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  1. If you don't get that this is something that works more on the subconcious(sp?) side then you are the one lacking intelligence. And it doesnt really matter what "they should be doing / having" as a fan it is in your intrest to help your team perform better, and that idiotic way of thinking and acting is counterproductive isn't it?
  2. I'm guessing and hoping toro will stay on the left and giourkas or vyntra takes the right. It's hard keeping Avraam out because of his speed and how good he was in the last 2 games.
  3. The ones who should STFU are the fans and the english press more importantly. I'm sure the team, like every team in the WC is doing their best. Some times things dont work out as you want or expect them to. The pressure from the public usually makes things worse. But the worse part is the insults the team gets. Think about it, would headlines that call the team clowns make you care more or that its just not worth bothering to prove anyone wrong?
  4. They don't deserve to imo, even just for the fact that they think they are so good when in fact they are no better than average. Even if they are playing well below it, which can happen to any team. I mean how could the english press and public think they are a match to teams like brazil, spain and argentina is beyond me. Money might be able to buy the second best league in the world and the more popular one but it wont buy talent heart and teamwork.
  5. Group B - Greece v Nigeria BBC1 3pm

    Contact or no contact it doesnt matter, still a red card. Where do you see the cheating DJ? Are you portuguise? or english? (there must be a reason for the hate)
  6. To be fair with Torovoutas it looks like he caused the red card, don't know if it was intentional but he turned in a very agressive way. It could be his rush for a quick equalizer but knowing how good he is at ****ing off opponents in the Greek league i'm not so sure. The dive after the kick means karagounis is a good teacher tho
  7. Even they did (which they didnt, from what the journalist near our bench kept hearing during the game) that still shoots down your arguments about some players sucking etc.
  8. whats up? toro isnt **** on the left anymore? tziolis is not an ex-footballer? kats amd kara aren't lazy old guys? is rehhaggel not suffering from alzheimer? is sam not a talentless ****?
  9. Strarting XI seems to be Vyntra Papadopoulos Papastathopoulos Kyriakos Torosidis Tziolis Katsouranis Salpigidis Karagounis Gekas
  10. Its funny how fast fans forgot how good Giourkas really is. He is over his injury finally, hes a bit low on confindence but the 5 or so games he played were progressively better to a point that hes our best RB considering the circumstances (ie no proper attacking LB besides toro). Today with 3 at the back and hopefully not a dead midfield he will be able to bomb forward as will toro.
  11. Koutsia had a bad season but he didnt have Santos's trust. Btw ninis will play today. bet on it. I guess Van Gaal is stupid too for playing one of the best RBs in the world on the left half the time? Rehaggel wants Toros long shots and in-swinging crosses. And rightly so in my opinion. There is Giourkas and Vyntra on the right. Btw if your "agent" theory was correct Tzavellas would be called up since he got singed by frankfurt. or maybe its possible that german teams are actually looking for players in greece by them selfs... who would have thought.
  12. Just to make my self clear again. Most of your concerns are logical to some degree but sharing your opinion is one thing and calling them total losers ******** and whatever else is a completely different. And thats exactly whats ****ing me off. Even italians arent whining that much and they have done much much more than just breathing the last 60 or so years unlike us. now some facts to remember. 1)There would be no national team without rehaggel 2) His experiments got us from zero to hero for 10 years. 3) Having a bad game doesnt mean everything is instantly **** (even more when everyone of those guys was a god when we qualified) Vyntra had a great season no matter what some boneheads think. Tziolis deserves much better than he gets from stupid greek fans and press.
  13. I meantioned something about ******** Greek fans in my last post... i second it. you should be shot in the head. and then shot again just to make sure. Greek press and fans don't understand football. And yeah paps had a mediocore year, as did oly but vyntra was one of the best for pao. In fact it was his best season ever.
  14. Only we saw giourkas play 4-5 games at the end of the season and specially in the last 2 of them he was better than Vyntra would have been... He didn't perform today but its not like anyone else did. Just because you don't watch papastathopoulos playing every sunday it doesnt mean he is not error prone. trust me, he is specially with fouling (in/out of the box) and getting cards. And lets not talk about how error prone kyriakos is, which obviously is less than vyntra but at least vyntras skills were tailored to this game. cant say the same about kyriakos. I would start paps instead of vyntra as well, but Ottos choice was an acceptable risk, not a fatal mistake in my opinion. But really you can be as negative as you want and try and be managers from your sofa's but the truth is no matter how much you bitch and moan it wont make a difference. And for the record i do think he made lots of mistakes, mainly sticking with 2004-ish (and even worse) tactics etc. But i think Greek fans should stop being ******* and see football for what it really is instead of bitching all the time about everything they dont agree with, then jump on the bandwagon of success when it comes and then bitch again at the slightest bit after it. So yeah really sod of, keep your tears for your mama.
  15. He was right not starting Salpi imo. He is always much deadlier when he gets in at 55-60 mins and everyone else is tired. But he should have amplified that superiority with Ninis in the middle and possibly get patsa in in the place of kats/tziolis to freshen the midfield. And thats the only really big mistake he made imo. But still, most people think Otto failed miserably which is not really the case. We started the game well enough and one moment of no concentration we lost it all and got nervous and frightened. This is the players fault and not the managers. Its not his fault Samaras sucked today either ofc. He looked totally unmotivated. Also we should remind our selfs that this is not 2004. Kara and kats are not in their mid 20s, Giourkas is not 21 years old, theres no zagorakis or basinas or giannakopoulos and theres no fyssas either.