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  1. Sorry for the multiple posts. Followed all suggestions above, updated both Intel and nVidia drivers, still crashes.
  2. So for me this was a game started AFTER the 14.2.0. patch. I tried it on a savegame before and apparently I was able to rest the players there without a crash.
  3. I've been playing FM/CM since 1998. I skipped a few versions since FM 2011, and bought this - major improvement in many ways, congrats guys! The 3d engine looks great, the interfaces improved a lot, I'm lovin' it. However. This is the first FM I bought on the release day since.... 2008 or 2009 I guess? And I see the same thing I did then. A match engine with silly errors that impact playability by a lot. I realize it's a very complex engine, I realize you have to work with tight deadlines. I'm playing with AFC Telford in the Skrill North and my defenders AND the defenders I bought to replace the original defenders AND the defenders I loaned from other teams just won't close down the opposing strikers. They back up and give shooting opportunities. No matter what I do. I changed defensive instructions for the next game, same thing. After 30 games, still the same thing. I know you will fix it in the next patch. But please kindly realize that this great franchise is shooting themselves in the foot with this mentality - I cannot believe it would not be relevant for you whether I pay $50 or $15 for my copy. And at this point, I see no reason for anyone to keep paying full price just for the privilege of waiting for a patch. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the unforgettable moments and for the many unforgettable moments to come.
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