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  1. 5 hours ago, dunk105 said:

    Still enjoying this a lot.

    But......the poor AI squad management with rotation (or rather lack of) makes the game far too easy at any level. Even before Christmas I'm running rings around them purely because their players are either knackered or injured.  IMO this really needs a look at.

    Can anyone at SI please explain how this works in the game?

    - AI is favouring CA above PA

    - AI rotates less than before

    Now the CA issue is a one from before, but isn't increasing PA development a fix? This would make the game also more fun, if I remember regens in older FM's were much better attribute wise. F.e: strikers now are less complete, but excel at certain positions like advanced forward. I have a feeling this might be one of the causes why ingame wonderkids don't reach a certain CA. Did something change?

  2. On 11/03/2023 at 14:24, Dotsworthy said:

    Midblocks have been viable for years. I've won prem trophies with mid block teams.

    I didn't write that it isn't viable. I wrote: if you do, you're handicapping yourself.

    My own results prove it. Tests around tactics prove it.

    People (myself included) tend to romanticize a certain playstyle. But if it's significantly worse than something else I'm over with.

  3. 14 hours ago, BuzzR said:

    Headers numbers are enormous:



    I think the hole match gameplay is little bit off.. a lot of long kicks by goalkeepers and by defenders.

    The options pool is pretty limited and the ball is kicked forward too often. The heading stats are an effect of lack of diversity and options in build up play.

    Also it's becoming clear that those stupid balls over the top are still a thing - it's happening too often and it's really silly. I'm talking about that ball that falls 1m behind the defender, when he jumps a little missing the header leaving the striker with an open run to 1v1 with the keeper, no other defenders helping , no preventive positioning for the header - nothing.

    I would really like someone from SI just explain it to us how is this still a a thing, after all this time.  It's not bad animation, it's not bad representation - it's working as intended ( badly ! ) - it's a stupid attributes check that is completely unrealistic. This is not a long ball played in space behind the defensive live .. it's a ball that should fall on the defender/ attacker head but somehow it's computed to be a missed header. Ok could happen very rarely but the defender has some kind of chance to recover. 

    Also what's with the strikers ratings since the update? It's the same mess like the FBs and DMs 2 editions ago.





    The headers and long balls started to become a problem when presets were introduced and gegenpress became an issue, or how I say it: overpowered. This was around release FM 19 or FM 20. For some reason, your team and AI favoured long balls to attackers. I think FM 23 is better because it was way worse back then. People would also make tactics with 3 advanced forwards upfront to give them the benefits of long balls over the top. Which is still a issue by the way, as roles like poacher or false nine never work.

    Just remove gegenpress in general by deleting the two options for defensive lines. Just give one option for the backline. Because the AI tends to give long balls when they're pressured by an attacker. Problem solved. :)

  4. On 09/03/2023 at 13:05, Sweetleftfoot said:

    What level of graphics do you play at, and do you play 3D match engine? What is the spec of your machine?

    Very high or high. I play on a MBP from 2020 with an M1. 8 GB runs fine, 16 GB even better if you are multi tasking outside FM. It's amazing for FM. Other graphic heavy games not so, as it gets warm. This happens with 3D output for a longer periode of time >20 min.

  5. 27 minutes ago, CaptCanuck said:

    Oh sure, squad depth is important, but this is during France's 1 week winter break and as I pointed out it's a nonsense injury based on what was actually happening. Agree injuries are an important part of the game, but when there is no rhyme or reason to them vis-a-vis training it makes for a poorer simulation IMHO.

    In matches for sure, hard challenges, if you use get stuck in, playing Stoke type teams, etc... for sure, but the total randomness to them in training is stupid.

    Yeah after 15+ years FM I changed my mindset and just deal with it. Injuries were always a topic for discussion but it's for sure been worse. I think larger squads are realistic as well. I think most Bundesliga irl teams take this very serious, as their competition has/had a higher intensity.

  6. 6 hours ago, albertocerdeira.4 said:

    Can you tell me how many players under 25 are in the Spanish, Brazilian, Argentinian, English and France squads in World Cup 2030?

    Can you tell me how many players under 25 have been playing in that squads in WC 2022?


    Because the difference is more than painful


    And my save have 15 leagues playable, so it's not a DB issue

    I started a new game on 23.3 and simulated to 2030 with a db of choice, around 50k ish players. This are my observations:

    - There many <25 players, but not many <23

    - Most 'young' players are 22, with exceptions

    - Spain and Brazil have a regen in their squad which is 20

    - There are indeed still too many old players in elite squads, especially France

    - France has no regens in their WC squad as their youngest player is 25 and oldest is 34

    - Brazil has a regen in their WC squad which is 20, their oldest players are Ederson and Alisson, 36 and 37

    So is it fixed? No. Could it be better? Yes indeed.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Mitza said:

    Some of the players CA/PA are still questionable, to say the least. English players and other PL players are still overrated as hell compared to other leagues. Just look at Chelsea's squad for example (Fofana, Mount, Havertz).

    Gavi, Balde and Nico Williams with lower PA than Caicedo, Alfie Devine, Harvey Elliott, Bella-Kotchap.

    U19 players of 150+ PA: 11 in France, 42 in England. 



    Gavi has -95 and Caicedo -9, so might be just unlucky with the save as Gavi tends to be higher in most cases. I don't know if this is changed in the 23.3 update.

    I do agree the players in the Premier League are a bit overtuned, but that's not new though.

  8. 28 minutes ago, albertocerdeira.4 said:

    It was my previous data choice, now I have more than 15 playable leagues.  


    In your saves there are a "Musiala" in the world cup in 2030?


    Screenshot? Also upload it in the bug tracker as previously been said.

    Checking your post history this seems a db choice issue, nothing else. And yes, I do. I got 17 playable leagues loaded and 100k+ players.

  9. 38 minutes ago, albertocerdeira.4 said:

    As i mentioned in the player development topic, some improvements but not enough at all

    Why the hell SI don't want Musialas, Bellinghams, Gavis, Rodrygos or Vinicius to break into the best teams with 18-20 years??? Why the hell in the World Cup 2030 there is no players aged less than 21-22? What the hell do you test before launching an update?


    I am completely disappointed with this years game, don't have words to describe how much it annoys me the youth development issue. 






    I just had a Saka at 21 in the WC, scrolling through your posts I also found an answer why this occurs in 2030:


    I have the big 5 leagues as playable and 15 more as non playable loaded, but because my laptop wouldn't run more

    AI teams prefer CA above PA for their squad choices, but by 2030, if you only load the top 5 leagues there's not much too choose from.

  10. 5 minutes ago, flauta kicma said:

    so you were getting offers to players?

    Yes. More than in recent years. I think the market is overall easier.

    - Clubs aren't asking an absurd amount of money (!)

    - Easier to buy players

    - Easier to sell players

    The only issue is that sometimes there isn't a offer for a backup player with a high salary, but that seems realistic.

    Also I would like to add on that this should be the standard, it's good as it is now. Previous years in FM you woud play 50 mil for a 18-year old youngster from a club outside the top 5-leagues. There are exceptions, like Antony, but previous years was a mess imo.

  11. 11 minutes ago, Sunstrikuuu said:

    14 pace is fine.  12 acceleration is a bit too low.  He doesn't have to be played as a flying winger; he can tuck in and act as a playmaker. 

    Also, is there a second screenshot I'm unaware of showing his full personality?  Determination is one factor, but it's hardly fully deterministic.  We don't know what his ambition or professionalism are, or what his training ratings have been.  As to personalities affecting the squad, if he's an 18 year old prospect other players should be exerting more of an influence on him than he exerts on them, and if the rest of the squad is ambitious, determined and professional, then in theory he should trend in that direction as well.

    The player is Unambitious. I sell those players right away. Waste of time to fix a player like that.

  12. 1 minute ago, Sunstrikuuu said:

    He's not 180 CA.  But 12 crossing, 14 dribbling, 15 first touch, 11 long shots, 15 passing, 16 technique, 16 flair, 16 decisions?  Plus pretty OK physicals?  As an 18 year old, he's not a bad attacking fullback.  I wouldn't be comfortable with him as the first-choice left back, but as a future-focused backup?  Totally fine, and he should be able to get a bunch of game time in games against weaker sides at home, when the side needs to be rotated to accommodate the Champions League, and in the Copa del Rey.

    He's slow though, so other pshyicals don't really matter. His personality and determination affects other player growth in this squad. If the player has 180+ PA it would never reach it anyway due his personality.

  13. 4 hours ago, Mitza said:

    I love FM23's player development. 180+ PA wonderkid.

    I get the personality playing a role (although he's been mentored by model citizens for 3 years), but how do you start for Barcelona every other game and DROP 3 points in a key attribute like crossing?



    There's no way this guy is 180+ PA. Also, 10 tackling for a fullback on a elite side? Uhm...?

    13 determination as well...

  14. 2 hours ago, SimonHoddle said:

    That’s not the greatest comment I’ve ever read. I said at the beginning this is to spark discussion.  

    firstly. My idea is not to replace attributes but to make them much more fluid. 

    secondly. Love the way you say I’m not aware of hidden attributes when I am perfectly aware of them. Like I have asked repeatedly…..if someone like Son is consistently playing terribly over many months (note the word consistent so that can’t be put down to hidden inconsistency), when are his official attributes downgraded? If they were more fluid (and represented training) we could identify someone like Son as having a crisis.

    thirdly. Just because something was in at the start doesn’t make it untouchable. I agree it offers very accessible simplicity but are they actually realistic?

    I don't understand what you're trying to discuss as its already in the game.

    - Attributes get a downgrade when a player is performing poor in matches or training

    - There are hidden attributes like consistency

    - Attribute growth in the game is influenced by different factors like player characteristics, team and so on.

    I think you're trying to say that attributes are too high for specific players. They're not, because once again hidden attributes. Also remember when Balotelli was one of the best strikers in the game and the next edition he was downgraded like 90 CA?

  15. 27 minutes ago, XaW said:

    Well, I'm playing in the Vanarama National, so I wouldn't expect super defenders. However, in this case the defender in question is Ryan Bennett.


    4 pace and 4 acceleration is the answer there. He is just very slow both at starting and top speed. Why do you think I had my 12 acceleration and 11 pace striker up there and set a more direct play? ;) I don't want to have physical duels against this guy, my poor strikers would lose every single one, our only option was long balls, and my striker scored two.

    That said, the post was more intent on showing the excellent finishing rather than explain the tactics behind it.

    Do you think that faster defenders are in most cases just better? In example a faster defender with lower technicals in comparision to a defender with high technicals but slower pace and acceler.

    Also, what kind of player traits work very well in general this year?

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