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  1. Stadium atmosphere on the whole was pretty good. Russians were loving it and the worst part was Mexican waves.
  2. Mate, the atmosphere was incredible. Russia over performing made this World Cup even better than it was due to be. The all night street parties in Moscow after they knocked Spain out were some of the craziest scenes I’ve ever witnessed. One of the top Russian politicians said Russia had not experienced moments like it since the end of the Second World War. Add in the Mexicans, the Peruvians, Iranians, Colombians, Australians, Argentinians, Brazilians...the only let down were the fans from European countries. I think maybe the Swedish and Serbians were the best but even they were less than 10-15k.
  3. These two Colombian girls in front of me were singing and dancing all game (literally) and were getting a lot of photo requests from the locals. This was at Poland 0-3 Colombia.
  4. I was was there and by god I was almost dead by the end. Amazing.
  5. I’m in Kazan and going to the match. The Iran fans in Kazan outnumber the Spanish 10 to 1 easily. So many of them out here so the atmosphere tonight should be great. Hoping it’ll top the Aussies whose atmosphere vs France was also brilliant.
  6. The midfielders are the only real positive. Dzageov, Golovin, Kuzyaev, Zobnin, Miranchuk x2 are all great players. Erokhin is also a solid player, and while Gazinskiy seems to divide opinion, I'm a big fan of him. I'd probably pick this. Akinfeev; Smolnikov, Mario Fernandes, Ignashevich, Granat, Kudryashov; Dzagoev, Zobnin, Golovin; Alexey Miranchuk; Smolov (5-3-1-1)
  7. Russia named their final squad. Cherchesov bottled it. Dropped Rausch, the best LB in the squad, Neustadter, the best CB in the squad, and also left out the two uncapped wildcards Chalov (20) and Tashaev (23). Gabulov got in cause he's mates with Cherchesov. Moved to Belgium in Jan and played 4 games and was dropped, but got in ahead of two other goalkeepers who had amazing seasons (Guilherme and Dzhanaev). Zhirkov is past it but looks like he'll be the starting LWB or even winger which is embarrassing.
  8. Russian domestic cameramen do this literally every game, so I think we'll have a big serving of hot fans on our screens this summer.
  9. I’m heading out on the 15th June and won’t be back until July 7th, seeing 6 matches in the process in Kazan and Moscow. May end up seeing England in Moscow if they come 2nd in the group.
  10. Sergey Ignashevich (38) has come out of retirement to replace Ruslan Kambolov in the Russian squad. He could earn his 121st cap during the tournament.
  11. Thanks @FMWolf. I will try switching to AMC (S) for the time being for definite. I think you may be thinking of the Mezzala, rathern than the Carrillero, but understandable if you haven't played the game! The Carrillero is a bit like the Kante role. For large swathes of the season before this I used one Winger and one Inside Forward and I have also used both as Inside Forward but my tactical report always highlighted the main negative as "we have taken xx shots from outside the box without scoring." In fact, one has just appeared in my emails. From the half in question, here is my average position of squad with the ball, if that may help in any way.
  12. I don't know what else I can do to stop my team from taking so many long shots. I've got every midfielder and my full backs on shoot less often, Work Ball into Box applied from the start, Retain Possession applied in a desperate attempt to stop shooting, and all I see is my players trying long shots. In this first half of a pre-season friendly we had 65% possession and 17 shots, only scoring one. This is my starting tactic and instructions, in this match I quickly changed to Control when we were having lots of possession. Also my players keep getting to the byline inside the box, and then shooting from the tightest angle when I've got a striker free in the 6 yard box, would be great to know if there is a way to rectify that. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated..
  13. How can I get these to actually work? I've modified them for all of the RPL to reflect real life, but none of the teams use the tactic they should do at the start of the game. This is how it looks in the editor: This is what they (FC Rostov) use in game: Is this gonna be down to the managerial preferences?
  14. Have been playing as Arsenal before the main game comes out. Season 1, I won the league. In the first window, I signed Ander Capa (£6m) from Eibar, while selling Debuchy (£2m). In January, I sold Jenkinson (£13m) and bought Axel Witsel (£8m) and Quincy Promes (£25m). Also stocked up the youth team, and arranged for Leon Bailey to join for £12m, but can't get a WP. Had some shocking injury crisis' which resulted in Akpom playing 8/9 league games, and even Mavididi getting a couple of starts too. Season 2, I signed Jonny from Celta Vigo (£22m) and Inaki Williams from Atheltic Bilbao (£13m), selling Cazorla (£7m), Wilshere (£13m), Capa (£6m), Campbell (£14m), and released Mertesacker. Come December, we really started struggling and went 7 without a win, so I've splashed out on Hysaj from Napoli (£27m) and Alcacer from Barcelona (£40m), while ditching Giroud, Walcott, Monreal and Chambers on loan. Jeff is going great guns. Popped up with 4 goals in 11 apps in season 1 (all competitions), so I've played him 26 times so far in all competitions by January in season 2. Other notable youth players who are developing and keeping their high potiential: Dragomir Reiss Nelson Bielik Malen
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