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  1. 3 hours ago, Britrock said:

    This is a minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but it drives me insane every single game that the in-match squad view at the bottom isn't in order from left to right. e.g. in my current 442, the lineup shows as GK - DR - DCR - DCL - DL - MR - MCR - MCL - ML - ST - ST, which is just ... weird.

    If you think of a teamsheet displayed like this...


     DR  DCR  DCL  DL

    MR  MCR  MCL  ML

              ST  ST

    Then they have just put it all onto one line reading left to right.

    To me it makes perfect sense and I'd hate it if they changed it round.

  2. 16 hours ago, anagain said:

    It'll possibly be similar to this:

    Unforetunately some bug fixes only work on new saves. 


    Is this broken for everyone or just a few cases?

    If I didn't start in the Premier League will this be an issue for me?

    I don't want to continue my save from the National League if when I (hopefully) get to the Premier League the game is unplayable.

  3. On 12/01/2020 at 00:52, FrazT said:

    Are you using a third party skin?  Check that your graphics card driver is fully updated

    No, standard SI skin.

    I have only just updated my graphics driver last week after being prompted by the game.  I did notice that the home screen now does not have as many panels on it as it used to. 

    I'll see if there are any later drivers available although considering it was only a week ago I'd be surprised if there is.

  4. Stadiums that look like they were designed by someone who has actually been to a football ground would be a good start!

    What's with the picnic tables with sun umbrellas and giant footballs?

    And seats with massive gaps between them?

    Not to mention the fact that the stands don't seem to have any sides to them.  Health & Safety would have most of the stands closed down.

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