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  1. This is one of the most ******** features of FM, currently. I'm quite embarrassed on behalf of Cleon here. It is a one in a million chance that a player INSISTS on shooting a penalty in a ****ing decisive champions league leg. It takes a sociopathic guy like the Brentford player to act out of order like that. Of course the player should have a god-damn say in this.
  2. Who says I'm going to spend all of it, smartass?
  3. In the pre-season bulding up to my 3rd season in charge of Man U, in July, 2014. Won the Premiership(2nd time in a row) + Champions League last season. Had pretty much completed my summer signings already..when this happens..: Honestly don't know what I'm going to do with all of this money right now, but exciting nonetheless lol! I'm thinking of going for either Messi or Ronaldo, just because I can. Good times ahead
  4. macimate

    Windows 8- is it any good?

    I'm on Windows 8 running FM with no issues. 8 is a very easy transition from 7. Shouldn't take you more than a couple of hours to get used to.
  5. macimate

    Away problems

    I think it's wise to alter your tactics for the away games. Either through shouts or a different formation altogether. I would reccomend the shout: "retain possession", and possibly "drop deeper" for really tough away games
  6. Is anyone else experiencing this consistently? The AI has a man sent off early in the game, only to turn the game on the head and pounce on you completely and win the match. I've tried several tactic changes after going one man up early in the game, but the AI consistently turn into superheroes.
  7. macimate

    25 shots 1 goal every game

    My tactics lead me to fail? Are you not understanding the logic of this yet? My team (Blackburn) averages 60% ball possesion, and creates 3x more open chances than the AI. Am I failing with tactics for constantly creating clear-cut chances? You hear me? My strikers are CLEAR THROUGH WITH THE KEEPER. I dominate my opponent. I toy with the opponent with my tactics like a bored entormologist picking the wings off a fly. I create 15 legit scoring chances/game, yet my strikers consistently blast the ball wide or straight on the keeper. Are you critisicing me for constantly creating massive scoring opportunities? You know nothing about football mate. Go ride your ****ing kangaroo or whatever. You're clueless
  8. macimate

    25 shots 1 goal every game

    You have a boring sense of humor. Keep enjoying yourself with your match engine exploitation, you silly kid. Feels really good and realistic to be cheating the game to win ya?
  9. macimate

    25 shots 1 goal every game

    How is my strikers missing 10 clear cut one-on-one chances every game, to blame on my "tactics"? Like, what the hell are you blabbing about? People have no problem creating great chances. But the finishing is HORRENDOUS. Is there a "finishing" slider that can be set to: "precise" somewhere in the player instructions or something? Will this stop my strikers from aiming for the corner flag when they're clear with only the keeper to beat? "Tactics" my ass. Finishing needs to be cleaned up. Current state is ****.
  10. You didn't need to create Brøndby's Pierre Emil Højbjerg as he's already in the game. Now you've got two of him at Brøndby mate
  11. Of course. Take your time bro. Can't wait
  12. How did SI manage to make this part of the game even worse than last year's version?
  13. One that stands out is Christian Eriksen - Played him in a danish U18 league match in 2008. - He only came on in the 2nd half as he just recovered from blood poisoning if I remember correctly. I think we lost 2-1 with him setting up the goal. I remember him having an outstanding first touch and control, even though the pitch was quite wet. I outsprinted him a couple of times though, haha. Played heaps more players who are now established as professionals, some now playing in the Premier League, Bundesliga & Eresdivisie. Some of my team-mates from then are pro now aswell. I have been in the game myself since FM2008 I think. Even though I havent played since 2009. I was never even good enough that I bothered signing myself on those games though
  14. This guy has it all: Pretty boy face, nice hair, perfect height, and pretty good stats.