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  1. im not using steam but yup still running 12.0.3 but don't know where to download the 12.0.4 version?
  2. I set up my under 18 team setting to offer contract renewal handles by Ass-coach/Coach but they don't do their job! can someone explain this? sorry for my english
  3. ok thank you for all of your replies haha
  4. it would be good if head managers can betting for champions league or league and can use the money to fund club
  5. during the game processing, there is always tips and hint there and i cant read them properly because they are too fast.. is there any tips and hints i can read in this forum? sorry for my english
  6. Wow thanks for the quick reply.
  7. I wonder, if my youth player doesn't have "Wonder kid" description or whatsoever that my scout report tell the player is good prospect for the future.. with their high determination tribute, right training for him with good coaches... is there any chance for him to be the best player? sorry for my english.
  8. okay this is another one
  9. Some of my players complain about discipline about this club. What does this mean? can anybody explain? please
  10. ohhh i see but where can i know his individual focus progression?
  11. I set my player individual training to Passing but his progression of Individual focus training just stuck at 10% after one season. is there any advice? sorry for my engls