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  1. A big thank you to S.I. for all of your hard work this year. I can't imagine how much goes into making this game. I have a friend who works for E.A. on Madden NFL games, and he explained to me how much work goes into the game and scouting/rating about 1,700 players. He was blown away that FM has over 100,000 players, many leagues, and teams, and nations. This must be an exhausting process.

    FM 13 looks to be shaping up to be great once the patches come out, and I am loving the new additions. Thanks for taking the time to listen to the bugs and complaints S.I., replying on the forums, and releasing updates to continue to improve the game. I think you all have done a great job over the years, creating a in-depth game that is fun and gets more realistic each year. Much respect S.I.!!


  2. I am starting a new Tottenham save and have a couple of questions.

    1. Should I try to upgrade my Training or Youth facilities right away? I know it takes a year, but my last 2 saves, the board approved the request for one of the two, but in June, cancelled because of funding.

    I did buy a couple of players, but then the bar was red for it, and I cant request it again. Can I eventually request it again?

  3. Well have just finished Season 3,

    And what a strange feeling at the end,

    The season itself was amazing, won all 7 Trophys we entered and played some truely sublime football at times

    Is even more pleasing that the majority of the squad are now English and they truely excelled

    The strange bit was the total deflation at not achieving the Holy Grail of an un-beaten season, something i have never yet managed in any FM Game yet

    We were so close, only lost 1 game in any competition all season, and even more annoyingly it was our 35th League Game of the Season against Newcastle that saw the possibility evaporate

    To say i was gutted was an understatement, even so, it was still the most succesful season i have ever had,

    Was also a pleasure to watch Defoe, Crouch and Carroll truely destroy all before them, their goal return was simply astonishing




    How did you get that screen above, with Players - Team Selection? I have never seen one with the CA and PA and stars like that before? How do I look at my squad like that?

    And how do you get all the menus on the left of the screen? That is new to me.

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