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  1. I've decided to start a couple mess around files as my long term save will be Torquay and the current goal keeper issue is ruining the experience for me at this level. Not just for my team, but a.i teams as well some of the goal keeping is just shockingly bad even for conference level. Until this issue is patched i would advise against starting a long term save just now and use this time to try a few random teams out and scout around for good players until release day comes.
  2. I pre-ordered from GAME about a week before beta release and received my beta code the very same day in a email. Except for charging me £5 more than Steam (and they wonder why nobody buys retail anymore?), GAME were very good and speedy this year for me.
  3. Nope, not at all. Find them very repetitive after the first couple times and just slow me down. More of an annoyance than anything.
  4. Yes it's possible, Our league system goes down pretty far. Although FM stops at Conference south/north, you can have teams much lower than that rise up the leagues and with investment and support could find them selves in the premier league. It's unlikely to see it happen in real life to small clubs, but it is possible and can happen. My team for example, Torquay United play in the conference, 5 leagues below the premier league. With each league below having 24 teams and very limited promotion spots. In 2004 my team was in league 1, now we are in the conference. This is why many people play in the EPL or in English leagues in general, as so much can change in such little time.
  5. I can't really make a comparison as i know absolutely nothing about MLS. But to answer your question, remember that in the EPL you are not just fighting for the top spot. For some teams they are fighting to get into the top 4, so that they can qualify for the Champions league and play against the best teams in Europe. For many other clubs in the league it's about survival, avoiding finishing in the bottom 3, as in England and many other countries you can be relegated from the division. It's hard to explain, but managing a team that is predicted to finish rock bottom and struggle all season only to survive near the end of the season is as great feeling as getting promoted or winning the premier league. As mentioned above, we also have cups such as the FA cup, which is very popular in England and so it's often a cup many premier league teams want to win. For me personally, the EPL is just the icing on the cake, i might be a bit biased since i am English after all, but i love the English pyramid system. Starting out as little old Torquay(the club i support in real life) It's a truly great challenge to get promoted up through the leagues with the ultimate goal of winning the premier league and champions league. An achievement that will never happen for Torquay in real life but can possibly happen in a game like Football Manager. There is nothing worse than getting to the play-off final only to lose and spend another season in a league you want to get out of. Yet, there is no greater feeling than to win a play off final or to win the league and find your self in a higher division the following season with teams twice your size. It's exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. That's why i love football.
  6. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but when watching matches in 3d on key highlights it seems to skip penalties. I've had two penalties now on two different saves and both were skipped by the highlights. Both scored and missed.
  7. Some crazy high scores in my Torquay game right now. My last game a friendly against Weston Super Mare ended 4-9... Game before that was 6-1 and 7-2 before that??? Shall wait until i play league teams before worrying about this though, as obviously the teams i played are all below Torquay.
  8. As said above, except you will have to click download once it becomes available. That's all you need to do now that you've already entered your key.
  9. Pre-ordered. There are no other games of this type that come even close to the FM series, and so i will always support this team so that they can always continue to improve and expand upon the series. If i am honest, the bugs can get annoying, but i don't think i know of a single game that i've bought on release in the last 5 years that hasn't had bugs on release.
  10. Usually always have a nice cup of tea when playing FM during winter months. Throw a Chinese take away in with that on Fridays.
  11. Yes you will get beta access from steam, it will automatically show up in your game library. There are no codes or anything to enter, just download and play when it becomes available that's it when buying directly from steam.
  12. More English leagues, playing below the Conference south/north would be something i'd love to do in FM without using mods.
  13. Same team i start with on every Football Manager, Torquay United. Sadly will be starting from the conference this time. Although it will be a interesting challenge to get back into the league. I always found it much easier to get promoted from league two than from the conference.
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