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  1. Great work Padders! So happy to see you get out of that division.
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone know how the extra/invited Copa America teams are allocated?
  3. Just on this as I've caught up with the last few pages... I'm also somewhat similar, but more in the sense that I play quite slow. I'm trying to avoid thinking that everyone else seems to miles ahead, as it starts to make me feel like I'm falling behind. I'm still in the third season with Canet for example.
  4. Actually remembered to take this this time. And this is what I get when I remember...
  5. I'm getting slightly sidetracked in this save by trying to make my team extremely dirty...
  6. Canet Roussillon FC - 2022/23 Season - Ligue 2 Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Squad Youth Team Part 1 - Youth Team Part 2 (Apologies, I'm very bad at remembering to screenshot the actual youth intake!) Discipline Table (I really shouldn't be proud of this...) So, I said ending up in the relegation playoff (18th) would be classed as a good season. So this is a hell of a good season! We got nearly £1m in gate receipts from a French Cup tie away at Marseille, we spent the last few weeks strolling through the league instead of panicking about relegation and we finish comfortably mid-table. Not t
  7. 25 games gone in Ligue 2, I'm sitting pretty at the top of the table. Wait, this isn't the most fouls and cards challenge?
  8. Boyd (the first) - reserved. Malbranque (the second) - level headed.
  9. Whilst Youth Development is a hot topic... Would a resolute, but low JPA/PPP HOYD be better: Or a fairly professional, average JPA/JPP HOYD: I am not just looking at these two, but curious to hear from those more experienced.
  10. Canet Roussilon FC 2021/22 Season - National League Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Squad Youth Squad (20/21 Intake and 21/22 Intake) So take two of my time with Canet and promotion! It feels a bit... cheap? However, we actually had entry into the French Cup this time, although we did have a couple of other players in the team due to the manager signing them which proved incredibly crucial I feel. A couple things here - we have turned Professional and we have had to have a new stadium built for us to meet league recommendations. This meant the club taking out a loan, so the
  11. @scarp Another good season! Is it the top 3 that get into the Champions League? You must not feel that far off now?
  12. Right, let's try this again with French Cup involvement! The squad is slightly different, as the manager signed a couple different players before I took over. Last time I had great strength in depth on the wings and this has somehow got better? The youth intake that I missed wasn't too impressive: Let's try again!
  13. I hope that's the case the full game comes around at midnight. I'll be restarting my save with Canet once that happens - I feel like the National sides not being in the French Cup is too big of an issue for me to continue at the moment.
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