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  1. Yeah, its not too bad with 7 being allowed... I can get away with it atm as they have some decent Russians to use. Has the DB changed at all with regards to their chairman? In 2012 he used to chuck cash at the team, this year other than my initial budget ive had nothing more! Does he still throw money to spend, or has he been changed in the DB to be a normal chairman again?
  2. Started an Anji save just now.... got 9m to spend, sold Boussoufa to Arsenal for 11.25 so had roughly 20m to spread about. Used most fees over 48 months and bought in: Kasaev Rubin 3m Kolarov Man City 7.5m Anderson Man Utd 10m Albiol R Madrid 7.5m Decent spread of talent....
  3. Just wondering how you go about getting a player to lose weight? And if I do get him to lose weight, will it then help him increase his pace/fitness attribute? The player in question is 31 and 6ft 3'... but is now just shy of 16 stone, which by the NHS charts makes him overweight. His pace is 9, stamina 4 and fitness 5. Technically he is good enough for the level im at, but he is obviously eating and drinking himself towards oblivion He might have started at this weight im not sure, but I only noticed it now im in the off-season and can see he is almost 3 stone heavier than the closest player to him.
  4. Not much difference so far after my 1st season... but then theres not been many transfer windows for Europe to pillage the better players, so ill see what happens 2nd season. Im playing in Serie C but again the big transfer were Dede to Man United for 26m and Moreno leaving Gremio for 7m.
  5. Its all about imagination with FM - always has been since the first version back on the Amiga, until now. One of the reasons why I cant watch the 3D or 2D dots, as I lose that immersive feel because I like to read the commentary and imagine how its playing out. So for your example, imagine yourself at the stadium... the players excited, pat their backs, embrace a couple... clap the fans, send the players over to do it.. stuff like that... think it = feel it
  6. Id even pay for them as a DLC tbh. As for demand, im sure alot of players want more realistic leagues... it affects the whole dynamic of the game imo. I know they wont be added and ill still buy the game as I need an updated database each year - other than that I probably dont even use 90-95% of the features currently offered and arguably wont use any of the new gimmicks added either.
  7. More leagues, probably been asked for but it has to happen. I know you have an editor but thats not good enough atm to recreate leagues correctly... South America in particular could do with Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia and Venezuela adding. Also the middle east should be represented, especially with the Qatar World Cup down the line and the players that do end up playing there at some stage in their career.. Doing both of the above would add more depth to their regions and make the game world if playing in SA or Asia alot more realistic and competitive.
  8. 20 seasons Barcelona CM 97/98..... I gave up in the end as I had the challenge of winning 10 straight titles and beating Real's 5 straight European Cups... I managed 7 and 3 respectively before blowing it and calling it a day.
  9. Thanks Acidburn/Guarnere. Looking at the details you have listed Acid' that gives me alot of hope that things like this will develop and the fact that you have leagues running alongside it, also could prompt more activity for me. My current save has the whole of South America in view only (bar Brazil), so maybe adding 4/5 of the European top flights could help generate some interest in players. I might holiday forward my Vasco game a bit, just to see if anything else happens...
  10. Looking for some help/advice or even encouragement that this works.... Basically (and im sure everyone else experiences this) if im playing in Spain, Italy, England etc I will see teams purchase most of the better players from Brazil... generally within the first season, maybe 2. ie Neymar, Dede, Fred etc you know the usual suspects. Now when playing in Brazil I find the opposite... for example playing as Vasco, no one fancied Dede even though he was doing well domestically and for Brazil and it was only when I offered him out did Chelsea meet a valuation of 26m. All the other stars in Brazil are not wanted, not even sniffed at. Infact outside of Dede only 8 other players left Brazil for over 1m in a transfer fee... Wallace iirc is already setup to Chelsea and the only other deal over 5m was Moreno going from Gremio to Fiorentina for 7m. OK it keeps the domestic league interesting as the better players remain, but what it also does is a) stop teams getting one of the major sources of income, ie big transfer fees, b) loses a bit of realism as players dont progress such as Neymar who could make the game interesting by having a decent career in Europe and maybe coming home at the end of it and c) the next generation is not exactly hindered but is potentially stunted as Santos per se' have a Neymar so dont blood the next one (if that makes sense). So what im asking is: 1 - Anyone who has had a career game in Brazil, do you see a decent level of realistic AI transfer activity in and out.... 2 - Is there anything I can do to prompt more activity? Do I need to have leagues loaded or not? Hopefully im just missing something in this save and I can restart and get something going - if not, then at least I know how the game is likely to play out in regards to developing teams.
  11. Yeah if I have cash I will spend it, even if it wrecks the clubs finances I just dont see any real punishment from the game for being wreckless, its never ruined any save of mine tbh (especially in the bigger leagues). For example my Udinese team averages 20-25k at home, I spend £1.5m per week on wages and have spent £29.5m, £65m, £75m & £62m on transfers so far (thats per year). We are 20m in the red but that will clear with bonus/TV money anyway - I find the game to be a bit like Leeds under Ridsdale/O'Leary... you can spend and backdate as much debt as you can and as long as you manage expectations of the board ie dont promise the title and then end up in a relegation battle, that you can get by without any issues. The club always is ready to invest its TV money come the new season and its just rinse and repeat.
  12. Udinese is a good game - a bit easy possibly, which is a shame (bar conquering Europe). A bit of cash, alot of good players though and plenty who are co-owned which will bring in good funds when they get sold ie Handanovic, Asamoah, Isla... and more. I say easy in the sense that there is plenty of cash and young talent there to take advantage of a few teams being in transition in Italy.
  13. Not played in Turkey since 10 or 11.. .cant remember, it was the one where Zapata was one of the best DCs, as I managed to coup him to Fenerbahce. European success was limited, but I always got out of the groups and into the knockout rounds, but having to field half a team of Turks did hurt as you relied on regens to make it. Good fun though, Gala and Besiktas always made the domestic scene interesting enough, along with the odd Trabzon/Bursa effort. Plus couping in stars to compliment home grown talent was fun.
  14. I thought under the league rules section in game it showed you all prize money available. So if its in there, then I assume its correct. If not, then idk where its generated from
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