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  1. I've not really seen a huge difference. I guess the teams who were optimised to exploit the long shot "bug" in 10.1 (lets be charitable and call it a "feature") are going to find it tougher, but that's a good thing.
  2. Board ultimatums.

    I issued an ultimatum over a stadium expansion in FM2007 after years and years at my club. They said no but didn't sack me, basically telling me that they were going to pretend this meeting never happened. I don't feel I am in a secure enough position to try that at my club in FM2010 yet.
  3. AI Teams building dynasties?

    I wonder where Ipswich Town is in 2118 (<insert year here>)? the more things change, the more things stay the same...
  4. Well playing 9 men behind the ball seems sensible if you only need a point and one of your centre-backs has been sent off...but you do need to consider - who wanted it more? (Also, fond memories of managing Algeria (and learning Arabic as a fluent language) in FM2007 means I have little sympathy for you...)
  5. Well, realistically, you would expect that a new stadium will translate into additional fans, if only from the extra publicity from the local press. I am in a somewhat unique position in that I am an auditor of a professional football team, and they expect an increase in attendances around 20% from their new stadium. I am not sure if FM2010 models this though. (I resisted the temptation to play the team that I audit...)
  6. Personally, I already see training as a chore. Adding even more options to fine-tune the training just turns me off. Maybe a way around this is to have an option in the Team Settings for "Assistant Manager deals with Training" tickbox in the same way that the Assistant can deal with friendlies, so that people who want to micro-manage their training schedules can do so and those who don't can delegate the task to their backroom staff.
  7. I think the supporters in FM2010 are mostly unreasonable, and often just downright stupid. Sounds fairly realistic to me...