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  1. A big thank you to S.I. for all of your hard work this year. I can't imagine how much goes into making this game. I have a friend who works for E.A. on Madden NFL games, and he explained to me how much work goes into the game and scouting/rating about 1,700 players. He was blown away that FM has over 100,000 players, many leagues, and teams, and nations. This must be an exhausting process.

    FM 13 looks to be shaping up to be great once the patches come out, and I am loving the new additions. Thanks for taking the time to listen to the bugs and complaints S.I., replying on the forums, and releasing updates to continue to improve the game. I think you all have done a great job over the years, creating a in-depth game that is fun and gets more realistic each year. Much respect S.I.!!


  2. I just finished my first season with Tottenham. I have approached my board to increase the junior coaching budget, and upgrade my youth recruitment nextwork. They approved both. Junior coaching was at average, youth recruitment was at above average. How long does it take to see the increase? After continuing the game for a few days, both are still at average and above average.

  3. I have been getting a lot of backroom advice to change the team statuses of a few of my players. Will this affect their moral at all?

    Also, I am wanting to sign a 15 year old regen who looks promising. He only wants to sign as a "backup". Once I sign him, can I change his team status to "Hot Prospect" or will this have a negative affect? Im not looking to play him in my first team just yet.

  4. I've been playing football manager since 2010 now, still pretty new to the series. I have never started a journeyman career with a lower league club and worked my way up. I've always played with a Tottenham or ManCity and tried to take them to many championships and achievements. But reading about some of the careers people have going, it seems very interesting and fun.

    Wanted to know if anyone could give me some advice on going about this career. Was thinking of starting with a low level english club and trying to work my way up to a Champions League level team. Any suggestions on what team to start with? What are some of the major differences in running these lower league teams? Any strategies I should be using in signing/loaning etc.? Any help is appreciated!

  5. Has their been any changes to managing national teams? I want to start a save with Tottenham and eventually also manage a national squad. How long does it usually take to find a national team job?

    I thought I remember reading where some national teams don't hire coaches of other nationalities. Is this true?

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