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  1. Football Manager Tycoon 2009 Regarding the finance part of the game here is my 2,4 cents with an example. Burghausen club starts the season in Germany’s 3rd Division South with a +400k balance, adequate facilities + youth academy and a 12000 (4000 seated) really old stadium. The player is then asked about the players/wage budget to choose from. Good, lets keep that. However when he clicks on the Board to ask for either an upgrade of facilities or to expand the stadium, the choices will be accompanied by values. These values would give an estimation so that the player gets a bearing of the impact to the club’s financials before he proceeds. So an upgrade of the said stadium would read that the stadium would be ready in 2 yrs and that payment options are as follows : a) around 30mil. payable in 8yrs (312K/month) [i guess this option would exist for filthy rich clubs ] b) around 40 mil. payable in 15yrs (220K/month) c) around 55 mil. payable in 30yrs (150K/month) Similar options will be present for the upgrade of the facilities. Clicking on one of the options the Board would then have to decide whether to accept, deny or counter-propose. The Board should be obliged to deny if the club is debt ridden or if the avg. attendances of the past 2 yrs are less than 70% the existing capacity. So I guess that no one will be able to ask for it before he is tested as a manager for some time. As a second thought I would love to see a 4th choice to renovate the stadium. That would cost considerably less, with a minimal effect on capacity but with a much larger effect on match day income and increased price of tickets. Back on our choices, I guess that if the Burghausen Board went for the first option they should first request the manager (me) to change the 5yr plan to something like “expect the Championship and the EURO Cup and may be the CL…â€. Yet if they went for my proposed 3rd option the game should have (internally) calculated the following: - how much the Board loves the Club to funnel extra money of its own for the plans - how much the Board would consider healthy to borrow - how much the Board would expect to receive from state grants for the expansion. (After all a team that plays in the European Cups should have an appropriate stadium. I believe there are FIFA rules that don’t allow my derelict 2nd WW stadium to play any such games). To answer the issues above lets have the following: - The Club’s president loves the Club and is not even dreaming of leaving. (Which means that we get 1 vote of approval). - His, internal to the game, financial statement reads that he is valued at 8 million. I guess that this is rich for a 3rd division German team president. Good but not enough for large scale development. (Which means that we get another 0,5 vote). - A random factor decides how much the state is willing to support any development plan this year (from 0-50% with priorities to poorer clubs and smaller scale investments) So make the Board ask for a State grant to cover part of the investment. Let’s say that we receive a news flash that we are allowed to build a 55 mil. stadium, 50% covered by 30yrs bank loan, 30% by state grants and 20% own participation paid in X yrs (where X is the no of years of the game plan agreed initially with the Board) and are given a deadline to respond to the finance ministry. Calculate… calculate….calculate…11mil own money in 5yrs+150K/month for the next 30yrs. Sounds feasible. In game, the Board would tell me that they are ready to cash in lets say 5mil to start up the project, as long as I manage to get the other 6mil from the 5yr plan. Given that at the moment the whole team is valued around 400k it is certainly not a small feat to achieve. However I pop open a Champaign and say YES. From then on, at the end of each season if there is a profit it will be redirected to the investment piggybank reducing my promised contribution. I know that if I don’t pull this one through after 5 yrs I shall be unemployed with a negative financial trait to follow my fledgling career. And that follows even if I quit early the club’s bandwagon. On another front, I would love to see a greater integration between the team and the local community that comes as implemented by the SimCity 4 cartoon advisors. Have my PR advisor give me options to participate in city events, select the fun days, visit orphanages, fund the mayor’s election campaign, give interviews to local/regional/national press, go on a world tour, etc. From these the Club would gain “fame points†equalled to higher ticket sales, higher state grants, better players appearing in the youth academy, increased loyalty for existing players etc. The “fame meter†could of course point down if the in game results don’t justify the expectations. My Finance manager would come forward with opportunities to earn FM$$ through concerts held at the stadium, shops build on the Club’s property, rent of parking lot space etc. The Board’s secretary would hold the options to purchase property (for future expansion, new stadium, additional facilities etc.), to improve facilities (under soil heating, better lighting/sound installation, better turf, VIPs facilities, journalists facilities, etc.) As a side note I shouldn’t be able to build a 100.000 capacity stadium in a village/town/city , but I should be able to always build a 15.000 capacity one, just to be eligible for the European competitions. Similarly, a team that has to play for a competition where such rules apply, should play these games in the closer alternative – and pay a rent- if its own stadium doesn’t meet the standards. Please show some pictures. It would be nice to have a picture from the Board room where a mini image of the stadium and its facilities rests upon a table and you can pan around and zoom in. There will be a trophy shelf and portraits of the favored personnel/best players. Sorry for the long post...they came altogether
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