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  1. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    I am still waiting for the ability to create new nations (without the need of "resurrecting" defunct ones) and their league systems. In last couple years I have created file with more than 40 new nations to be implemented. In FM11 that possibility existed (you had to edit editor's config file to enable "add new nation", but it worked)... I NEED THIS BADLY!!!
  2. can anyone answer this?
  3. what is new in the editor? is there a possibility to create nations? please tell me you've put that in and is it possible to load editor files made for FM10 into FM11
  4. Nation error

    yes... depending on reputation you set for newly created nation, it could replace some nation in WC qualifiers.... and if you edit continental coefficients, you could get more then 3 clubs in european competitions
  5. you can try that for some percentage of regens if you edit nation to have some other languages spoken (some regens that get created will have icelandic names and they will have icelandic second nationality)
  6. Regional Leagues issues

    how deep did you go? can you send me your edit?
  7. Nation error

    it depends what kind of preferences you'd like for new nation to have... In my edits I change Burma or Zaire (and their trophies to Myanmar and DR Congo as their legal successors).
  8. problem with two new nations

    to moderators: can you move this topic to Bugs Forum, please
  9. Creating a new nation

    it would be nice to have the possibility to create databases (like FM updates) rather then just add-ons...
  10. problem with two new nations

    should I maybe post this to bugs forum?
  11. Creating a new nation

    you have to edit some files to enable you to change continents... it has been explained in several topics
  12. problem with two new nations

    I hope this problem gets fixed in FM11
  13. Multiple nation rules

    you need to save your file as .xml and then open it with some text editor (I recomend Notepad++). Find uniqueID of the nation you changed and then just go to "replace all" with new uniqueID (of existing/dead nation in the editor)... It is quite simple...
  14. Kosovar League

    The God forbids Kosovo to be independent country