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  1. 2018/19 - Man City came 2nd with 80 pts and Tottenham won with 82 pts. 19/20 - Man City came 3rd with 85 pts, Liverpool 2nd with 86 pts and Arsenal champions with 90 pts. 20/21 - Man City came 2nd with 82 pts and Man Utd 1st with 94pts. I do not manage in England so this was all AI.
  2. Just purchased it in game and it is working absolutely fine for me so seems to be hit and miss
  3. Thanks mate. I was intrigued by your comments regarding the i7 being the better CPU overall so had a look at the below benchmark: https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i9-9900K-vs-Intel-Core-i7-8700K/4028vs3937 Looks like the i9 is better even with quad-core and multi-core?
  4. Yes - apologies I missed a 0. I guess what I'm trying to ascertain is how much faster will it be to go for the 9900K over an 8700K? is it worth spending another £150 or will the difference be negligible. Same goes for the RAM; of course more is better but will 64GB be a massive improvement over 32GB or will there be a point when the differences aren't so great. i.e. is there a performance ceiling for FM or is completely open-ended?
  5. I'm looking at buying a custom built PC soon and I was wondering at which point do the upgrades start returning diminishing returns in terms of how fast FM 19 will play. E.g. i7-8700K vs i9-9900K, 16GB vs 32GB DDR4/3000mhz RAM I won't touch upon GPU because I know FM doesn't require crazy GPU specs. Very interested to hear people's thoughts on this (let's say cost was no issue for the sake of this discussion).
  6. Not sure if this is just me but there seems to be a crazy amount of shots that hit the post/bar, completely unrealistic!
  7. A couple of things I've noticed: 1- whenever transfers go through which have installments, in the news item confirming the transfer it will list the upfront fee correctly and it will also list the installments fee correctly but it always says "paid over 0 months" so the number of months is always 0 which of course is wrong. 2- I had a strange occurrence whereby in mid-August a host of pending outgoing transfer offers were cancelled due to the end of the transfer window which again isn't right.
  8. Great find, also a ball playing defender which is even better. Not sure he'll be world class but he'll certainly be a very good CB.
  9. My HOYD found this lad and I'm pretty impressed, signed him up with Celtic in Jan 2018. Hopefully he can fulfill his potential
  10. During beta I was playing a save with Forest Green Rovers which was challenging. Now started a new save with Celtic and enjoying it so far although we have a massive squad!
  11. Why can I not find Phil Cannon or Paul Scholes on my save game? all leagues loaded so no issue there...
  12. I've noticed on the tactics screen prematch when selecting my team, if I want to change a players role then it changes the role but doesn't seem to reflect until I click the new role again. So need to click desired role twice before it actually takes effect.
  13. Bought it in the game but of course it takes you into steam to pay for it
  14. For some reason Pedro Caixinha isn't mentioned as a previous Rangers manager, the game says managerial vacancy since Mark Warburton left. Licensing issue?
  15. Works for me. Sorry for being obvious but are you sure you don't have in game editor disabled?
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