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  1. Coaching Badges time

    Mine take 2-4 months longer than the estimated. I'm playing in Norway though and wondered if the language barrier was an issue to complete it.
  2. Lost Interest

    Try a league one team and try to keep the core of the team together I still have nearly everyone from the first season in the EPL. I have a Southampton save where I am only buying English players its quite fun at the moment.
  3. Scout Reports

    At the moment you cannot, hopefully it will be changed in the next version.
  4. This is annoying me now, I am currently trying to find a new DR but the search is full of DC's who are only accomplished at DR and if I block out DC its possible to miss a natural DR. Without searching through 50-60 players to find a natural or using an external scouting programme which I would rather not do because then its possible to look at things i'd rather not is there a way to search natural only?
  5. I just started superbladesmans one pick a tier 10 team and go to the top!
  6. I took Farnborough to the Premiership but got bored that they would only put about 1000 seats in per season (Can't run a club with only 3500 seats in EPL) Did they replace terraces at Cherrywood or just straight out build a new stadium? I know each save is different but your experience would be interesting.
  7. This is easily the biggest bid i've recieved. I just wish they would reoffer it. Most of the other bids I get are around 20-25million for world class players. I agree it would be nice to see more of it. Not too much though
  8. Evil youngster Pablo

    Is Craig Bellamy listed as his preferred personel? If he has done this much damage to your team, play him think of the fear the other strikers will have. CMOZZA - Your location is superb!
  9. I'm hardly paying him a mega amount either.
  10. Trouble makers??

    I had almost the same senario One player was almost always on poor morale even though the team was winning and when he played we lost. In the end everyone started to get low morale so I sold him, everyone was happy and winning ways resumed. I checked the player on FMRTE and nothing which made him a trouble maker. Sometimes its just bad luck I think. You did the right thing by getting rid of someone who has burned you before. I won't sign a player if he rejects me once the player has to want to play.
  11. Diego just rejected Barca, very annoying and the best I can now get is 30mil. To get a San Marino passport I think it takes about 30years to get one i think (My Italian is limited), they haven't converted the website I looked at into Spanish or English.
  12. They share the same stadium and although the team is playing in the Italian league my players never gain any days towards Italian passport.
  13. £80million for a left back. Whats your biggest offer you've recieved?