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  1. Really interesting this article.... Braumiller, can u share the spreadsheet. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ok mate.... it fine now... will try these too.... thanks for sharing....
  3. Hi furiousuk, I have download these Furious Training v2 and Striker Schedules (First Page). But it seem that these two files are the same. Is it right?
  4. Thanks a lot Mr Hough..... 4-1-2-1-2 is always my choice.... u are sooooo awesome... :-)
  5. I have two idea. But may be seem not too important... but still wish it to be there.. 1. Is it possible any player that will come out for a certain year we played? for example we create a player that we know have potential in the future. and he is 12 years old... this is not a playable player in the game right? so may be there is some kind of button that we can choose this player to be shown in the game on certain year.. may after he is 16/17 year old later... would it be fun? cause you can make the young player in your country be at your game at a certain year... 2. I wish that a regen face can be change in certain year. What i mean is, for a certain year... his face will become older... i dont know if this too obvious, but for me... when you play for a certain year maybe 30 years played game... you will see that all player in the game have babyface... LOL... Sorry for my english... :-)
  6. Keep it up Mr Hough.... be as you are... Now still want to wait for you to take a look back on 4-1-2-1-2 formation (i know u have said after the winger formation right? ) cheers...
  7. hi info0, ok.. i will try that... thanks a lot!!!
  8. thanks for the reply... yup... same as me... like the formation because i like to play formation with the AM C....
  9. just simple question to mr hough.... would there be any improvement for 4-1-2-1-2 formation? if not, why? just want to know... :-)
  10. maybe because of your file name.... please rename it and put .tac at the end of the filename.. hope this help...
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