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  1. I think we may have more than our fair share of TV matches ….
  2. Rabona from the edge of the box! Liverpool v Man City (4 0).pkm
  3. There's only two Paul Rowe's ….. And since when is 11-2 the same as 5-1?
  4. Phillips does it again, only 50 yards out this time (15th minute). Are these the best two goals ever on football manager (Phillips 58 yard effort vs West Ham and Phillips 50 yard effort vs Real Madrid)? Liverpool v Real Madrid (6 0).pkm
  5. The U23's last fixture was on 2nd May, there are no further fixtures scheduled as the league has finished. The U18's had a fixture on 2nd May and have a game scheduled for 15th May. Would this cause the player to be ineligible for the first team on 5th May?
  6. Any idea's why this player is ineligible for selection for the first team? The first team have a match on 5th May, this player was an unused substitute on 2nd May. Why does the player status state "already involved in other match today" when they clearly haven't?
  7. Blocked shots, I never thought of that! Dan, the skin is Vitrex17 2.0
  8. Real Madrid; 5 shots, 0 on target and 1 off target. Where did the other 4 shots go?
  9. Evening all, Does anyone know of a best ever goal thread? I can't find one on the search. If there isn't such a thread then I would like to get the ball rolling with this 58 yard contender from the bronzed Welsh Adonis, Ian Phillips against West Ham in the 34th minute. Bizarrely it didn't even receive goal of the month, which was awarded to Agustin Ladino's 31th minute strike vs Swansea as per the attached. Must be a bug! Has anyone got a better goal than Phillips beauty that they can share? West Ham v Liverpool.pkm Liverpool v Swansea (Ladino 31st min better than Phillips).pkm
  10. Dybala was also my best ever striker; 76 goals in one season, overall 499 league appearances and 596 league goals. Is there any way of seeing career goals across all competitions for a retired player?
  11. Thanks Neil, great to know I can ignore it and there won't be any significant issues.
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