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  1. If Celtic were also in the tournament then there is a bug, Scotland will only have one team next Season AFAIUI.
  2. Long term game still sucks

    Top post - agree with everything you say, especially this point.
  3. Why spoilers?

    You too can jpoin the elite my friend - just drag your mouse over the spoiler text and all will be revealed!
  4. FM2011 : Patching plans

    Standard Project Management - you know you will have some issues, you just don't know what, sensible approach and a common one within the IT industry.
  5. I know what you mean but I guess we'll get used to it ....
  6. If you have 2 Central Midfielders they are marked CMR and CML so you can make sure you have people in the correct role.
  7. It's not just shortlists it's player attributes etc - all the stats that are set to random will be EXACTLY the same for all of us, amd it's a very small world you're playing in.
  8. That's because you're playing the same game - the quick start is just a game started and saved at the beginning, so all the Manager shortlists, player attributes etc will all be exactly the same. In the normal game the startup process randomises a lot of that stuff so we all get different experiences.
  9. Really impressed - much more polished than last year. Pros Graphics much better Board negotiations Interaction with agents Twitter / YouTube integration Cons Pale Skin is hard on eyes YouTube upload didn't work - "Failed (unable to convert video file)"
  10. Absolutely love it myself - personally I think it was crazy to separate them.
  11. I love that change - much clearer.
  12. Your save games don't automatically transfer although you can do it manually.
  13. Yes but if you do that they all have their values / attributes from the start of the Season not the most recent evaluation.
  14. Yes the whole system has become farcical hasn't it - there is no consistency applied to the process.
  15. Er they haven't in real life either!! The Inland Revenue are contesting the Administration and the meeting to discuss their penalty was postponed.