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  1. No one with any insight in this? There is so much information about regular FM, so it's kind of frustrating that we are limited to second guessing when it comes to FM Touch. I've searched everywhere but can't find any information.
  2. Also, while googling this I found a bunch of forum posts say that there's an issue with the Instant Result SKIN, making your assistant manager change tactics. Do any of you know if this is a problem with FM Touch as well? BTW, the reason I'm asking so much about the instant result button is that I'm doing a looong save where my goal is to make the Norwegian Premier Division the best in the world, so I'm using the instant result button exclusively (at least until I reach playoffs in CL, which should take me about 10-20 years )
  3. How does your ass.man attributes influence the instant result button? Does his tactical knowledge, determination, motivating etc affect the result? If that's the case, what is the most important attributes? Thanks in advance
  4. Ah, I was wondering why they weren't showing up. Thanks for the third time
  5. Thanks man, really appreciate it! Some of your links are duplicates by the way (central defenders, wing backs and forwards).
  6. Any chance you can say something about attributes by postion when you have the time? For those of us who are playing in the lower leagues. Looking forward to trying your new tactic! And thanks man, appreciate your effort!
  7. Lag when going back to player search after viewing player profile. If I have no filters on, it goes back to the player search screen almost instantly, but if I filter by player attributes etc, there will be a lag of up to 4-5 seconds depending on the filters. Extremely annoying when you're looking through tons of players. The game runs just fine otherwise. Is this a known problem?
  8. Hi. I just got promoted via playoffs to the championship. Problem is the board set inital budgets BEFORE the play-off final, and a month later after my promotion there have been no adjustments. I am now stuck on the same budget as last year, which would be fine if I still was in League 1.. I noticed that this bug was mentioned in the 15.2.0 patch notes, but I'm playing FMC, so maybe it's not fixed there?
  9. Okay, guess we just have to accept it, at least he does his job despite his ratings. Otherwise great tactic mate, two consecutive promotions for my Barnet team!
  10. Harold: Do you find that your defensive mid concistently gets a low rating (mine is averaging 6.91), despite beeing one of my best players and getting high pass percentage and getting lots of tackles and interceptions. If I put him in one one the AP-slots he always get a high rating..
  11. Hi. I just picked up FM15 and started a FMC game because time is no longer on my side.. Loving it so far! Couple of questions: Is it only the ass.man. who affects the quality of training? Does thats imply thats he basically have to have high stats in every training category? How about the reserves and youths? Is it the ass.man. or head of youth development whose stats are more important? Is it possible to request a new affiliate, or is it just done automatically? Thanks!
  12. Hi. I haven't played FM for a couple of years and I'm now considering buying FM 15 and playing on classic mode. What I usually do is take a small club from Conference to the PL, with a heavy focus on youth development. I usually try to find a plug'n'play tactic, because I find it a lot more fun to find and develop the right players than fine tuning tactics. How does the lack of u21/u18 teams effect youth development? Does your youth-intake go directly into the reserve squad? Do you get to choose a tutor for your youngsters, or does the ass.man. do it? Does it sound like FMC is the right mode for me? Thanks in advance for any answers.
  13. The norwegian researchers did a mistake and put the wages in £ instead of NKR. Should be fixed in the release version I believe.
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