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  1. Maybe this should be moved to the Good Player and Team Guide? General Discussion forum.
  2. I've been using Genie Scout and some young players had their attributes drop massively after I refused to give them new contracts and they became unhappy. One newgen went from 14 in professionalism to having 9 now. His ambition also has dropped. I'm wondering if it's because of the contract dispute or is it because other players with poor attitude have affected them. Anyone know for sure?
  3. I trusted the advice in this thread so didn't register him, as I didn't want to risk a spot. It was however possible to get to the registration screen and register him
  4. I've signed a 20 year old Chinese regen from San Lorenzo, but couldn't get a work permit for him. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a player play Champions League football without having a UK work permit? I know he can't play in the league, but does he get to play in Europe? I tried to register him for the Champions League, which is possible, and when I look at match info for the next knockout game it doesn't say he is ineligble...
  5. Just holidayed until 26 october 2020, and it says no changes will be made to the work permit system
  6. Anyone know when the date for knowing what type of Brexit you have is? It only says Brexit is happening and more info will come in the coming weeks. I'm in 26 Sept 2020, and want to know if I should have Brexit this year and get it over with, or delay it another year until I'm in a higher division (I'm Torquay in League 2)
  7. So you're saying Arsenal don't need to buy anyone?
  8. Lets hope this ugly loss convinces Wenger to buy in January
  9. I bid 120 mill pounds for him (money up front) and Inter still wont negotiate
  10. Just finished first season with Juve. Won the league, got eliminated in the last 16 in the CL by Valencia on away goals. I gave Morata a new contract in January and thought the release clause (that as far as I see cant be seen anywhere?) would be removed. But no, Real came back in the summer and activated the clause. Lost an irreplaceable player and want to just quit. Tempted to just use the live editor and move him back to the club
  11. Is Bellerin still as good since the last patch came out? Got a chance to sign him for 30 mill pounds
  12. I have the same issue. The game often freezes when I do other things on my desktop.
  13. Thanks! Bellerin looks good and like he could turn into a beast, and Coquelin finally looks like he could do a job for the first-team
  14. Could someone please post screenshots of Bellerin and Coquelin's stats?
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