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  1. Its still going well for me at Rochdale (with play through the middle) - was 4th at xmas in my 1st season in the Championship but went on an awful 8 game run without a win and dropped to 20th! Ended up finishing a very respectable 10th with what was a league 1 team. Second season and after a slow start sitting in the playoffs with a much stronger squad. Be good to try your training and corner routines when you add them.
  2. Finished 1st season with Rochdale and won the league with a couple of games to go with what is a very small and very average squad.
  3. My York team is flying with this tactic. Won Conf North last season and 14 points clear at the top of the National at Christmas at the moment. most goald coming from the wide midfielders but my center mids score some worldies!
  4. Great tactic. Worked wonders in my first season at Hemel Hemstead. Dominated the 1st half of the season, unbeaten at xmas but a combination of poor fitness and small budget for players which both are a problem with semi pro teams and competing against pro teams meant i dropped off in the second half of the season loosing out to an impressive Billericay Town. Finished on 81 points and frustratingly lost in the playoff final. Top tactic yet again!
  5. Tactic worked great for me in my first season with Spurs, Went the whole season unbeaten (with exception of Man City knocking me out of CL on pens and Man U knocking me out of FA Cup on pens). Won the League Cup and PL by 20 points drawing 6 and loosing 0 scoring 97 goals! I tried it with Rochdale in League 1 and had differing results, main problem seemed to be putting the ball in the back of the net which was clearly an issue with the players and not the tactic.
  6. My game has just updated to 17.1.2 and now won't load up. In steam it shows as 'running' for approx 20 seconds then 'syncing' for a split second then nothing. It worked find before this update but nothing now. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing changes. Help!
  7. Working a treat for my newly promoted Leeds utd team. Went from bottom 3 in Pl to breaking into top 8! Good skills Mr U R
  8. Started a game with Halifax using the LLM version. Really struggled to start with, so much so I almost threw the laptop out of the window but won my first game after 10 games and now on an 8 game unbeaten run. Hopefully i can keep it up and climb back up the league.
  9. In the earlier post you said to remove 'play narrow' however I don't seem to be able to remove it only change it to another option such as play wide, balanced, etc. What do I need change it to?
  10. Great tactic. pi$$ed the championship with Wolves and then had an amazing season in the prem finishing 4th!! Good work
  11. Immense tactic. Rochdale - played 6 won 5 lost 1 (which was 2-1 AET to Sunderland in lge cup - and came very close to beating them in normal time!)
  12. Anyone who is struggling to import the tactic... just do this and it worked a treat for me!
  13. Don't get me wrong, the guy was a moron for asking that question as SI and Miles have made it clear all along and he did need telling so but I think you are missing my point here.
  14. Anyway, lets move on. Someone send Miles a tweet asking when the beta is out!!!!! hehe
  15. That may be so but they do need to remember that it is us, the customers, who buy their product, and in turn, pay their wages. If the manager at your local Asda spoke to you like that I'm sure you wouldn't be very happy and would no doubt be going to Tesco the following week. The only difference here is we have no alternative as FM is by far the best product of its type. Don't get me wrong, SI do a great job and create a brilliant game but that doesn't excuse them treating their customers like an inconvenience.
  16. I know it must be frustrating for Miles when people keep asking why they can't give a definitive time/date when the beta is going to be released, especially as they have said all along that 2 weeks before is an approximate but to reply to a paying customer like this....? does anyone else think it's just not very professional?
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