen Rooney abondon pursuit of the ball for any other reason than serious injury? Have you ever seen Terry stop defending simply because the attacking player moves slightly out of his central "domain" without said player being picked up by a team mate? Yep, never, ever happened, and never will. But again, I understand how challenging it is to to simulate a "football mind" where tactics, instructions, and personal judgement are fused into a great player. So on to my next ME issue. There seems to be an invisible line somwhere inside the penalty area, and if a player crosses this line, moving from outside towards the goal, near the touchline, said player will go for goal 100% of the time, rather than pass 45 degrees or cross, regardless of how many teammates are in front of goal and their positions. I thought I saw a cross once in this situation, but the replay showed the ball deflected off the goalkeeper and found a team mate infront of goal (who scored an easy tap in). Almost 4 seasons in, no player in this particular situation has ever crossed or passed. I repeat, in almost 4 seasons, players in this situation has not crossed or passed the ball even once. Before posting here I went into my tactics to make sure I had not set the crossing instructions on all of my players to "NEVER EVER CROSS", but it turned out the instructions ranged from "sometimes" to "often". So, it is not my tactics causing players to behave this way. Now, certain players will take the shot most of the time. I am sure Ronaldo will go for goal most of the time in that position, but even he will not do so 100% of the time. Other players, like fullbacks, will cross or pass most of the time in these situations. Good news is that we have scored some really spectacular goals this way. Then there is another non occurance after almost 4 seasons. No player of mine has ever rounded the goalie when clean through. (Actually, Iker Munian did once, but that was in the touchline situation described above, and faced with the choice between crossing for an easy tap in, and passing one defender and the goalie, he went for the latter. How he got between the goalie and the goal post, I will never know...) I have a front line of fast and technically gifted players (Kagawa, Muniain, Van Persie, Rooney, Ramirez, Hernandez and Welbeck) who are regularly played through (against the better teams at least), and you would think once in a while they would make the choice to go around the goalie instead of always shooting from 16-20 meters. Not happened yet. I hope it will soon. But again, spectacular goals have resulted from this. Now, I have a theory about the ME and I will share it with ya'll now. Great defending, and great attacking play is impossible to simulate. Because the most important component is not physical, or technical, but inside the players heads. The way a great defender reads the offence, positions himself perfectly, and then (in some cases) has the raw animalistic determination not to concede that allows him to push aside physical limitations and get the position or tackle he needs to protect his goalie. Can't compute this. And the way Zinedane and now Xavi orchestrates the offence, reading 10 passes into the future, anticipating events before they transpire, eyes in their necks and perfect awareness of every players posision on the pitch and their movement and speed so they are never tackled, and always know where to pass the ball. And the creativity to find a way through even the best and most determined defenders (like the ones mentioned above). Cannot compute this. So we are left with a lesser version of real football. And I think that has to be ok. It is a management game after all. If you want to see the real magic, watch the telly. Buy a best of John Terry (if such a thing exists, I think it should) or Cantona DVD. That said, some work on player judgement would be very well received indeed. Don't know how you would do it, but if there is a will there is a way, right? Oh and one last thing. Sometimes my assistant tells me to go to the press and talk about the next opponents bad form to add pressure on them. I am always up for a bit of mind games, so I happily oblige, only to find that there is no option to talk about their form at all. So I feel a bit weird having called the reporter only to say "sorry man, forgot what I was going to say". And even with all of that, I love the game. I watched Norwich beat my beloved United yesterday, and I really felt for Sir Alex. I've been there mate. 65% posession and 600 passes, but no real chances. It hurts. It really does. But that is the magic of football. And this particular magic, FM 13 computes beautifully.
  5. I can't believe I read all of this. But I did. And I even told a friend about it. He said it was one kind of crazy to read about someone elses game in FM, but quite another to go around telling other people about other peoples games in FM. Either way, I'm a Saints fan now. Hope you stay up!
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