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  1. Hello, Please help. Game always crashes during match. I would like to know the cause, at the very least. Many thanks. FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.13 03.51.36).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.13 03.17.57).dmp
  2. It's not about the looks when it comes to getting laid... just look at Ribery.
  3. FM 18 now. So it's FM 18 already now... but I'm wondering if any of you are having the same issue as me.... TOO MANY PENALTIES CONCEDED FROM SET PIECES...??? So there's a free kick to the opposition, the freekick taker kicks the ball to the box... and boom... penalty conceded by my team for a "shove" to the opposition player... Now, i'm not talking about once a season... im talking about two such penalties given in a single game... same thing, freekick and penalty... Anyone experiencing the same issues?
  4. One of the classic posts in the forum. So helpful up to this day. Thanks again to the OP author.
  5. Hi @michaeltmurrayuk Sorry, im not so adept with all the technical stuff. Just need to clarify something. I am already using the Match In-between highlights Mod. Awesome btw! Is this Mod compatible with that? If so, how do I deal again with the overwriting of files, as they seem to be the same folder. Which ones to overwrite, which ones not to?
  6. In this episode, Italy take on Albania who are currently second in the table. Also a short tribute to Londoners! Here's EPISODE 7! Enjoy!
  7. In this guide, we discuss how to get MORE International Matches for your country. You can also checkout all my other guides: Enjoy!
  8. In this episode, we get the sad news on a long term injury. We also play a match against Macedonia. Here's EPISODE 6! Enjoy!
  9. In this episode, Italy tastes bitter defeat for the first time. Here's EPISODE 5! Enjoy!
  10. In this guide, we discuss tips on getting the BEST International Team Selection for your Country. You can also checkout all my other guides: Enjoy!
  11. In this episode, we take on the world giants SPAIN. Will this be our first defeat? or will the Italians once again enforce their dominance against their opponents? Here's EPISODE 4! Enjoy!
  12. I have encountered strikerless formations and have even used them in the past but DM and Defenderless is something new to me. This looks interesting!
  13. If there has been no definitive answer yet, then it is probably because tutoring is disabled for LLM part-time jobs.
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