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  1. Caledonian Braves 2020/21 Season Update Table | All Competitions | Squad | Intake Season League Position Notes 2020/21 League Two 3rd Lost in Playoff Semi v Queen’s Park Firstly, a bit of a note on the intake. I actually produce French players! As it's a French academy in Scotland, we're going to produce French youth players. It's fairly... weird, but I'm curious if this may give me the upper hand if I manage to get good facilities. League: We finish 3rd in our first season which I'm extremely happy with. We did get knocked out in the playoffs by Queen's Park who eventually got promoted, but I'm pretty content with the first season. We only had 15 available players till the youth intake so it's set a decent bar. Not really much to say other than we were quite average for the entire season! Cups: Well, this was a disaster. In the Irn-Bru Cup, we got knocked out by Rangers' Reserves. It's not a horrendous result, but I wanted a little bit more. In contrast, in the Scottish Cup we were dumped out where we entered in the 2nd Round by Highland League Inverurie Loco Works after a replay and extra time... and they had 10 men since the 30th minute. Ugh. Notes: The board have randomly decided to put in plans for a new stadium. I'm not exactly sure where the money is coming from, what they're actually building or anything like that! I imagine it's like the shelves you keep saying you're going to build.. Youth Intake: As mentioned, we produce French players due to the club starting as a academy for French youth players in Scotland. That being said, it was a pretty poor intake. It's provided me with depth, so it isn't the worst thing but I did hope for better. Patrick Roussel is easily the best and will slot straight into central midfield and may be around for a few years as well. Robert Guerin has joint highest potential, but isn't the best player at the moment.
  2. Right, I've had enough browsing now so I'm finally taking a jump into this! I've taken over Caledonian Braves in Scottish League Two. Formerly known as EduSport, they were actually founded with the aim of improving young French footballers in Scotland. And that's not the only quirk! In real life, they're essentially run by a community of over 800 people from 30 countries who actually named the club Caledonian Braves. We're only starting with 14 players, so survival is essential the first year and let us restock on players. Fully expecting to be involved in the relegation playoff at the end of the year!
  3. Euro coefficents? They're still there. The editor hasn't changed much for a few years you'll be glad to hear!
  4. Can confirm this as well - I booted East Timor out, moved Kazakhstan in and Yorkshire compete in everything. Practically followed what you've previously done exactly, so should work fine!
  5. It does. Apologies for the slight hijack, but I'm almost finished creating a Yorkshire database (using your previous comments and guides, so thank you!). I'm pretty sure it's exactly the same, you have to manually do certain things like editing the UEFA Nations League, but it seems the same. My problems are fairly minor, such as my press officer having an Asian name. What's your plan with nationalities? I've edited all Yorkshire born players to have it as their 2nd nationality for example.
  6. Apologies if this is in the wrong place, I'm not sure where on earth this could be put as it's just a quick question! So on FM16, this used to be a lot smaller and now it's huge. It's a bit difficult to quickly scroll down as the pop-up now takes up a huge area and you can't just quickly hover down each player. I've hovered over the "i" but now the pop up is huge compared to what it used to be in FM16. Is there a setting I'm missing that makes it smaller? I've been scratching my head for ages!
  7. A, B, C, D, E, F and G nations work which is 85 custom files. I tried adding an 86th which was Haiti and crashed. Added Honduras which also crashed but when I added Hungary it didn't. Something with those 2 files? Edit: So a few more work so there's not the 88 file limit I don't think. Iran is another one which doesn't work. I can go through each one tomorrow or the weekend.
  8. I'm getting a crash dump after selecting nations. I've added all the files on apart from Japan and Turkey and have only selected "A" nations. Also happens when I just pick Afghanistan. Any ideas?
  9. You sir, are a legend. May finally getting round to doing a proper around the world save if this all works with the limit being taken off. Thanks so much!
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