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    im a former army chef making my way in aussie land these days

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  1. Last day of the season, going for a playoff spot after relegation from the EPL Shef Wed (me) up 3-0 with 20 to go goalie gets red carded for handling outside of the area....wtf he was inside....Notts County score from the Free, then score strait of the restart, back up goalie fouls in the area, strait red for violent conduct they score penalty...its now 3-3 with 2 mins extra time to go my dc throws in back to my keeper (my striker) and he does a bloody enckleman strait through the foot and into the goal........................................... 4-3 playoff dreams gone
  2. Is that article a joke or legit, seems like a publicity thing for me....but i could be wrong, if I am thats quite amusing.....
  3. mine is called.... PUSI KURAC MALI MAJMUN. if you know any yugoslavs, ask them and watch them smile
  4. Perica Ognjenovic only had a trial with Vojvodina which he failed he now plays for FK Jagodina in serbian First League
  5. Kennedy is Brilliant in FM10 bought him for Sheff Wed for 900K player of the seasons 17 goals 33 assists, still got it lol, virtually anyways
  6. Fair dues 6 seasons in, but still cant believe he would play for england lol, in all of my games he represents serbia by the time he is 17-18 so yeah, oh well just a game afterall, if it happened IRL thats a different story lol....
  7. From what ive noticed it only displays youth caps for the country you have under eg serbian regen with dual nationality of montenegro started with serbian flag next to name, made youth cap for montenegro then flag changed to montenegro, sorry if it doesnt make sence lol. Interested to know from OP what date these screenies were taken though, add some perspective
  8. That is all well and good but a serbian born player who has come up through serbian youth ranks would never play for another country, playing under the eagles of serbia is what every serb player dreams of, on the other hand gaining another nationality for visa purposes is quite common for eastern europeans who arent part of eu! and just on the screenshot if his favourite club is falkirk wouoldnt that entail him to have been playing in scotland for a long time and gain scotish nationality eg youth caps for scotland and great britain passport???
  9. the most important question here that begs to be asked is WHY THE HELL IS THE NEXT NEMANJA VIDIC, ALA UROS COSIC HAVE ENGLISH NATIONALITY????????????
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