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  1. Personal please. I sent...
  2. If you tell me about Lag...Yes... Intel core i5-6600K CPU 3,5GHz, Ram 8 giga, Win10 64Bit, Nvidia Geforce GT730 Monitor DellS2318M 1920 x 1080
  3. Any news Jack Joyce???
  4. What are you saying, man? I have the problem of delay from the day I bought the game !!! I also find it tragic that it has not been corrected yet !!! I also begin to seriously believe that the problem is no longer the first priority! Crimea because after 18 years of the year you have disappointed me I hope that by upgrading the transcribers, the problem will be solved Also, I can not believe that this world has the problem and you have not found a computer that has it to see what you can fix!
  5. I can not do it my friend What it you say? I don't undestand
  6. Those with a card of 700 and above are not able to do this in desktop pc
  7. the company asks for desktop computer series 600 or lowerand a 700+ for laptop. My card is the GT 730...
  8. That i can see but..... where is the " Turning in game overlay on in Geforce Experience "
  9. Hello from Greece my friend. Can you tell me where this is because I opened the settings but I can not find it .....
  10. Do you believe in the company (SI) that the problem will be corrected until the upgrade of the transcribers?
  11. Sorry but all this has been said over and over and there is no improvement NO! The fact that you do not have that for me means you have not tried it on many machines to rescue it and understand the terrible disappointment! It can not be the top priority and answer me by saying that you still want information while we have given it. Obviously, it may not be what it should or at least it seems to me. The correction is overdue. Also for me it is not possible that you have not seen a computer that runs the game (with the problem) I'm sorry why have I had this year's appetite for buying so much disappointment now, not so much for the money but for the non-play, and this is what should worry you more as I buy it from 2000
  12. I think we have arrived a long time afterwards and we are talking about whether we can play the game we bought since November. Also, the updates we have from the company are minimal. I have been working on the game since 2000 and it's really the first time I'm so sorry. I'm waiting for 1 update to say when it will finally end the issue. Is there a timetable? And if it does not solve the issue then what? Obviously we are all tired! There can be no solution to the issue. But if there is not what's going on? Even if it does solve the issue at some point of time, we are afraid again of something similar; My wish is to quickly solve the issue at least with the next fall that will be done with the additions of the new January transcripts. But again, half the game was lost ... I would like to please as a chronic customer that I am answering everything. I really want to see all this not as a jolt but as a real complaint and sadness that I can not enjoy the game! Thank you very much and your good day from Hellas!
  13. Goodevening from Hellas!!! Jack... Any news about Lags my friend?
  14. Good evening and Good Year Jack Joyce. Do you believe we will have a solution to the problem (lag) soon?
  15. I think the issue should have solved the issue it's been a long time. Pity because after 17 years of daily madness the disappointment this year is huge. Let's finish with the correction!