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  1. Falahk FM11 tactics

    Anyone having good results with it? Will give this a go soon
  2. If carry a Liverpool save from the demo (with the cancers as the owners) and install the patch.. will we have to start a new game to have NESV?
  3. I don't think so because it just downloads from Steam.
  4. I hate how utd fans always go "well we're awesome and popular so we're immune to bad things!!". Newsflash, you're nearly 1bn in debt and if nothing is done about it soon you'll have a bigger trainwreck than Liverpool.
  5. Steam or disc?

    Lets say I download the strawberry demo off steam and it reaches halfway through the season (Demo over) Can't I just click a button on release day to unlock the full game, then? Whats with the 2 day unlock problem?
  6. The thing isn't a 1-time use install mate. Once you buy it you can install to your leisure. Did you really try what was suggested above? Are you 100% positive your computer meet the requirement?
  7. Still.. something massive? A new news button!?!? Say it ain't so. Can't handle such suspense.
  8. If memory serves right, on my retired long term Liverpool save my final squad had 2 players from the academy in my starting XI.
  9. Updates before FM11 released

    Will there be a release day patch? Refuse to manage my Liverpool with the two tumors still in it.
  10. Wow, this forum is incredibly easy to troll. Well done Matt, thanks for the update (or lack thereof)
  11. To be honest modern day football and the ownerships in it are killing the sport itself. Owners are running clubs into debt while other owners are spending 10x the amount for very, very average players, inflating transfer market values. Ultimately I don't think it's something that I'd want to see in a video game. As a Liverpool fan this ownership saga is absolutely shocking, and no club in football should never have to go through anything like this. I don't even want the other red team to experience such a thing. It's without a doubt damaging the health of the sport in general, and I can't help but shake my head at it. Contrary to running clubs into the ground, don't even get me started on sugar daddies. It's fun in FM, but in real-life it's shocking. Look no further than 24m for Lescott. In all aspects it's just unbelievable how everything is run today.
  12. Not weird I suppose but I always play the Champions League anthem before every CL match. Makes it a lot cooler I should add.
  13. Whenever I loan a player I try to get him to a team where he would be "A valuable member of the first team," More games he gets the better.