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  1. If start off as a mid-table team it should be competitive for the first few seasons. So perhaps join as an Utrecht or Vitesse, for example. If you start as Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord it can be quite easy to dominate the league, but I've rarely seen that in my saves when I've managed another team in the Eredvisie as those clubs usually lose their best players and managers every season. On that note, be warned playing in a non-major European league means it can be difficult to keep hold of your best players, even if you are winning all the domestic honours AND doing well in Europe.
  2. Alli for me. He's the better player all round.
  3. So I started an Ajax save a couple of months back and I'm now a couple of seasons in, so wanted to share my progress. Ambitions for the save: I'm not planning on spending my entire time at Ajax, I reckon I will be spend 5 seasons there, with the ambition to win everything domestically, keep bringing through young players from the academy and to make progress in Europe. After a few years at Ajax my plan is to move to an English club there and try and take the Ajax philosophy with me. Season 1 (2017/2018): Transfers Gunnarsson I brought in to give the midfi
  4. They´ll be related somehow... the game just doesn´t have the ability to count back enough generations, haha. Check this link out explaining their name. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2004/aug/04/theknowledge.sport
  5. Not the style of play... but the transfer policies. Clement wanted to spend money and bring the talent in to make an immediate charge for the premier league. Derby didn´t want to risk the money and prefered to take a longer term view to developing talent so that when they do (eventually) get promoted they will have a team rather than a collection of indiviudals who came for cash. I think they also had concerns about Clement jumping ship as soon as a better job offer came along. But back on topic... take the promotion. Even if you get relegated it will be worth in the long run.
  6. Yey, the thread was re-opened! I would like to take this moment to say how happy reading through this thread made me feel. Pure. Comedy. Gold.
  7. For sure, I used to predominantly use right footed players for left sided inside roles (and vice versa) as a source of goals from wide-areas. However on this years FM I've also had quite a bit of success using Raumdauters, particularly with Andre Grey (right-footed) in the AMR position as a source of goals. Obviously plays very differently from an Inside Forward, but if it is goals you are interested in I can recommend it.
  8. Yer, going well. I've been a fan of 3 CB formations in the past, but I've always had more regimented team roles, with a reliance on extremely physical wingbacks providing pace and power down the flanks to provide a lot of the attacking opportunities. I'm now 9 seasons into FM16, and after moving to a new club I've finallyhad the opportunity to experiment again with it. At my previous club I had two of the bests homegrown FBs in the league, so it didn't really make sense to shift from a back four, but my new club had terrible FBs so it was the right time to make the switch. It's still earl
  9. Hi there! I´ve been an admirer of this system for sometime, so thought it was about time I went back to trying something like this. So far the results have been great... though only 3 games into the season, haha. Definitely have to make some tweaks for my away games, but at home this Dutch total-football is looking very destructive!
  10. @Keyzer Soze Whilst on this topic of PPMs it would also be logical to examine your W(S) PPMs. Maybe his PPMs are too aggressive for what you want him doing. You might want to teach him "come deep to get ball" and "Dwells on ball", rather than the traditional ones of "runs with ball down left" and "runs with ball often". I personally dislike wingers with "dwell on ball" and "come deep to get ball" PPMs, but for what you are trying to achieve it will probably be useful. Hope it helps!
  11. Oh, I see! I also thought the AP(S) was AP(A), must have got the CM and AP duties muddeled up on my quick read through earlier. In that case I see your issue. Well I think you have two options then: 1) Change your WB(a) to WB(S) and deal with the fact that you will most likely have less forward runs overlapping options down the left-hand side of the pitch. 2) Keep your WB(a), but change the W(s) to W(a), the CM(A) to CM(s) and AP(S) to AP(A), thus balancing your midfield a little better down that left side of the pitch, Without knowing your player attributes it's hard to recommend th
  12. Fair point on the CM(a). I did not see that, I thought it was a CM(S), which is actually what I would recommend changing it too. Having both CM(A) and AP(A) leave you potentially overwhelmed in the central midfield area. I would consider a CM(S) or even a BBM(S) as a more suitable alternative. With regards to the WB(a) & W(A) combination of dribble more, cross more, etc. yes, they have the same instructions but they go about it slightly differently. The W(a) is going to be more focused at driving at the opposition goal, whilst your WB(a) is more focused on getting forward outwide. I
  13. I play a very similar forma I play a very similar formation to you so can give a bit of advice. Rather than changing your WB(a) to WB(s) I would actually consider your left W(s) to W(a). As you said you are not seeing the overlap you want, but changing your WB(a) to WB(s) is probably not going to help that. In fact, it is more likely going to lead you having your WB sit back even more and be less inclined to get forward. Changing your W(s) to W(a) can help as you should see your winger getting forward more and being more involved in the attack. This should keep the opposition's F
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