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  1. I just started a game with 251 editor files loaded (including all your most recent files). Started no problem although I only had one nation playable
  2. paulgerty

    *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    Yes I also agree with kingrobbo, keep the basic editor free and charge a fee for advanced rules.
  3. paulgerty

    MLS editing

    Just to be clear moz1980, when testing, if one of the new teams you added to MLS (not NYCFC or Orlando) won a wildcard game, did the playoffs continue?
  4. paulgerty

    *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    In order to aid those who wish to make County Cup style competitions, an addition to "Get Specific Team" would be very helpful to allow the selection of a team type depending on division level, some thing like this: If division level is equal to or higher than [4] use team type : [u21] Then somebody starts in the lower leagues their first team will play in county cups, and if they progress high enough in the pyramid then the U21's would enter instead.
  5. paulgerty

    Game taking ages to save

    I've noticed this issue too. I have quite a large number of leagues loaded and the save game is 175 MB at the moment so I don't expect it to be fast but it's much slower than FM14 was saving with the same setup/leagues loaded etc.
  6. paulgerty

    *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    As mentioned in the previous post, the ability to create All-Star teams and competitions. It should be possible to get the game to select players based on different criteria, i.e. best players in division, best players in group (for conferences etc), best players from region, nation, continent, world etc.
  7. paulgerty

    [FM15][WIP] US lower leagues

    Saving History twice may be due to "Process early finish" being ticked in the League Settings tab. Leave it completely unselected. I had the same issue when I did the NASL for myself.
  8. paulgerty

    MLS editing

    Have you tried removing the Wildcard stage and recoding the two conference stages? Maybe then it would work.
  9. It's possible to keep the All-Star game as long as you still want to use the MLS (i.e. competition id 40 and the MLS all-stars team). As it is hard-coded you can't change the date or the teams which take part, but it should still take the best players from the MLS division. In the advanced rules, it should be easy. Just add the All-Stars in the USA->Competitions tab. It should work, you don't need to create anything for it. In the basic editor it's more complicated. You'll need to get the xml version of the file which is tricky in FM15, but possible. Open the xml and find the entry for cup_comps. Add the following code: <record> <integer id="competition" value="109134"/> <string id="use_game_rules" value="active_comp"/> <string id="type" value="cup"/> <list id="match_fixture_rules"/> </record>
  10. paulgerty

    [FM15][WIP] US lower leagues

    If its some help I set up the PDL with the playoffs as stages in the Parent Competition, Stages 0-3 are the 4 conference playoffs, stage 4 is the national playoff. On the PDL's competition tab I selected "Stage Finished Actions" -> Add History Record - Stage Index = 4 - Competition = "USL PDL". The history record is added for both the league i.e. Mid-Atlantic Division and PDL. I didn't set "Other Competition to use" for any of the playoffs.
  11. You have deleted clubs which are being requested by the NACL. If you look at NACL's Registered Teams tab you'll see that the MLS clubs are still there. I'd say this is most likely causing the crash. Change those MLS teams to teams from your comp.
  12. See here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/386722-Help-with-USA-NCAA-Update
  13. paulgerty

    Help with USA NCAA Update

    Well the issue here is not the editor I believe rather the game itself as I am able to test the rules in the editor ok. The problem is getting the NCAA teams into the PDL and loading it in the game as a playable league. I've tried various combinations of removing all advanced rules etc and still no luck. I've even tried adding the base NCAA file (i.e. just teams in ADL divisions) and tried adding that to a brand new USA file, with new nation rules. Oddly those teams still have greyed out squads when they should have at least some players. Obviously something in my development has resulted in the teams being unable to get players, and I'd love to know why.
  14. paulgerty

    Help with USA NCAA Update

    I've uploaded a FM14 version of my USA with NCAA update in the hope that someone can help me identify and eliminate the problem causing a crash dump. I've uploaded both an XML and DBC version (both identical, xml is of course much bigger but perhaps problem is somewhere in the xml code). All data for this update was created from scratch using the FM14 editor. As you will see there are no failed changes. For those who are not aware, in the game, teams in the USA do not get an intake of youth players like in other countries. Teams in the PDL (called ADL or American Developmental League in the game) get youth players, some of whom will then be drafted by MLS teams. In real life, most players drafted are from NCAA college soccer. My file aims to replicate this by moving PDL teams to newly created competitions and putting NCAA teams in the old ADL comps. Anyone familiar with my FM13 file will know this worked. This year something is wrong and I can't figure it out. If you load the USA in view-only mode, it will work ok. If you start a new game without the USA, then once you are playing add the USA as a playable nation, NCAA teams will not generate any new players, no matter how long the game is played. If you start a new game with the USA as playable, the game will crash during setup. So obviously the issue is being caused by the NCAA teams, if I take them out of the old ADL competitions the game loads, but this defeats the purpose of having NCAA teams generate players for the MLS Superdraft. I have tried removing age limits and contract types in case this was causing a conflict, but this didn't help. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Here is a link https://www.mediafire.com/?cp1jpha594wa0px This is the 22team MLS with the Exhibition cups. ICC does not contain any MLS teams in this version.