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  1. I added the most important third level leagues and I finally got a job, even if it's already July 2015 . Thanks for the welcome. I'm not sure but probably I've seen him (the creator) on fm-base, we can try to contact him. As I said at least I got a job, I'll post a summary of the first season when it'll be over.
  2. If I start with no coaching badge and sunday league reputation nobody wants me....even in SA or China. It's only me?
  3. claasen I noticed that the Sudani Premier League was expanded from 14 to 15 teams and now there is one more relegation (http://www.scoresway.com/?sport=soccer&page=competition&id=601&view=rules here for specific info). Can you improve this?
  4. IRL Scamacca should be in PSV but in the game he is still in Rome. http://www.gazzetta.it/Calciomercato/09-01-2015/roma-ora-ufficiale-scamacca-ha-firmato-il-psv-eindhoven-baby-fenomeno-under-17-giovanissimi-scudetto-100437671680.shtml
  5. Another suggestion: in the game Salah is on loan to Fiorentina for an year without a buy clause, IRL Fiorentina has the opportunity to renew the loan and then buy him for 18 milions. He's playing really good so the loan will be renewed surely, so I think that set him on a two year loan and a buy clause of 18 milions would me more correct.
  6. An error: Petros Kanakoudis is in Inter Milan instead of Inter Turku. Also there's not a buy back clause for Bonazzoli (9milions euro), and neither that the 40% of the next transfer goes to Inter. He should earn 600.000 per year with a raise of 10% per year. http://gianlucadimarzio.com/serie-a/inter/sampdoria-ufficiale-larrivo-di-bonazzoli-i-dettagli-delloperazione/ http://www.fcinter1908.it/ultim-ora/sportitalia-bonazzoli-samp-all-inter-5-milioni-i-nerazzurri-potranno-riprenderlo-a-137675
  7. Next future = 3-4 days or two weeks? I don't want to bother you but your file is really important for me, so thanks anyway.
  8. Did you updated all competitions like or only the most important ones?
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