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  1. I quite liked Sydorchuk in that terrible Ukraine team. Zinchenko is a guy I've watched for the past year and he showed his class when he started vs Poland. Be interesting to see where he ends up this summer.
  2. worst game by a mile so far.
  3. Literally the exact same starting XI and subs used by Russia (although they replaced different players).
  4. Smolnikov definitely caught out for first, and then he and Ignashevich both sold by the cut inside. 2nd was just poor marking/closing in general. Cracking finish though. Sigurdsson could learn a thing or two from that.
  5. rip Russia. Not watching but heard that Smolnikov and the CB's at fault for both goals?
  6. That's normal for ****skiy to rock. He also pulls his trousers up a lot.
  7. Slovakia were being exposed on the wings vs Wales so I'd have played a proper winger in Samedov and moved Kokorin behind Dzyuba, with Shatov playing left. Durica and Hubocan both played in RPL for a while now, Skrtel was of course there at one stage also. They Russian attackers should hopefully be familiar with how to beat them.
  8. Russia: Akinfeev, Smolnikov, Schennikov, Ignashevich, V. Berezutski, Neustädter, Golovin, Kokorin, Shatov, Smolov, Dzyuba Slovakia: Kozáčik, Pekarík, Škrtel, Ďurica, Hubočan, Pečovský, Kucka, Hamšík, Mak, Weiss, Duda Looks like Duda and Pecovsky are changes for Slovakia? Russia unchanged.
  9. His last one is proper sarcy. "Hooray! As it turned out, found who is at fault! Not the British Not the police Not Russian fans Russian journalists-provocateurs!"
  10. Bit of tension surrounding this one. Russia apparently using the same team that played vs England which is disappointing. Golovin should have been benched. Also just read that the main entrance of stadium has been closed due to suspect package?
  11. Not trying to goad them but just catch them in the act. Like I said, the Russians feel the press coverage is unfair so they're trying to "balance it out". One of them is the deputy editor in chief of one of Russia' biggest sports dailies, Sport Express ( @dmitriy_f1re is his Twitter.
  12. Wait until Russia2018. The domestic games pan to women in the crowd at any opportunity, so the World Cup will be a feast compared to this.
  13. Russian media is pushing a video about which shows English fans taunting local homeless kids by throwing pennies and having them scrap over them. The Russians are obviously angry that the English fans aren't being reported negatively as well.
  14. I can't wait for WC18 but I like Russian football. Will be heading to Kazan for as many games as possible.
  15. Most RPL sides spend more on policing and security on match days than the make in ticket sales (i.e making a loss each game) which is a pretty good indicator of just how heavily policed the games are. The ultras are still there but it's all segregated so they just light flares and and stuff in their own section. I can think of only one really bad incident this season where some away fans (can't recall the club) were ripping seats and throwing them at police, but they were hemmed into their section and it died down pretty quickly.