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  1. Elevated for me too. same reason as boydy9 and looks the most realistic.
  2. My mate and i have gone back to 12 for the main reason that we cant get the network game working anymore, after 3 seasons on 13 one day we just cdnt connect. having read through many posts with similar problems and even the si guys involved they didnt offer any solutions. so after 5 years of network gaming we cant connect anymore. thanks si for the 'improved network play' 'making it easier than ever' to play online. however having gone back to our save we left off on 12 when 13 came out, its like a breath of fresh air. the ME is a joy to play and the game in general is wot fm shd be. we wont be back on 13 and will play 12 until 14 comes out where hopefully si have got the message from the majority and give us a playable football manager game again. my message to si for future releases is... go back to basics and if it aint broke dont fix it
  3. My chosen team for fm13 this year is Arsenal, on a network game with a friend who is spurs. any suggestions for priority signings in the first season guys? i was thinking 1 defender and 1 striker. i sold chamakh for 7m in the demo so puting that to the 30m i have to spend is the budget. i was thinking Shawcross and Cavani but any suggestions for a better or younger striker would be most welcome.
  4. newcastle's current striker in my man utd save is a nigerian called, brown eye
  5. yes. willie howie was real. sadly he got badly injured after suffering a knife attack in glasgow while still playing at partick thistle but continued to play at a lower level including junior football. id say the incident not only scarred him physically but mentally aswell as he never fulfilled his potential. sad
  6. Night and day difference from then and now but one thing that hasnt changed is its addictiveness
  7. Thats hypothetical tho. what if's dont count as 'made it'. what if i never bust my knee when i was 15, i could have been a world beater lol a couple of caps for italy compared with 100 in cm. know what i mean?
  8. My point is Melli was the best player in cm italia by a mile. he was the most valuble player on the transfer screen no matter who he plyed for and the guy u 'had' to have. I can think of a dozen better players from around that time who were better. probably a dozen italians actually! ask 10 people if they know of melli these days and 9 would look puzzled. however they would ryhme off names like,Vialli,Ravanelli,Baggio etc. all of whom couldnt lace melli's boots on cm italia
  9. not european cup winning, world player of the year good tho, was he. he was ok irl. nothing special like his cm alter ego!
  10. Allessandro Melli was awesome on cm italia. was always a scramble between me and my mates to get him as he was the 'best player in the game'. didnt have the best of careers irl tho.
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