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  1. newcastle's current striker in my man utd save is a nigerian called, brown eye
  2. yes. willie howie was real. sadly he got badly injured after suffering a knife attack in glasgow while still playing at partick thistle but continued to play at a lower level including junior football. id say the incident not only scarred him physically but mentally aswell as he never fulfilled his potential. sad
  3. Night and day difference from then and now but one thing that hasnt changed is its addictiveness
  4. Thats hypothetical tho. what if's dont count as 'made it'. what if i never bust my knee when i was 15, i could have been a world beater lol a couple of caps for italy compared with 100 in cm. know what i mean?
  5. My point is Melli was the best player in cm italia by a mile. he was the most valuble player on the transfer screen no matter who he plyed for and the guy u 'had' to have. I can think of a dozen better players from around that time who were better. probably a dozen italians actually! ask 10 people if they know of melli these days and 9 would look puzzled. however they would ryhme off names like,Vialli,Ravanelli,Baggio etc. all of whom couldnt lace melli's boots on cm italia
  6. not european cup winning, world player of the year good tho, was he. he was ok irl. nothing special like his cm alter ego!
  7. Allessandro Melli was awesome on cm italia. was always a scramble between me and my mates to get him as he was the 'best player in the game'. didnt have the best of careers irl tho.
  8. Steven Pearson of motherwell at the time signed for ma arsenal 00/01 season and went on to become a world class legendary midfielder winning world player of the year on a few occasions.
  9. spot on with all 4 dreghorn2. ad em all at various times and were all amazing on champ/fm but never repaeted irl. great example
  10. Willie Howie of partick thistle was the frank lampard of the late 90's early 2000's in cm. used to get like 25/30 goals from midfield for my man utd save. signed for buttons. plied his trade in scottish juniour football after leaving thistle! prime example i think
  11. good call. i forgot about him. used to sign him all the time and was dynamite. never heard of him irl although maybe hes a star in brazil!
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