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    3D Match Engine Lag

    Good evening. From reading the problem with the lags, it continues in the new manager.I regret the fact that last year we were dealing with how to solve the issue, which was not solved and of course we actually lost our money, we did not play and we just got tired. And some are playing from the first version of the CM. The company clearly had to solve the problem, something that was not solved clearly and not only this, but it also appears this year! There is no solution either to lowering the graphics, removing shadows or removing supporters, or anything other than the settings since this does not solve the problem after losing part of the magic of the game . And when we talk about a game that needs little graphics and here are super cards I think you can understand that the company should see the hotter issue as last year the same actions were done by the users and did not fix the problem! I hope the full version of the game has solved the issue with some upgrades. Finally i want to say bravo to the Jack for all the efforts it makes to improve the game and inform users but the company should try above. I believe when the game is released to be as it should to enjoy this year as we were sorry last year
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