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  1. Does battery life matter to you? If not, I'd say this is better for the same price, it has a better processor and graphics (useful if you play other games). https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-g3-15-15-6-intel-core-i7-gtx-1050-ti-gaming-laptop-1-tb-hdd-128-gb-ssd-10182914-pdt.html
  2. CDKeys have been excellent, I've purchased over 50 things from them and only ever had one issue, which was resolved within 10 minutes. They email the code straight away.
  3. Anyone got the new Surface Book 2 13.5 inch i7? These are the specs https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/d/surface-book-2/8mcpzjjcc98c/GWQP, wondering what it would be like?
  4. Just so you know, I have bought various things from cdkeys before and never been disappointed. Pretty sure I got FM17 from them too
  5. I've had this, I think it happens when you promise a player to send them on a language course before they join the club. Once they complete it, it says you have instead
  6. Kit changes I've used it for. Also, and I'm not up to this stage yet on FM17, I will give other clubs in my league a sugar daddy and £900m (adjusting transfer, wage budgets and reputation too) if I'm dominating the league to increase competition. I've also edited nations like San Marino to have a youth rating of 200 to see what effect it has
  7. Yes, you can tick the 'Will leave at end of current contract' option
  8. As a Blackpool fan I won't manage Blackpool while Oyston is there in game, happy to when he's gone. Won't ever manage Preston or Bolton, I'd be too tempted to destroy them
  9. What attendance are you getting roughly on average? It's probably better for your club less ST sales as you'll get more money on the gate if you're getting near capacity
  10. As a Blackpool fan I like your Blackpool one. If all the players were sold and Oyston was still there Blackpool would get relegated straight away, would be interesting to see if that happens
  11. Look at young players released by top Premier League clubs with potential or those available cheaply. Try and get decent players on loan (having a good parent club helps). Make sure you have at least one good enough goalscorer. Also, scout players and sign those with good fitness and determination, consistent players also helps. I've found that if players are strong in these areas despite not being the best for the league they have done well for me
  12. Anyone else notice David Moyes gets appointed Manchester City manager
  13. I can't see SI changing it as it does fit with real life. Most teams that win the playoffs (and automatic) can't go and spend £10m before they start getting the money as they may not have £10m despite knowing they'll get it. I can't see owners who haven't got millions to lend the club going to the bank and asking for a loan when they know they'll get money in in the future. The reason they won't have given you the higher agreed budgets to start with will be because you don't have the bank balance
  14. Brentford vs Blackpool the other day was quite one sided In FM I've had it, pre patch the fans were complaining it was boring too
  15. Noticed the short, slow passing with retain possession does this too, there were about 4 games I had on the trot where I had over 30 attempts on goal with over 60% possession and they were happy in match confidence but not in general! Wouldn't mind but the teams I've managed are Hyde and Blackpool, considering I'm a Blackpool fan I think I'd be happy seeing that, we've probably not had that many shots all season in real life...
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