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  1. Also not an Australian but basically it can be done like this, assuming regular league season is "stage 0": Stage 0: League Stage Stage 1: Major Semi Final - Get League stage teams 0 and 1 (i.e. 1st and 2nd in table) . Winner goes to grand final (Stage 4), loser qualifies for preliminary final (stage 3) Stage 2: Minor Semi Final - Get league stage teams 2 and 3 (i.e. 3rd and 4th in table). Winner goes to preliminary final (stage 3). Loser is eliminated. Stage 3: Preliminary Final - Get teams qualified from stage 1 (loser) and stage 2 (winner) - Winner goes to grand final (S
  2. I wanted to ask if this is a known issue. I have noticed that FM21 is loading extremely slowly when there are a large number of editor files. I have 200+ files (granted these were created with previous versions of the editor, but all are verified in FM21 editor). It takes an extremely long time to get to the start screen, and again when I click start new career game, and again when I click to select which editor files to activate in the game. In FM20 the same process takes practically know time at all.
  3. I'e had a search around but not found any answers to this. Is it possible to allow the game to have B-teams in same division as parent club, i.e. to not have the "TEAMNAME B are ineligible for promotion" because the parent team is in a division above? I've tried to get around this by creating an affiliate club as a B team with "Cannot play in same division" unticked, rather than just creating a B team in the reserve teams tab. In the advanced rules for the division I have allowed B teams to be promoted for all leagues. And yet still I can't allow B teams to get promo
  4. As I said earlier, best would be to undo the change where you deleted the original FA Cup (comp ID 1301426). In Database changes, find it as I have shown here in the attachment and then remove that change, then click "Reload Database and Apply Undeleted Changes" Having done that, I would recommend you try to delete the New FA Cup you made, 100000053. Under England -> Competitions you'll now have a blank, which you should replace with the original FA Cup. Under Advanced Rules find the blank and also replace competition with FA Cup.
  5. Thanks for the mention, looks very good. I have resurrected my old file for FM19 for personal use, but it's not quite as polished off this this one. Well done!
  6. Open the file in the editor, click on "Database Changes", in the Database Table find the entry for when the FA Cup was deleted, remove that change and the click "Reload Database and Apply undeleted changes", then obviously you'll need to replace the "new" FA Cup competition in England->Competitions and the rules you created with the original one.
  7. Yes but The Fixture Dates seems to take priority, I did a test and they were played at Home stadiums.
  8. You may want to check if the finals are taking place at Wembley for FA Cup, Vase and Trophy. This needs to be set in fixture dates cause it seems to be set to Home (this is a problem with the advanced editor)
  9. Why would you delete the FA Cup competition, then recreate it and not Add any history???
  10. I just started a game with 251 editor files loaded (including all your most recent files). Started no problem although I only had one nation playable
  11. Yes I also agree with kingrobbo, keep the basic editor free and charge a fee for advanced rules.
  12. In order to aid those who wish to make County Cup style competitions, an addition to "Get Specific Team" would be very helpful to allow the selection of a team type depending on division level, some thing like this: If division level is equal to or higher than [4] use team type : [u21] Then somebody starts in the lower leagues their first team will play in county cups, and if they progress high enough in the pyramid then the U21's would enter instead.
  13. As mentioned in the previous post, the ability to create All-Star teams and competitions. It should be possible to get the game to select players based on different criteria, i.e. best players in division, best players in group (for conferences etc), best players from region, nation, continent, world etc.
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