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  1. I've had 14.3.1 since it came out but only just got back into playing the game now. On my main screen it shows that I have 14.3.1 in the bottom right corner but when I click New Career Game - Football Manager,the Choose Database box only shows the 14.3.0 update and Default. I've uninstalled the game and also cleared my cache, is there anything else I can do ? Is there a way to remove 14.3.1 and install it again ?
  2. No, I want 7 outfield players sat waiting to come on. If I can't fill the 7 spots with outfield players due to injurys/suspensions then my backup keeper will have the privilage of sitting on the bench.
  3. I had similar issues after I stepped down at Bayern Munich. Won the League three on the bounce, 2 x Cup and 1 x super Cup, my best CL result was the semi-finals. During the off season I was keeping an eye on what jobs were on offer and there were numerous jobs in the German 1st and 2nd as well as the English Championship and L1. I applied for a job at some German 2nd Division team (I forget who) who laughed off my application.
  4. I'm currently in my third year with Bayern Munich and trying to plan for the future. I have most positions coverd with fresh, young talent but still need someone to step into Manuel Neuer's place ones he's past it/retired. I'm trying to find a young lad who I can develop into a great keeper but my scounts cannot seem to find anyone with the potential to make it big. Any ideas ?
  5. Is this not what the forum is for though ?
  6. First game of the season as Arsenal, I play Cardiff away, Lewandovski's first game, he scores 4 in the first half and I'm steamrolling them. Cardiff pull on back within 10 minutes of the second half, fine. Last 10 mins Cardiff pull it off and bring it back to 4-4. Fine, it could happen, but we were all over them, we were winning the battles in all three areas of the pitch yet still fall to pieces. When is the patch out ? as upto now, this is a piece of crap.
  7. Sorry, I don't know how the Argentine division works. Is this doable in FM12 Editor ?
  8. I'm looking for some help creating a new league structure, I've used the Editor in FM 2012 before so I know my way around but I've not really dug deep into it. I'm wanting to know if it's possible to create a split Premier League where the winner of each division faces off in a title match ? e.g League 1a Team A Team B (finishes 1st) Team C etc... League 1b Team A (finishes 1st) Team B Team C etc... Team B vs Team A play eachother for the title. Also, how would I implement this into a lower division with promotion and relegations ? Hope i've managed to make sense.
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