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  1. Any answer for my question Jack?
  2. What I will say and perhaps uninstall the game is that this year's failure and disappointment had no precedent. I wish the time is not so because then close it! Also I have not received a reply from someone about the proposal I had made to the company through the JACK for those who had a problem and we did NOT play EVERYTHING !!! Return the codes and in the new game we have a discount of at least 50% after this year we donated money to the company but they did not have an effect !!! I think it is the least that the company can do and the most LAW. I'll wait for 1 answer for this Jack. Be well from sunny Hellas!!!!
  3. When to solve a friend? The championships are over, Half Time is gone! We have an end of April but we bought November my friend. I think we should slowly forget this year's game and in the next we will not have such a situation! But you have to insure that this is not allowed to be repeated over time and finally think seriously about the proposal to return the codes I made above as a sign of understanding to those who have been afflicted this year by buying the game.
  4. For this year I think we lost our money. So a good deal to us that did not fix the problem but we have given money without playing at all would be asking us back the codes of the game (for security) and or to be refunded a percentage of our money or better maybe in the next game we have discount 50-60% of the original price I think it's something the company has to look at seriously as we have been to it since the beginning of the game and with our markets so many years we basically support it in its sales I will wait for an official answer to this
  5. Any news about lag Jack?
  6. I will try it and I will let you know
  7. Hi my friend. Kaspersky anti virys
  8. How did you turn it off
  9. We have to finish all this happening this time, otherwise our money is being reimbursed. Do something, we tired! Martie ends!!! more disappointment has not happened again! do something!
  10. Personal please. I sent...
  11. If you tell me about Lag...Yes... Intel core i5-6600K CPU 3,5GHz, Ram 8 giga, Win10 64Bit, Nvidia Geforce GT730 Monitor DellS2318M 1920 x 1080
  12. Any news Jack Joyce???
  13. What are you saying, man? I have the problem of delay from the day I bought the game !!! I also find it tragic that it has not been corrected yet !!! I also begin to seriously believe that the problem is no longer the first priority! Crimea because after 18 years of the year you have disappointed me I hope that by upgrading the transcribers, the problem will be solved Also, I can not believe that this world has the problem and you have not found a computer that has it to see what you can fix!
  14. I can not do it my friend What it you say? I don't undestand
  15. Those with a card of 700 and above are not able to do this in desktop pc