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  1. Yes this is an academy who only use homegrown players, though the culture is incorrect as they do sign players in reality, but only those who have been at the academy in the past. This is why I was hoping to change it/remove it. Hopefully there will be a fix if it is currently not doable.
  2. I have bypassed it by allowing U21 players to not need to be registered. Most FNL clubs in game have only their senior squad and a handful of young players, so very few will actually exceed the 10 U21s anyway. The on pitch rule is actually U22. I ran it once with U21 and realised it was wrong - for example Baltika: Maklakov In real life is counted as limitchik but in game was not, same with Latyshonok there. The rules are now working pretty much correct now for me and in test runs all teams are indeed abiding by the rule, rather than the Yenisey bug.
  3. Anyone figured out how to edit "Club Culture"? Each team has a Club Vision section in the editor but not the club culture. Chertanovo club culture (at bottom): Chertanovo club vision in editor:
  4. Have just been discussing FNL rules with a friend who gave me a little run down on squad registration rules: - You have to register 3 homegrown players (those who were registered for your club for at least 3 years between ages 12 and 21) - the homegrown players can be of any age - this rule only applies to the clubs that played in FNL for at least 4 seasons - squad size registered is 25 - plus 10 U21 players that can play without being registered in the squad of 25 - no more than 5 foreigners and no more than 5 loanees in the squad at the same time
  5. In real life Yenisey have been dipping into their youth team to resolve this, but I had hoped the rule would force FNL clubs to buy/loan U21 players in FM20 to fit the rule, so that is worrying to see. Hopefully I can fix it in my own data file. Obviously they have young players in their team in game (Razdorskikh, Uzhgin, Matvienko, Vorobyev have all been used this season in reality). Maybe they need a CA boost to force the team to use them a bit more? Though that defeats the point. Im not sure on squad limits in real life really, since teams like Chertanovo have used over 30 players in their match squads this season, so I would have to assume U21 players do not need to be registered “officially” in the squad list. If this was removed I imagine it would fix things, just needs verifying.
  6. Chertanovo Moscow have a transfer restriction set in club culture "Club is not allowed to sign any players" - which is not true. I can't work out how to remove this in the editor? I assumed it could be in the visions.dbc file but I am unable to import this to the editor.
  7. I want to fix the Chertanovo thing on my own data file but I assume it is coded in somewhere as I can’t find where to change it in the editor? Can we expect a data patch anytime soon which will address the issues flagged during the beta? Just so I know how much time to invest in trying to fix it!
  8. Major bump but I have encountered this error last night. During testing, it sims the first season fine and then I get a mismatched number of dates (22 dates when there should be 26). I can’t change them because it would mess up my first season, however my number of teams in the league is fluid (it’s the 5 regional Russian 2nd divisions) and therefore I want to actually not use dates, but it forces me to. I think my ideal solution would be: how can I make my rules work without having a date for every matchday? The RPL only has 6 compulsory dates in a 30 matchday season and works fine, so in theory I should be able to have the same in these divisions, but it forces me to create dates for every matchday, which then can go wrong after 1 season if the number of teams changes.
  9. Source for that: https://news.sportbox.ru/Vidy_sporta/Futbol/Russia/1st_division/spbnews_NI1045105_Pravilo_limitchika_v_FNL_Chto_ob_etom_nuzhno_znat Since this season, a player born in 1998 or later must be on the field in the FNL teams.
  10. Regarding Chertanovo: I have just loaded a game with them and it prevents you from signing any players. This is not true in real life. Chertanovo can sign players, but only if they were trained at the club. So for example this summer they signed Ilya Abaev on a free transfer, Nikolay Prudnikov on loan from Zenit-2, Yuri Zavezen on a free from Rotor, Ilya Kamyshev on a free from Zenit-2 and Egor Rudkovskiy on a free from Spartak-2 - all of these have been at the Chertanovo academy in the past. Similarly, the players Alexandr Zuev (Rubin on loan from Rostov), Maxim Glushenkov and Nail Umyarov (both Spartak) do not count as home grown (club status) when searching the transfer market, but all three should be as they spent their childhood with Chertanovo. This should also apply to Maxim Mairovich, Denis Yakuba, Anton Zinkovskiy, Danila Proshlyakov, Ivan Lapshov, Egor Nikulin, Artem Timofeev, Dmitriy Zavarukhin, Artem Selyukov, Roman Kosyanchuk and many more. In theory, anyone who has ever played for Chertanovo in the past at any stage should be eligible to be signed for them, as Chertanovo's policy is such that all of their previous players would have been academy players at one point in their childhood, otherwise they would not have had them.
  11. Abaev began his career in the Chertanovo academy which is why he joined them again this summer after spending his whole career elsewhere. Same with Rodionov who left the academy in 2010 but came back in 2015. Likewise this season they have Prudnikov on loan from Zenit-2 but he is initially from the Chertanovo academy so it is allowed. If they were ever promoted I guess they would try to bring back Alexandr Zuev too. Chertanovo abide by only using players from the academy - I have been told by someone else that this is forced in game too which is great!
  12. I’ve been unable to check yet but do Chertanovo have rules which allow them to only use players from their academy built in (like Bilbao and Basque players)? Just asking now in case I forget to check again myself.
  13. Happy to help. As long as it’s at least closer to reality that will be a good thing, so the 5 subs would be good.
  14. I wasn't actually aware of that but having dug through the rules that is correct. "During the Match, the maximum number of substitutions for each team is 4 players from the number started in the lineup. If one Russian Youth Player is replaced with another Russian Youth Player the Club receives the right to only one additional (fifth) substitution." Other exceptions to the "Russian Youth Player" rules: During each Match each club must use one Russian Youth Player, with the exception of the following specified conditions: - the Russian Youth Player is injured during the match and the number of substitutions is exhausted; - The Russian Youth Player being sent off If two or more Russian Youth Players participate in the match as part of one Club, the following are exceptions: - two or more Russian Youth Players getting injured during the Match - Russian Youth Players being sent off. - "Substitution of Young players, with the first substitution of a Young player allowed no earlier than after the first half" The list of rules (in Russian) is here: https://1fnl.ru/upload/s4y_docs/60/Link/Reglament_Olimp-Pervenstva_FNL-2019-2020_1.pdf These rules in particular come from pages 31/32.
  15. Well there is the limitchik rule where one U21 player has to be on the pitch at all times. But there are cases when this doesn't apply. If the limitchik player is sent off, the team which that player belongs to is not obliged to introduce another (if there is not another remaining on the pitch) and may finish the game with 10 men aged over 21. If a team is unable to field a limitchik player, they will have to start a match with 10 men. If two limitchiks start and play the first 45 minutes, both may be replaced with non-limitchik players for the remainder of the game. It's a very intricate rule system. Though I have only seen the first of these three actually occur so far in real life. I have also not seen any team on FM20 in the FNL use 5 substitutes - this is a new rule for the 19/20 season. I don't know for definite if this has not been applied in FM20 but if not it needs to be. In real life this season, the 5 subs rule is being used heavily by most FNL clubs.
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