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  1. I'm a little confused as to what this setting does. I always thought having it unchecked made the game mirror the fixtures in the first season of real life, but does it actually just make the match dates randomly generated for the entire save? If so, does this effectively remove all the annoying game day overlaps where you have 20 players away on International duty while trying to play a league, cup or worst case scenario, Champions League game?
  2. Undoubtably one of the biggest areas of satisfaction in this game is seeing your vision for how your team should play, play out on the pitch. However getting there is in my experience rather painful and requires a lot of trial and error, but also in-game time. This is valuable time you don't have. You start a save, you make your tactics and then you have 5-6 friendlies to get your team to play how you want them to play. If it didn't work, it's not just the time you spent on tactics that's lost, but every other aspect of managing the club up to that point as well. What I'm suggesting is a
  3. Uploaded the game save as of 31st of December in-game. It seems it's random whether or not I get to keep all my money or if it goes to 0 when the budget gets confirmed 13th of January. I've been reset 4 times and gotten to keep it 2 times in my testing. There's no message or reasoning behind resetting, or at least its not given to me. Game save is called Trond Viggo 2019 in the game-save folder.
  4. They did. They set the budget to 12m late December, just a few weeks before it was all removed. The only transfers that went through were cheap loan and some talent signings, that was reflected in the 3m of expenses my financial reports showed. Now, where's the other 17m?
  5. So I started my third season in my current club this morning and it seems going into it my 20m euro balance just gets reset to 0. There's no message about why, and this hasnt happened previous seasons (or ever in my 15 year irl FM gaming career). Kinda sucks going from having infinite money (relative to my domestic league) to having my board sell my players as a result of negative balance, all the while having no idea why this happened. Help?
  6. Football Manager started now, thanks. Is there any other solution than keeping my folder below x GB though?
  7. Does that work or do you want even more detailed? Yes, I have installed every update available. Worth noting I'm beta testing macOS Sierra 10.12.4 on my Macbook Pro, and do not have an issue starting Football Manager. I obviously don't know if it would work on 10.12.3 on that computer.
  8. iMac late-2014 macOS Sierra 10.12.3, Football Manager loads to the SEGA logo before crashing.
  9. I am trying to give the Norwegian Premier League the same registration rules as the English Premier League, but I'm close to giving up on this all together. First of all, I can not find a single place within the national rules for Norwegian Premier League where it says anything about registration rules. The only place I can find this is in "Norway" under "Fixture Rules", but if I even make a single change here, everything in game gets reset despite me changing the settings to "Combine with code". I could remake every single rule, but man I have no clue how. No matter what I do, I either e
  10. So Norwegian Premier Division has dumb rules. Football Manager 2017 doesn't follow them, and I wanna fix it. However, I don't think it's even possible. Here's the jizzt of it: 16 Homegrown players from nation, in which 2 also has to be homegrown in club between 15-21. Minimum Squad: 20 Maximum Squad: 25 (Get ready for stupid) Player registration for homegrown players are open the entire year, and changes can be made up to 4 hours prior to a match and still have the player eligible for the game. Player registration for the maximum 9 non-homegrown players are
  11. It is for anyone not an expert. As an example, the game has an option for "Combine rules with code", yet if you do any changes, it completely removes all the rules within that general area in the code. Adding a squad rule should be as easy as going into the rules, and adding a requirement. Currently you have to re-build the entire ruleset from ground up, which is so demoralizing I give up after 4-5 hours of testing.
  12. Option to change TV and Prize money are essentials, and *must* be included in Football Manager 2018. These should also be naturally dynamic, and it not being so is the biggest flaw Football Manager as a series has currently in my opinion. You alienate long term management of <T6 leagues by not having any growth. Squad selection rules are also important additions. As of right now, changing the squad selection rules in a league is unbelievably difficult, and takes hours and hours of testing for everyone not an expert. It's infuriating that SI not only fails to reflect real life squad sel
  13. When a player comes to ask you to be sold, you should have the option to tell them that you are willing to sell them as long as they give up their sell on fee clause.
  14. You have all this wasted space below "Finances" that could be filled to the players own liking. I hate having to do 4-5 clicks to get to certain screens, when I should be able to just bookmark them and get to them from the sidebar.
  15. Injuries are happening in seemingly "perfect" matches. 7 days since last match, they're not tired, nor out of shape. And I wish I was kidding, often happen to two players in the same position in the same match (the substitute from the first guy getting injured too). I don't mind the amount of injuries. I'd even lean to agree on there being few knocks this time around, but it seems like a player breaks his leg every time he gets hit. Edit: Speaking of... My left back backup, who was 99% fitness and like 90% at worst match fitness, just got injured in a cup game for 6 months....
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