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    I detest FM Admin Wannabes. Thats it really

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  1. I would like to recurit just british isle players, but there are no good regens for england, as the manager of the egnland squad as well, the players are just not skillful enough than than other countries.
  2. te Got it, never knew you could do that. thanks. would be better to show it without doing that. but oh well.
  3. I seriously hope that all stats including assists and goals are saved on the players history for European and domestic football. At the moment its just league stats that are saved.
  4. I play this whilst learning chinese, but its takes me longer to go through the text book nowadays. Now I do it the other way round, finish off what i have to do,
  5. This is very annoying that it happens. Happens alot to me as well regardless if game is important or not. Now i just make two subs, and maybe a very late sub
  6. so is there a fix for this? because i just played this twice in a row, and it crashes at same place each time.
  7. I have downloaded this, but there is a padlock on it. when its saved, I can't see it on my C drive. Any ideas?
  8. is there somewhere else i can download this, i am in china and it dont seem to let me wanna download this training schedule
  9. cool, i have started to lose messing around with tactics now cause of this, lol
  10. i used this motivation for my first game against CHelsea, i was newcastle, I won 1-0. Great stuff!!
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