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  1. I don't have any saves just before the bids were made as I've just accepted this as a "feature" of FM over the years. However, it struck me as an issue when I saw the original post. It's not a difficult issue to find, just select any FM game from the past few years and offer a player for transfer and you'll probably see plenty of examples. I think it occurs more often when you are a good few seasons into the game. The issue with International's is also very frustrating as it feels like human players are at a disadvantage vs the AI due the fitness issue which has existed on every version of FM I've played.
  2. Unfortunately you have missed the point. It's irrelevant whether a club offers a low amount and then negotiates. The point is would you expect multiple clubs that are supposed to be independent from one another to offer EXACTLY the same amount for a player regardless of the players value or asking price? Perhaps my previous example wasn't clear so please let me know if you believe this would happen in real life: Player value: £20m Asking price: £25m Transfer offers: Liverpool £16.750m Man City £16.750m Arsenal £16.750m Chelsea £16.750m Sheff Utd £16.750m Norwich City £16.750m Napoli £16.750m Real Betis £16.750m PSG £16.750m Dortmund £16.750m Ajax £16.750m Benfica £16.750m
  3. I'm sorry but I think you've missed the point with regard to multiple clubs on FM offering exactly the same amount for a player, it's not remotely realistic.
  4. Really? Are you sure? Clubs don't share their EXACT bid with their rivals. Why would they?! In the real world the valuation of a bid differs from club to club according to multiple different variables specific to each club. I am fairly certain that in the real world it is highly unusual for a club to receive EXACTLY the same offer from MULTIPLE clubs on the SAME DAY (it can happen if there is a minimum release clause but it's not the norm). FM example, a player worth £20m with an asking price of £25m receives offers of £14.25m from 15 different clubs on the same day. These clubs range from the richest in Europe with huge budgets to clubs that can only just afford the player. Would you not expect some variation in the offers, even if it was by only a small amount? In the real world, whereby multiple clubs are after the same player, the rich clubs would offer close to what the player is worth (or more if they really want him) whilst those clubs that can only just afford the player would offer less. The offers may also be structured differently dependant on many factors (i.e. one club offers all upfront whereas another offers staggered payments). If there was only one club after the player then you may have an element of low balling at the start with a negotiation given the lack of buyers however that's a different matter to what is being discussed.
  5. I have often wondered why the offers from all of the AI teams are the same in each edition of the game and why it hasn't been addressed. I thought perhaps it was because the AI knows the PA and CA of each player therefore calculates their offer accordingly. It certainly feels like the game is against one AI player as opposed to multiple AI players when you receive offers from 10+ clubs of £7.75m, + £1m after 30 games with 20% sell on for a player rated at £10m!
  6. I think we may have more than our fair share of TV matches ….
  7. Rabona from the edge of the box! Liverpool v Man City (4 0).pkm
  8. There's only two Paul Rowe's ….. And since when is 11-2 the same as 5-1?
  9. Phillips does it again, only 50 yards out this time (15th minute). Are these the best two goals ever on football manager (Phillips 58 yard effort vs West Ham and Phillips 50 yard effort vs Real Madrid)? Liverpool v Real Madrid (6 0).pkm
  10. The U23's last fixture was on 2nd May, there are no further fixtures scheduled as the league has finished. The U18's had a fixture on 2nd May and have a game scheduled for 15th May. Would this cause the player to be ineligible for the first team on 5th May?
  11. Any idea's why this player is ineligible for selection for the first team? The first team have a match on 5th May, this player was an unused substitute on 2nd May. Why does the player status state "already involved in other match today" when they clearly haven't?
  12. Blocked shots, I never thought of that! Dan, the skin is Vitrex17 2.0
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