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  1. I'd like to have a Tactics Sandbox. A non-game and non-friendlies place to try different tactics (formations, shouts, etc). I'd also like to have more coach/asst. manager feedback in this sandbox about what tactics are working, what tactics aren't, suggestions about formations and about which players should play together, and etc. I know this doesn't exist in "real" life, but I equate it to drills "real" managers would run in practices and also to the hours and hours of game footage "real" managers can watch in order to figure out their tactics.
  2. Further to this, I'd like my scout's/coach's assessment of my own players to grow over time. So if my staff's original PA assessment is, say, 165 but the player's hidden PA is actually 175, after a year or two of getting to know the player really well my staff will give an assessment closer to the real (hidden) PA of 175. Likewise, if I aggressively scout a player or team my staff's assessments will be closer to their hidden PA.
  3. I agree with Amit leipold. 442 can no longer be used. And I, too, am forced to skip playing until a new patch or 2011 comes out. I have to say that I really enjoyed the game until 10.3 and am glad I bought the game. But 10.3 killed it for me. It feels like my game got a nasty virus. And because I bought the game through Steam I can't reload the game and play using 10.2. I'm forced to play 10.3. It's like bringing your car in for a tune up and they blow up the engine. It's like bringing your dog in for a check up and they put it to sleep. It's like....oh, you get the picture.
  4. Scrap the 5 star scouting reports. It's woefully unhelpfull. In it's place I would like to be given numbers based on the hidden PA. So, for example, if a player has a hidden PA of 180 a scout would tell me the player's potential is between 170-190. And this range would be dictated by the scouts ability. A scout with a 20 for judging player potential would give you a range 10 on either side of the actual number. A scout with a 15 would give you a range 20 on either side. And so on. This number could also be adjusted up or down depending on the scout's knowledge of the player's country. I'd also like to have a CA total at the bottom of the Attributes screen. Obviously, if I just added up all the attributes I would have the total. But that's too much work. I like to keep tabs on the player's CA to track their progress. If a player's CA increases 10 or more every six month period, their training is working. If it increases less than 5, I probably need to tinker with how he trains. I know you can use the attributes graph to track progress, but a single number is easier to check on. Another thing I'd like is to have staff tell me why a players attributes suddenly take a nose dive. I get it when a player is old, but when an uninjured player in his prime suddenly has all red arrows on his attributes screen I would like to know why...at least a hint!
  5. I'm using the same training schedules and tackling settings (i.e. hard, etc) that I used on 10.2 and 10 and all of FM2009, I would have to say injuries have DRASTICALLY increased since the newest update. In-match injuries and weight room injuries and practice injuries all up. Because I'm using my pre-update schedules, it really must be 10.3 that is causing the carnage. No?
  6. Hidden Attributes C.R. H.R. W.R. CA & PA (which I could see with my hidden attributes viewer) are blank with the new Patch. The other Hidden Attributes are still visiable. Anyone know how I can see CA and PA again?