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  1. I play with 343 but slightly different from @TheBigBoss. And I use only one tactic all season long, no matter what team I‘m facing. Confidence (or stubbornness ) is key. But I do change the settings during the match though, depends on the situation.
  2. After I pulled the Leverkusen on my first attempt, my second attempt at long-term Arsenal save seems to be miles better. My first save I played with traditional 4231, and tried to apply high-press style, resulted in runner-up in all competitions. This time I try to play 3 at the back, base loosely on Arsenal IRL. Won every silverware in England. Only down side is that our youths/B Team only reached quater final of EL. This is the table. And this is my version of 343/32221/3421/5221/523 or whatever you call it. Unfortunately, Özil got injured for 4 months, so I rotate Jeff-IF(s)/Welbeck-W(s)/Walcott-W(s) on the AMR slot. And I actually play Coq as BWM(s) (change to CM(d) when booked) more than Xhaka. AMN did solid job on both BBM and DLP duties, he even played WBR and WBL in some games. After we won the league, I tried to play around with the tactic and it is my first time using RPM, which I'm very excited about. And we'll go into next season with this version of 343. In terms of players. Straight into 1st team squad: Bielik AMN Jeff Transfer out - summer 17/18: Alexis - 60M to City Debuchy - 7M to Southampton Transfer in - summer 17/18: Laporte - 58M Fraser Forster - 35.5M (39.5M) Mario - 12M (13.5M) - right back from Villarreal Transfer out - winter 17/18: Elneny - 25.5M to Liverpool Transfer in - winter 17/18: none. And now as of summer 18/19 I'm selling Walcott (he said back in december that he wanted a new challenge), Xhaka, and Ospina. And bringing in Donnarumma, Lars Bender, Lallana, and Gaya. Really looking forward to continue using 343, even though Wenger's just changed back to 4231 IRL.
  3. January transfer window 1st season just ended, I'm still sitting comfortably at 2nd place with 14 points behind United with one game in hand. Palace is a surprise, sitting 3rd. To recap and document my save, this is the transfer activity of my 1st season. Summer 17/18 out: Alexis to City for 66M Debuchy to Southampton for 6.5M And a few youngster loans incl. Holding to, of all the teams, Stoke. Summer 17/18 in: Stepanenko - DM from Shakhtar for 34M - I play classic 4231 with CM(d) and BBM(s), so he's gonna be my backup for Coq and Elneny for sure, but he's got Model Professional personality and 17 Determination, so I couldn't helt but to sign him solely for tutoring purpose. Layún - RB from Porto for 9.5M - Clearly Bellerín's backup. I planned to sign Vrsaljko though, but he said that he wanted to play for CL club, so bought Layún instead. 17 Determination is great for tutoring purpose. Defensively a bit subpar, imo; positioning, anticipation, tackling all 12, and 11 marking. But offensively a pretty decent backup; off the ball, acceleration, stamina all 14, 16 corners and 14 free kick, plus 17 crossing, and 15 passing. Real bargain. Lautaro Martínez - ST from Racing (ARG) for 8.5M - Personally I don't like signing players from south america due to work permit thing, but I'd like to try to get some nice cash from him after a few seasons. He's currently on loan at Hertha BSC with 7 goals in 5 (5) apps. Valued at 15M. Dolberg for 22.5M - You know, kinda must-sign lad. 3 goals and 3 assists in 9 (7) apps in Prem, and 4 goals and 2 assists in 5 (1) apps in EL. Not bad but could do better. Sergio Rico - GK from Sevilla for 26.5M - Plan for Cech's retirement. Winter 17/18 out: Giroud to Liverpool for 43M - Liverpool showed interest on him around december, and he came to me and said that he wanted to join Liverpool to play in CL. I said fine. Because things still went south for Liverpool after we beat them 4-1 at home earlier in the season. Come december Klopp got sacked, and now they are sitting comfortably at 14th. I'm 90% sure there's no CL or even EL football for Liverpool next season and hoping that I can get him back for peanut. Xhaka on loan to Napoli - Well, I play CM(d) and BBM(s) and really have no idea how he can fit in this midfield duo. He's Ramsey's backup in BBM slot, but his 10 off the ball is unacceptable for players I wish to push forward. Winter 17/18 in: Ángel Correa - AMC from Atlético for 19.5M - 19 Determination at the age of 22, I signed him immediately when I saw him, that was in summer. He said he wanted to play for CL club. So I said nvm. Comes december, he's on the transfer list, so I approched him again and he said ok. The problem is though, I play Jack as Özil's backup, so when Correa comes in, I move Jack to BBM slot. That's why Xhaka has to go. Mascherano for 12.5M - He's listed. Leader with 19 Determination, he's surely gonna be the tutor.
  4. I'm currently 11 games in in 1st season. Sitting 2nd with 5 points below Man Utd. But my point here is that I don't know what happened to Liverpool after we beat them 4-1 at home. They simply went downhill.
  5. Probably (very) late to the party, but here is my first take in FM17 skinning scene. Just tried to learn some xml structures, especially those of FM, from scratch, had quite a long read from @michaeltmurrayuk's amazing posts. I've just only moved things around, got into various fight with container class and layout class thing and so on, so no fancy graphic work yet. I think I'm quite satisfied with this layout (as of now). But still need to tweak and adjust the spacing and graphic work. I've played with official light skin and Flut White roughly 20% of my playing time. The other 80% with Vitrex. So it plays a huge role here as you can see. And after skimming through FM17 skins, Andromeda gives me the idea of vertical staff panel.
  6. I've just started a new save on this new update. Haven't played a single game yet, still messing around with getting rid of old staff and bringing new staff in. One thing I've noticed so far is that we have more slots for coaching staff for 1st team squad (8, I believe, >9) and u18 squad (5>6), also for 1st team physio (3>6). Still, good staff is hard to find at the start of the game. (Want to keep Primorac, but his wage is insane.) PS: I'm so bored playing plain vanilla, so I'mma use FMRTE to search for staff and players in this save, and also use the base tactics from @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! (Jogo Bonito – because, yeah, 4231 –, and maybe later on the latest Pep one).
  7. It does generally not impact anything, imo. But there was one occasion the problem occured. I signed Ronaldo in January 6th season since his contract was about to run out. He required me to give him his favourite number (7), and I didn't remove this promise during the contract negotiation. Fast forward to the number assigning day 7th season, I completely forgot that I had this promise, and I was like F*** no, #7 is for Alexis, so I gave him #77 instead. Next day, riot.
  8. We were on title race with United, then came QPR, then it went downhill. April 2023 was literally Man Utd month for us. We were officially guaranteed the 2nd place after losing 0-1 in Manchester. The picture of us sitting on the 2nd place in Prem was confirmed by the lost to Derby. We managed, however, to get pass them in the CL, but not Prem and the FA Cup.
  9. So I'm in the middle of 7th season. Brexit kicked in, but no change in WP rules. I've managed to sign Ronaldo from Madrid for free on January 6th season (his contract was expiring). GBP 400k p/w!! I promised him to give him his desired shirt number which I wasn't aware of at that moment. He wants shirt no.7, but I gave him 77 instead, lol, because 7 belongs to Alexis. Caused a riot, but got away with it just fine. Now January 7th season, I notice Neuer was out of contract for a while, which surprised me as I thought he was gonna hang his gloves with FC Bayern. So I sign him, then have to loaned out my 2nd choice keeper. I also proceed to filter the transfer market by expiring contract (6 months) and superb (or something around that level) world rep, Kroos' and Bale's contract is running out, so I assign scout, but Kroos unfortunately extends his contract, but not Bale. So I sign Bale (250k p/w with huge amount of bonus). He's gonna join me next season. So I'm gonna have Ronaldo - Özil - Bale reunion next season, and may cause bankruptcy. TL;DR Ronaldo joins on free transfer in 7th season, Neuer also free mid-season, Bale's gonna join on free next season. At the brink of bankruptcy right now.
  10. After I pull the Mr. Wenger, aka not winning the league for a long long time, I manage to lift the Prem trophy, finally. United just keeps messing around till the end!! We were tie on point, but had GD advantage. We travelled to Derby, which ended up 0-0. However, I was not get FMed this time, as United also drew Watford at their ground 1-1, i.e. Mourinho's crying. This is the squad that secured 90 pts to lift the trophy. I play with 4-2-3-1 Wide and 4-3-1-2 Narrow, Silva scores for fun. But I'm considering unlearn him the trait 'try to beat offside trap', it's so annoying because many chances we created were just wasted by the offsides. I had this spanish DLP wonderkid I bought from Gijón in 19/20 for GBP 16.75m, but during the way to lift the trophy, Real Madrid came knocking the door and kept flirting with him. So he'd gone to Madrid in January for GBP 83m. With that money Madrid gave me, I then brought Lewis Cook to my squad from Bournemouth for GBP 52m, purely for the Home-grown spot in the squad, lol. He just moved to Bournemouth this season IRL. Rodrigo Caio, I got him for free. He was out of contract with Santos in January. The name poped up in the news when January window starts, so I assigned my scout to keep the eye on him. His attributes are quite okay, and you can have a quality back-up CD for free. At the end of the season, he's worth GBP 24m. I was like, how did Santos not extend his contract!?!?
  11. Omg. At least WP rules stay the same. I'm at the start of my 7th season now, still no sign of Brexit, however Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania all join the EU at the end of 6th season aka 2022. Btw, about the WP. I'm very frustrated with the rules. I signed Maximiliano Romero (16/17 - GBP 8.5m) and Gonzalo Maroni (17/18 - GBP - 3.4m) and had to set up affiliate for WP, sent them to Den Haag for full 5 years with the hope that they play well and have some caps, so that they can gain WP, but NO. They don't!! Just laid off Romero to Inter for GBP 10m, but no one wants Maroni. I'm get to the point that I don't sign any player who fail to gain WP. If he fails to gain WP, I just cancel the deal. (But I still keep assigning my scouts to roam the world though.)
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