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  1. If start off as a mid-table team it should be competitive for the first few seasons. So perhaps join as an Utrecht or Vitesse, for example. If you start as Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord it can be quite easy to dominate the league, but I've rarely seen that in my saves when I've managed another team in the Eredvisie as those clubs usually lose their best players and managers every season. On that note, be warned playing in a non-major European league means it can be difficult to keep hold of your best players, even if you are winning all the domestic honours AND doing well in Europe.
  2. Alli for me. He's the better player all round.
  3. So I started an Ajax save a couple of months back and I'm now a couple of seasons in, so wanted to share my progress. Ambitions for the save: I'm not planning on spending my entire time at Ajax, I reckon I will be spend 5 seasons there, with the ambition to win everything domestically, keep bringing through young players from the academy and to make progress in Europe. After a few years at Ajax my plan is to move to an English club there and try and take the Ajax philosophy with me. Season 1 (2017/2018): Transfers Gunnarsson I brought in to give the midfield a bit of steel, as there was no CM aside from Van de Beek who could actually tackle. Dijks left because he wanted to, and was easy to find an upgrade in the form of Perez. Schuurs was a pre-arranged transfer. Starting 11 (no screenshot): -------------------------Onana-------------------------- Kristensen----De Ligt----Veltman----Taglafico ----Ziyech----Gunnarsson----Van de Beek---- Neres--------------------------------------------Kluivert ------------------------Dolberg--------------------------- A pretty simple 4-3-3 with Dolberg operating as a F9, and Kluivert and Neres pushing up past him. Season summary: Not great. Didn't make it to the group stages, came 2nd in the league to PSV (even though we humiliated them 7-1 on one fixture) and knocked out of the Dutch Cup in the semi-finals when playing too weak a side. However there was some impressive performances, Dolberg was fantastic upfront scoring 33 goals in all competitions, Neres and Kluivert also weighed in with a fair number of goals, though both were wildly inconsistent. Van de Beek bossed midfieldand Veltman and De Ligt also formed a formidable centeback partnership. There were the elements there to form a team around. Season 2 (2018-2019) After the failures of the previous season I decided it was time to overhaul the squad. I personally thought the squad had too many senior players who were not of the level I wanted and on high salaries to boot as well. Also they were all slow and injury prone. I had already shipped out Huntelaar in January 2018, but he was followed out by De Jong, Schone and Viergever this summer, with also Sinkgraven being another notable name to leave the club. I promoted players from the youth academy (Schurrs, Kuhn and Lang) and wanted to play fast-paced attacking football with a youthful core full of energy and spirit. So the squad went into overhaul. Obviously there was the big loss of Kluivert to Man City for 45 million GBP, with the potential to rise to 71 million GBP. However Bande, another pre-arranged transfer could take his spot in the starting 11. I brought in Paulinho to share the goal-scoring responsibility with Dolberg and Palacios was the big money signing to slot into central midfield to give us more quality in the middle of the park. Kenedy was brought in as cover for the wing-back positions in a new 3-5-2 formation inspired by Englands real life run in the world cup. I had two tactical formations. A 3-5-2 for away games and the same 4-3-3 for home games, with also an old fashioned 4-4-2 for use in some rare circumstances. The 3-5-2 was: --------------------------Onana------------------------------- ------------Schuurs-----De Ligt----Veltman----------- Kristensen-------------Van de Beek-------------Perz --------------------Palacios-------Ziyecch--------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------Paulinho---Dolberg--------------- Whilst the 4-3-3 evolved to: -------------------------Onana-------------------------- Kristensen----Wober----Veltman----Taglafico ----Palacios----Van de Beek----Ziyech------------- Cerny--------------------------------------------Bande ------------------------Dolberg--------------------------- Season review: So how did the season go? Well we ran away with the league, losing only twice in the entire season. The Dutch Cup we improved upon and reached the final and rather unfairly lost to PSV. Still an improvement on last year. In Europe we did great, navigating a tough group of Napoli, PSG and Genk to finish 2nd in the group, destroying RB Salzburg 9-1 on aggregate in the first knockout round before losing to eventual finalists Bayen Munich in the quarter finals 5-4 on aggregate. Some players really shined, Dolberg though again was the pick of the bunch breaking records left right and centre. Palacios has become dominant in CM and Bande was proven to be more than an an adequate replacement for Kluivert who has just sat on the City bench. Neres had a inconsistent start of the season which led to Cerny taking his spot in the starting 11, though he is not perfect himself. Paulinho developed a strong partnership with Dolberg in the 3-5-2 formation, scoring 23 goals in hi debut season. Season 3 (2019-2020) The season is about to begin and Ajax is not in a healthy state. After managing to persuade Dolberg and De Ligt to stick around for an additional season the previous year with promises to develop youth they were very unhappy. Although I felt players like Lang, Schuurs and Kuhn had improved no end (gaining bids from clubs all over Europe) and were important team players all regularly starting for the team, Dolberg and De Ligt did not see it this way. So they said I had broken my promise and then I had a mini team rebellion on my hands. Cue the spine of my team being rather ripped to shreads in typical Ajax fashion. Dolberg has gone to AS Monaco for 75 million GBP, likely raising to close to 100 million GBP. Whilst he is our best player I was not so worried about losing him. Paulinho has played well in his 1st season and there were other forwards available on the market with the Dolberg cash not only allowing me to sign Buitlink and Rodrygo respectively, but also Elneny to strengthen out midfield. However our defence has been ripped from the team and this is much more problematic. De Ligt and Wober also both joined AS Monaco for 40 million GBP and 20 million GBP respectively (Wober's deal isn't in the photo as its not been confirmed yet, but its going through). Veltman, my captain, who is in the last year of his contact and refusing to sign a new one was then shipped out to Newcastle for 7 million GBP so I don't lose him on a free. Perez has also left for 4.3 million GBP as he was also in the last year of his contract and now at 30 I didn't feel like renewing his contract. That means going into the Dutch Super cup in one day's time my senior CBs are: Taglafico, Schuurs and a recently promoted Kemper. I am currently in the process of getting a 4 million GBP deal for Nikola Maksimovic from Napoli to give additional depth. But at present, whilst I have over 40 million sitting in the bank there simply aren't many good value CB prospects out there. Whilst my forward line is strong and my midfield is the strongest it has ever been, defence looks a little creaky this year and a lot will be asked of the young players. My starting 11 will look like this for the 2 sides this year: The 4-3-3: The 3-5-2: So let's see how this season goes. If anyone can recommend me a "senior'' CB who might be available to drop into my starting 11 that would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Glad to hear it worked out! If you need anymore tactical help, you know where to find us! But it seems you´ve got the knack of it at the moment
  5. Ahhh, such a shame that your computer has died, I hope you can recover something! I´m at least happy to hear that things were going well with your team before your computer gave you the fingers
  6. Nice! Glad to hear you´ve identified your problems and set on your way to solve them Good luck on winning something with it
  7. What @Cleon has mentioned is spot on. If you want some more advice you probably need to add some more details over your formation and tactics (player roles, duty, instructions, shape, etc.). Keep on trying, and if you can´t make it work we can help you out here. One general rule which I tend to stick by for more conventional tactics is to always have a minimum of 3 players on defend duty, usually being 2xCBs and a DM or CM. If you haven´t got that in your tactics it´s worth adopting.
  8. Great to hear you examined what was going wrong for you, made some informed decision and adapted his role, and now it´s paying out dividends! Keep up the good work!
  9. I currently use a 4-2-3-1. But I have also used the same formation you´ve mentioned with success with an IF. Obviously you have to make sure the tactics suit your players, but if you can ensure that your LB gets forward to give them support on the overlap. I actually converted a goal-scoring left winger into a LB to make sure my IF has enough support. Like wise he needs a good supply. Whilst my IF scores a lot of goals based on one-twos played with the AMC and ST a large number of his goals are also back post tap-ins from crosses from the AMR (Winger - Attack) and DR (Wing back - support) from the right. If you setup your team right so that your team creates space for your IF to run into combined with a constant supply of decent balls in he should start converting chances and do well.
  10. I think you neglecting a key issue. The rest of your formation? Are you setting up your team to correctly to get enough out of your IF? Do you have the right players to support your IF? I´m having a lot of success with an IF in my current save. I actually converted at ST to an AML to play him in the IF (S) role (natural right foot, reasonable left foot) and he has been a beast scoring 20 goals in the second half of the season. But it took a lot of tweaking the tactics to get him playing. I notice significant differences in his performances when I have to sub in other players to my starting 11, particularly when I have to swap out my AMC or ST, who he often plays one-twos with to play through the defence. You can also pull the opposition fullbacks out of position by playing with an WB(A). Having your wingback on the overlap often causes the opposition FB to come out wide to close him down, leaving your IF more space to exploit.
  11. Well this is refreshing! Usually people set up threads to moan the opposite! I am in 2030 in my save and personally never find the regen issue a game breaker. Whilst there is a lack of sweeper keepers in my save there is nothing which is ¨game-breaking¨.
  12. I'm not too sure about Immobile in this version, but I had a lot of success with him in FM15. I played him as an AF as his linkup play was pretty poor, so perhaps moving trying something else other than CF might help you there. I also played him alongside another CF (CFS) who's main duty was to open up space and create opportunites for him. In this situation Immobile average a goal every 2 games in Serie A, so did pretty well for us. I Like I said, this was FM15, so his stats have probably changed a bit since then. But, thought I would share my experiences.
  13. Also agree with this. It's his positioning which is more important as a DM than Off the Ball. So he could make a decent DM. That being said, he could still make it as a CB. I usually steer clear of short CBs who can't jump, but on my current game I have one who is very similar to the one you described, except he also is naturally two footed has 15 technique and passing too, so an incredible ball-playing defender. He works well as a defender alongside another taller guy, so it can work.
  14. I don´t think so. His stats seem pretty reasonable for a DoF. I believe the player still had another 18 months or so to go on his contract. They player was considered quite an important member of the team, so I don´t think getting him on the cheap (especially for 0) was ever going to work. Like I said he has done it other times too with different players. Though my previous DoF at my previous club seemed to work quite well. Weird.
  15. I can recommend a CF(S) partnered with a AM(A) in a balanced/fluid combination. Seems to work very well for me with both players being my leading goalscorers for my team. Though I have noticed that they perfectly compliment each others player and when one of them is out the other one suffers. But essentially I have a large targetman like ST with good linkup play and strength to hold the line and the AM(C) who is very fast, agile and great finishing running beyond him. Works very well for me!
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