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  1. This is for changing logos into kits,not the other way around,right?
  2. On the match day screen,there are kits on top. Can that be changed into logos ?
  3. Great update. Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started my editor,and i have a black screen everytime. It doesnt work anymore!!! And now? The cache stuff dont work? Can you solve that from SI games,because you started this!!!
  4. The tittle bar logos are so big,cant they be smaller so that you can see them in the whole? And the profile pics are realy big too. Otherwise i love the skin,if this could be fixed.
  5. Hope you release this before christmas.
  6. Can;'t wait for the release,anytime soon?
  7. So i have the japanese players greyed out. And i have susie's name fix. I need to delete this and put in daniel name fix instead? Isnt there another solution to make it work?
  8. I have the stadium background too. A background opacity would be awesome. PS. also when you got to choose a club in the beginning,you cant go back to the club menu once you clicked a club to overview. Can that be solved?
  9. Awesome skin! Can it be a little darker?
  10. Just delete the old one and install this instead?
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