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  1. Is this still going? I hadn't the checked the forums in a while, but would be up for joining the next one!
  2. If start off as a mid-table team it should be competitive for the first few seasons. So perhaps join as an Utrecht or Vitesse, for example. If you start as Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord it can be quite easy to dominate the league, but I've rarely seen that in my saves when I've managed another team in the Eredvisie as those clubs usually lose their best players and managers every season. On that note, be warned playing in a non-major European league means it can be difficult to keep hold of your best players, even if you are winning all the domestic honours AND doing well in Europe.
  3. Alli for me. He's the better player all round.
  4. So I started an Ajax save a couple of months back and I'm now a couple of seasons in, so wanted to share my progress. Ambitions for the save: I'm not planning on spending my entire time at Ajax, I reckon I will be spend 5 seasons there, with the ambition to win everything domestically, keep bringing through young players from the academy and to make progress in Europe. After a few years at Ajax my plan is to move to an English club there and try and take the Ajax philosophy with me. Season 1 (2017/2018): Transfers Gunnarsson I brought in to give the midfi
  5. So what do people think of Odyssey? I managed to play it for a couple of hours on the train on Sunday night and thought it was great fun.
  6. I wasn´t that overwhelmed by he second trailer. Don´t get me wrong, it does look like a good movie, but it didn´t quite feel like Star Wars to me. It felt like more of a generic sci-fi movie. I´m still going to go see it in the cinema of course, and hold my judgement proper until then. After all, a trailer is just a trailer.
  7. Yer, it´s versatility is great. In the last 3 days I´ve played FIFA on my TV in my living room, table top mode in in my bedroom, handheld mode on a flight and 2 player tabletop mode at a mates house. So great!
  8. How much has all that costed you? I currently have two teams, a Belgium pro-league and Ligue 1 hybrid side. Was quite cheap to put together. My other side is a Dutch, Argentinian, Russian hybrid which was a bit more expensive but also of higher quality.
  9. The rare cards have a slightly different design to the normal cards. They look a bit more ¨shiny¨, just like the old footballing collectable cards. That being said i find it quite difficult to differentiate between rare and non-rare bronze cards. Yer, I think it´s random. I was given a load of German players. Yer, I´ve had odd moments like that at too. Once I had my left sided CB playing on the right wing.... I do think these weird positioning issues usually occur after a set piece, where for example your CB has stayed up the pitch for maybe too long after a cor
  10. What do you mean dumped them? It´s probably worth keeping hold of them for squad building challenges (SBCs) and listing them up on the transfer list, as people will also want them for SBCs. I would highly recommend completing all the manager tasks as that will unlock you some higher quality packs as reward for completion.
  11. I´m doing alright online. Think I only did professional difficult before jumping online. The AI plays very differently from other human players, giving you more time on the ball. I don´t think consistently beating the AI on tough difficulties translates across to beating other human players. So be weary of that. Haha, yer I´ve also encountered some keeper clangers. You might want to check the work-rates of your CBs. If they have high attacking work-rates they are more prone to get forward when attacking (e.g. like Jan Vertonghen does for Spurs IRL). Not bad for a
  12. Hahaha. Impressive win! Have you tried playing in the online leagues yet? They might be a bit more competitive
  13. Yer, agreed about the controls. I still have the odd stray pass going awry over the pitch. Need to learn some skill moves to get me through the tight spaces in opposition defences. Stupid question but do you know how to make the goalkeeper dive when facing a penalty? I´ve given a couple away and have always guessed the right direction to dive, but my keeper hasn´t moved. I don´t know if its because I´m not pressing a certain button or if I need to choose my direction earlier.
  14. How are people enjoying FIFA? I´m having a great time, really enjoying it. Especially FUT, as this is my first time playing it. Already addicted, haha. Got two decent teams now, though only one player who is 80 rated, all the rest are mid-to-high 70s.
  15. Damn right they do. The E-shop really needs a re-design with the number of games coming out over the next few months. Such a pain to search for anything on that thing.
  16. I'll be picking it up on Friday! Looking forward to it
  17. Looks like everyone has played it says it plays great though, haha. Don´t get me wrong 60 FPS of course would be great, but there are so many other factors that make a game playable / unplayable, haha.
  18. Doom is also looking pretty insane. Have you seen the gameplay videos which have been released today?
  19. Retail: Zelda Mario Kart Splatoon 2 Digital: Fast RMX Overcooked Demos: Rayman Legends Puyo Puyo Tetris SnipperClips Looking forward to and not looking to the coming months. On the one hand, so many great games coming out. On the other hand, I don´t have an infinite amount of cash, haha. Probably going to pick up FIFA next. Obviously have to pick up Mario: Odyssey. Might look to trade in Splatoon 2 towards another game.
  20. Just find the travellers which are dotted around, you can save games with them. Usually they are quite easy to find
  21. Can't agree more! Just been playing the demo for over an hour .. It just keeps going! And that's only one if the characters! Great story, music, voice acting and visuals so far. I was really on the fence about this game, but after playing the demo this is going to be a must buy!
  22. Doesn´t look like the FIFA 18 demo is coming to the Switch :/
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