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  1. Currently playing FM17 on the iPad and have just beaten Man United at Old Trafford in my first season back in the prem. Last minute Kalas goal. Best feeling ever! Must agree with some other sentiments on here, Jansson is a monster even in the Prem. Player who has surprised me though is Roofe. Played okay in the Championship but has been dominant in the Prem when fit. Lucas Evangelista makes a great loan signing first in the Champ then again in the Prem.
  2. Okay guys just got promoted after my second season in the Championship. I have a really good possession based squad based on Kun's tiki taka Tx4. I have players like Gary Mackay-Stevens, Dale Stephens, Javi Espinosa, Annunxiata, Andre Moritz who can all play this style really well. It is a 4-2-3 formation with the AM being the attacking focal point. My issue is that I'm not sure the formation is consistent enough and will not help me in the Premier League. Any advice? Haven't been on the forum in the last year!
  3. Okay guys so I have just got Leeds promoted and I have players capable of playing really good possession football like Gary Mackay-Stevens, Dale Stephens, Ruddy Austin, Javi Espinosa amongst others. I was wondering if there are any tactics around the site you would recommend me using in my first season in the premier league?
  4. 6GB of ram is more than adequate... especially if it's for FM. Dual Core is fine but just remember that the better the PC you get now the longer it will take until it needs updating.
  5. I am looking to put a password on my manager in the middle of a season. Is this possible? If so how? I can't seem to find a way to do it outside of the creation screen and I don't want to have to create a new manager.
  6. Here are what my regens look like, any tips on developing the younger ones would be appreciated also
  7. I am currently playing a couple of saves on Football Manager, one with Leeds and a network game with Chelsea. I found it very easy to get to the premiership with Leeds and went unbeaten in my first season up until mid December but fell into 7th place by the end of the season when I also won the League Cup. I finished in the same place next season and won the FA Cup however the next season I finished 11th with no cup victories and very inconsistent form. With Chelsea I was doing very well, sitting top of the league and still in the Champions League and FA Cup but I am now second and my mate has a game in hand over me (he is Man City). The issue being I can't win against the big teams on either of these saves. So I was hoping to get some hints on taking on the big teams Here is my problem, I have used tactics uploaded tactics to great effect in the past but I want my own tactics now. I was just looking for some hints and tips on developing my own and countering my opponents tactics. This is the way my Leeds team are playing at the minute (and the squad I have as well). Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Squad Tactics
  8. However I have won something every season so far! Cup Triumphs: Current Team September 2014: All in all I am quite please with my progress. Was quite disappointed that my position in the league remained static for two years running but at the start of the 13/14 season one of my main strikers damaged his cruciate ligament and was out for 9 months and hasn't recovered fully. However given that I was in European competition and won the FA Cup I think it went okay. Again with the money spent I would have liked to have done better but I slipped up last year against all the teams above me (didn't beat any of them in the league until the end of the season when I beat Liverpool after a change in tactics).
  9. Hey guys long time no see! Had a lot on my plate the last month and a half so I haven't been on here to post up my progress (and I haven't been playing as much) but I'm here to remedy that and get back in the action. Just a reminder, I had won the Championship in my first season and had won the first 8 games of my maiden Premiership campaign... well I would end up going to mid December unbeaten but then went on a horrible losing streak and the table ended up like this. Table 12/13: Transfers 12/13: (yeah I went a bit crazy to try and correct my awful losing streak from mid December - Feb) Table 13/14: Transfers 13/14:
  10. Haven't been on cause I've been in England the last few days! Hopefully more updates soon but I finally saw Elland Road IRL for the first time on Saturday when I passed it on the train to Southampton from Newcastle. Great moment.
  11. Lost 3 on the bounce now to Spurs, Swansea and Man City. Unbeaten run is thus over thanks to an injury crisis. I have one fit striker who is out of form. 8 injuries in total to first team/rotation players
  12. Still unbeaten at the start of December and just beat Arsenal in the League Cup... but at the cost of 4 players having to go off injured... I'm just grateful I don't play my first team in the League Cup
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