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  1. Interesting stuff, this. I'm playing a similar system (4-4-2 with raumdeuter) and have been having mixed results. In fact, I've been forced to bring my raumdeuter deeper when playing against sides that break with width, as his lack of tracking back just overstretches my whole shape when defending counters. Is this something you've encountered? Have you any potential solutions that don't require sacrificing the raumdeuter for a deeper wide midfielder/wide playmaker/winger? Also I was going to ask how you go about breaking down more stubborn sides with your system, but it seems that will be in
  2. I cancelled a tutoring program between one of my seniors and one of my youths, as I wanted to instruct the senior player to mentor someone else. However, the Tutoring option is now greyed out on the interaction screen, saying that 'This option was used recently'. How long do I have to wait before my tutor can tutor again? Sports Interactive, let my tutors tute!
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