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  1. I think it depends on how many assists your goalkeeper gets - that's going to skew the ratings although it's not really a reflection on how good your keeper is. When I play with Liverpool Reina will often get 10 assists in a season. That's probably the difference between a 6.9 and a 7.1.
  2. Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    This is a fantastic update, thanks for all the hard work. But you appear to have renamed the Italian second division from "Serie B" to "Serie Bwin." I can only assume this was in error?
  3. Harrow Borough Season 2017/18 League: Premier Division Media Prediction: 19th Expectations: Avoid Relegation Here are my Transfers. As you see, after years of restraint I finally splashed out. I ran a very small squad and fortunately had few injuries. I focused on trying to bring in players who would be part of my future title-winning side - in particular that meant Guz' and Odedoyin. Those two were both excellent, but my best player was the left-back, Andres Lopez Garcia. In a sign of the times, all three are newgens. League Table. The table tells its own story - 38 games played, 34 goals. Inadequate strikers? Yes, in part, but also too defensive and narrow a midfield. I couldn't find good attacking midfielders (wide or central), so I was obliged to play a 4-1-3-2 and the goals just didn't flow. We were fine at the back though, which is why we were comfortably mid-table. We lost in the 4th round of both Cups, Chelsea in the League Cup, Man City in the FA Cup.
  4. Harrow Borough Season 2016/17 League: Coca-Cola Championship Media Prediction: 9th Expectations: Respectable league position. Here are my transfers Part 1 and Part 2. I switched to a 4-4-2. My best players were Marco Angelo and Antonio Formica, both strikers on loan from Man Utd. Joe Cole was something of a disappointment. I paid my first ever transfer fee to get John Fleck - and I'm not sure how he did. His overall rating was just 6.95, but he did get 15 goals and 16 assists. I had a much better team this year, and we started off the year brilliantly, leading the table for ages. Then we collapsed mid-season, and were well outside the playoffs. We then clawed our way back up the table, and secured a playoff spot on the last day of the season, then beat Blackburn and Leeds to finally get ourselves promoted to the Premier League. Yay. League Table. In the League Cup we lost to Swansea on penalties in the second round. In the FA Cup we lost to Premier League side Aston Villa in the fifth round. Financially the board have loosened some of the strings, and hopefully they will loosen them even more, because my policy of selling the whole team every season and only buying free transfers has left me with a very old and limited side (which is why I've struggled to get out of the Championship). If I want to stay up I'm going to have to get a lot younger and a lot better in a hurry. The board should be willing to do this because the new stadium has more than doubled our income, and being in the Premier League should give us loadsamoney.
  5. Harrow Borough Season 2015/16 League: Coca-Cola Championship Media Prediction: 24th Expectations: Avoid Relegation Here are my Transfers. Yet again I sold my entire team and tried to sign replacements on a free transfer. This was necessary because despite promotion my board did not increase the wage bill - and of course all my players got 25% pay rises. The advantage of this is it raises money, and often I am able to get better players at cheaper wages, released by other teams. The disadvantage is that you might find yourself very short in one position or other, just by chance - until now I'd been lucky, but this year it came back to bite me. I simply could not get even a half-decent striker. I ended up playing a 4-2-3-1, with the lone striker either the withered remains of Didier Drogba, or Simone Dell'Agnello - who'd barely been able to score when on loan with us in League Two. As a result we struggled to score all season long, and in the first third of the season I really thought we would be relegated. Fortunately we managed to turn things around in the second half (mostly by tightening up at the back) and somehow sneaked into the playoffs! League Table. In the playoffs we got Sheffield United in the semis. We lost the first leg 2-0 at home, but in the return leg we managed to go in up 2-0 at half-time, levelling the tie. The game went to extra time, then penalties. Mutch missed the crucial spot-kick, and Sheffield United broke our hearts. Our new stadium would be opening in the Championship, not the Premier League. In the League Cup we lost 3-2 to Premier League Birmingham in the Second Round. In the FA Cup we beat Premier League Blackburn in the 3rd round, but lost on a replay in the 4th round to Championship side Bolton. Not great in the cups, not terrible either.
  6. If all the stats (including the hidden stats) are identical, then the 19 year old will be identical to the 30 year old and there is no reason to play one over the other. The way that player experience is represented in FM is that the typical 19-year-old and 30-year-old will NOT have identical stats. What happens is that it is quite easy to increase the physical/technical attributes of a young player, but much harder to increase their mental attributes - that takes time. So as that 19-year-old gets older and plays lots of games that experience causes his mental stats to increase - but his physical/technical stats won't increase nearly as much when he is older.
  7. [FM10] Rebuilding Liverpool

    Apologies for the lack of updates. This save is on hold while I decide what to do with it. I had no idea I would win everything this quickly. I'm not entirely sure where to go from here.
  8. Naturally I use the adjuster as much as I can. They're just tight bastards.
  9. That's exactly what I do. When I was in League Two as you are my budget was actually a little lower than yours. The problem is that as you move up the divisions you need better players, but my board isn't letting me get them - the budget is not keeping pace with the division I'm in. I'm not quitting just yet because there's now light at the end of the tunnel, but it's frustrating. I'm in the Championship with all the money you get from that, I sold £3.4m of players this summer, and what wage bill does my team allow me? £29.5k. Aaagh! Just that money I raised in player sales would cover a wage bill of £65k per week, it's very annoying. If the board would stop sabotaging me I'd be in the Premier League. Instead I have to try and survive in the Championship. If I can stay up this year, I'll get my new stadium, and hopefully the board will start being sensible. If they don't, I'll quit the challenge, because at the risk of hyperbole I feel like Marlborough.
  10. Look at the time in charge of Brazil managers. If they do not win the World Cup, they change the manager, every time (and they did in 1994 even though they won). Dunga is the first manager in forever to last 4 years in the job, and that is only because he won the Copa America and the Confederations Cup. They have had 36 managers over the past 60 years - despite being easily the most successful side in world football over that time. Even despite Dunga's (relatively) long reign, they've had 6 managers in the past decade. The Brazilian FA are incredibly trigger happy: they expect their team to win every match, and if the team fails to live up to this insane expectation, they fire the manager. It's a fact.
  11. Harrow Borough Season 2014/15 League: Coca-Cola League 1 Media Prediction: 17th Expectations: Safe Mid-Table position Here are my transfers part 1 and part 2. The reason for all this activity is that despite our fine performances last season, the board drastically cut the wage bill. So I sold the entire team apart from Ross Wallace and Hawar, and signed a whole new team out of loans and free transfers. I also released our entire youth setup because, sad to say, I needed that little bit extra on the wage bill. It was far from an ideal team - I missed out on a lot of good players who I just couldn't accomodate within my wage bill, and obviously we needed to gel, but what kept me going was that the board announced a new stadium. It will take two years to build, and I will have to keep scraping the barrel until then, but that at least gave me some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Once again I played a 4-4-2, but modified it some more so Wallace didn't have to track back. He and Josh Simpson pulled the strings in midfield, with 49 assists between them, but our stars were the strikers, former Charlton man Serges Delbe, and Neil Smith, who Liverpool kindly let me have on loan. Between them they scored 58 goals, which is what got us promoted despite our leaky defence. We were the best team in the division, but a congested fixture list and too many draws let Swindon win the title. League Table. In the League Cup we lost in the first round to Championship Fulham after extra time. In the FA Cup we reached the third round, then lost to a late goal away to Premier League Birmingham. And in the Johnstone's Paint Timewaster we actually managed to win the whole thing, beating Nottingham Forest 3-2 at Wembley in front of 80,000. A good season in the cups.
  12. It's not a bug. Parreira was essentially sacked in 1994, and he'd just won the World Cup. Ah, but he didn't win it stylishly enough, so let's get rid of him! The Brazilian FA being a bunch of lunatics is accurate modelling.
  13. Profit makeing transfer policy

    One thing I like to do at a big club is sign lots of good players on Bosmans. If it turns out I don't need them, I loan them out for a year with the other team picking up 100% of salary, and the loan fee I receive pays for the signing-on fee. Then when the loan is up, I sell the guy for a big fat fee. Very profitable.
  14. Harrow Borough Season 2013/14 League: Coca-Cola League 1 Media Prediction: 24th Expectations: Avoid Relegation Here are my transfers. I thought teams had essentially reacted to my 4-3-3, plus I somehow managed to persuade Ross Wallace to join us, so I switched to a 4-4-2. But it was a desperately disappointing season. I hadn't expected to walk away with the league again, but I did expect playoffs. As you can see from the table, our biggest problem was the leaky defence. The centre backs were terrible and I just couldn't get things right there. Our best players were Wallace and Sam Baldock, another highlight was Hawar Mulla Mohammed getting his 100th cap for Iraq with us. League Table. We lost to League Two Northampton in the first round of the St Johnstone's Timewaster, but did much better in the other competitions. League Cup we lost to Championship Southampton in the first round after a penalty shoot-out, and in the FA Cup we reached the 3rd round where we lost to Nottingham Forest, again on penalties. Overall I am thinking of abandoning the challenge. I am finding the financial aspect very frustrating. I have a wage bill of just 24k per week and running a squad at the very bare bones, and I am still losing money. I've turned down offers from clubs which would give me a wage bill more than ten times greater than what I have. The stadium is still tiny and the board won't expand or even invest in training facilities. I feel like I am running in a wheel. I will continue through the summer and see whether I am going to continue this long-term.
  15. FM 11 Details

    What do I care how many employees they have? Do you seriously want me to judge them by a lower standard because they are a small company? Last I checked they charge full price for their games, so I'm not going to lower my standards. And actually, I don't think SI want to be judged by a lower standard.