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  1. I'm trying it with Montrose, ranked 40th out of 42 senior teams in Scotland. So far played 7, won 4, drawn 3. As mentioned above it's bad for creating a lot of chances that aren't taken yet opposition score with only shot on target however I've found changing the mentality during games has helped to get results. That being said, we aren't conceding a huge amount of goals. My squad are terrible, most players are rated at 3 stars or less so in my opinion I'm punching above my weight with this tactic. It certainly has potential.
  2. Yeah I agree. I've tried all manner of tactics but getting outplayed by teams that are a league below me. Players behave like absolute *******, miss chance after chance while the opposition score goals from ridiculous angles and distances while my goalie just stands there as if his hands are tied together. Fed up of it, I don't believe half the success stories I see people posting.
  3. I'm going to give this a try with Montrose in the bottom Scottish tier. Will update on progress.
  4. I switched my training workload from average to light and it's made a bit of a difference, certainly I'm not seeing players go off every match now. Would you guys recommend rotating the squad match to match?
  5. I haven't done anything different than I have been doing previously regarding player management. Sure, we'd get injuries but not on this scale, last game alone I had four players taken off, this is excessive.
  6. And yes, it has been since the release of the latest patch. No, I am not exaggerating, every single game I have a player taken off, if it's only one player a game it's a blessing. It's frustrating enough but what makes matters worse is that he injury is nothing, they are capable of playing the following day. It's getting silly now, anyone else suffering from this? Anything I can do to prevent this or is it a known issue? Feedback appreciated.
  7. I know it's been mentioned several times over but I'm seeing a real problem with injuries since the update. In every single game I have at least one player stretchered off the pitch. An average of two or three injuries a game is not uncommon. I'm quite happy to upload my save if required.
  8. I took your advice and removed the work into box instruction and it's certainly made a difference. Won my last four but more importantly, kept clean sheets in all which is a challenge in itself in this game!
  9. I'm Montrose in this game and can't buy a win. Tried various tactic downloads but they all seem to be geared towards big teams with semi competent players unlike my lot who don't have the technical capacity to adapt to them. I'm playing a similar 442 to you OP but results are terrible, constantly being caught out by long balls despite telling the team to drop deeper and also constant silly mistakes by the defence and more often, the keeper. Can't afford nor can I attract a decent replacement so I'm kind of stuck at the moment! LLM is an absolute headache!
  10. Too many inconsistencies for me I'm afraid. Many matches I utterly dominate but as usual we create chance after chance only to see them go wide, over, keeper pull off outrageous saves blah blah blah while the opposistion bury similar chances with no problem. It can be a bit ineffective for me against teams of a similar or higher calibre when playing away from home. I tried adjusting to counter / standard but to no avail, marking wingers doesn't help either. We lose too many goals from long balls over the top. I'm going to see out the season with it as admitedlly my squad aren't quite fully fluid with it yet and I could perhaps strengthen the defence somewhat. results haven't been terrible that's for sure, it's just the away performances that are really letting me down.
  11. Started using this tactic with Hamilton in the Scottish Championship. Won 6 drawn 3 lost 1. Looks promising, creating a lot of chances, my only concern is that the opposition are quite often able to pay high balls behind the defence and slip in and score. Hopefully this stops becoming an issue once the squad become accomplished in the tactic. Will update as the season progresses.
  12. I bought that HP a couple of weeks ago and it's restored my love for the game. Very smooth and very fast, I'm running English, Scottish, German and Spanish leagues and the estimated performance was at 4.5 stars so reckon it would easily handle more. Watching the games on very high quality and no stutter or slowdown.
  13. I wasn't aware that the graphics were linked to overall performance, thanks for the heads up. I think, for the sake of an extra £50, I'm going to go for the one jr866gunner recommend a few posts up seeing as he's had nothing but good things to say about it. Thanks for your reply!
  14. Hi, I'm currently looking for a new laptop as my current one can barely run it. Can't really afford much more than £400. Anyone for an opinion on this one, http://www.johnlewis.com/lenovo-g505s-laptop-amd-a10-8gb-ram-1tb-15-6-black/p1365130 I'm not overly bothered about watching the game in 3d, it's more about running it a decent speed. Thanks for your time folks.
  15. I'm going to this a try, currently bottom of Scottish League 1 with Peterhead. Will report back after 20 games or so.
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