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    a long time ago in a land far,far away a team of people thought up a selection of tactics that are r
  1. SSC the main things you will notice when you play now are: The tactics have moved on quite a bit since the with ball/ without ball carry on, the sliders for each position and the team instructions are pretty sensitive, so if your feeling like making tactics and such dont go wild with them! The transfers are also a lot more drawn out, with more focus on part payments and spreading payments over a number of months now being the norm, and while the match engine is more detailed, the whole press conference thing is time consuming and repetitive, you will find that if you get a half decent assistant manager in the game, he can answer press conferences and do team talks, etc for you, leaving you to concentrate on tactics and training and scouting etc. Speaking of training and scouting these have been changed totally since the older days, again training using the slider system, although it is far easier to create good training schedules than good tactics (in one go). Scouting a player is mainly to give you an idea of how much you are likely to have to spend on a player, unless you decide to use attribute masking. On the whole I would say the game has improved, and overall i would say it has gotten easier, but it definately is more fiddly than it used to be. Probably the best way to get back into the feel of it is to read these forums, the detail folk go into sometimes astounds me! Hope your enjoying it!
  2. why wont my staff come back?

    hmm cheers lads, will try again after the season finishes!
  3. hello folks, a quick question, i recently *rsed up my game when I was negotiating a new contract, resulting in me leaving my club, so rather than go back to a previous save I thought I would see if I could get it back, so I took an international job, and watched for a season while the new man preceded to destroy my squad and lose the league, resulting in his sacking, I applied and got the job, but when I went to get my previous assistant manager and coaches back, who all left at the same time as me, none of them are interested in coming back, none has been employed anywhere else... is this common? if not anyone any ideas how to convince them to even consider a contract!? Cheers
  4. The oldest FM fan

    although im only a wet behind the ears 21 year old, i must have been a member on these boards for longer than most, you dont see many 2001's on these boards these days.....
  5. FM11- Celtic Thread. You are Neil Lennon

    sounds cracking, il await your results with interest then might mess about with it myself!
  6. FM11- Celtic Thread. You are Neil Lennon

    TerrierBhoy, this sounds like a cracking idea, probably what is needed in real life, can you give more details, about the no of league games and what euro places each position and the cup gets? Im tempted to copy you and give this a shot, was it particularly difficult? In answer to your question, the Current SPL deal is worth 8 mil over four seasons for the League "title" (Clydsedale Bank SPL, Bank of Scotland SPL etc) plus the TV money which is currently around 21 mil a season from Sky and ESPN, the highest it has ever been was just over 31 million with setanta, but we all know how that went! By way of comparison, the Premiership receives about 900mil per season, split as follows : 25% is paid in merit payments determined by where a club finishes in the final league table; 50% of the domestic revenue is split equally; 100% of the non-domestic revenue is split equally among the clubs. 25% is paid in facility fees, based on how often a club is shown on TV in the U.K., with each club guaranteed a minimum of 10 facility fees. Hope this helps, Im not very sure of many other leagues in europe, but safe to say the prem outstrips them all.
  7. Your First 11 [spoilers]

    Celtic Season 2013/2014 (2014 CL Winners) GK Cavalieri LB Misun CB Davies CB Toprak RB Caddis CM DeJong CM Defour AMC Barnetta ST Lukaku ST Dzeko ST Gignac
  8. do you not have to buy worldwide soccer manager in the states? tis the same game anyway as far as i know, maybe some licensing differences?
  9. General Laptop Question?

    mate, without getting bogged down in tech specs, thats almost the exact same as my laptop spec, and fm10 flies on it, thats running 6 leagues and large database. not a clue about age of the empires though... hope this helps!
  10. Some thoughts regarding consumer issues

    excellent post I agree with most of whats being said, dunno how far that tick boxes could be taken without adding a lot to an already big, and not unprone to the odd bug, game, but i know **** all about computers other than they let me play fm and type things for uni, so il let the tech types talk about it while i listen with interest!
  11. Why do certain teams' players not have pictures?

    some of them are just really ugly... remember kennedy bakircioglu?
  12. this is normal, he clearly has a 20 for his hidden 'sarcasm' attribute.
  13. System Spec...DDR or DDR2?

    What a helpful person you are, Les Girondins we need more of this on the forums rather than folk greeting about how they cant work things! Credit to the original poster for not making one of those "need help quickly, this is soo important" threads. Ho hum, that is all i wanted to say, back to FM !
  14. Bad Image Player's

    anyone from rangers
  15. Team Credit

    easy solution to this, get an assman with 20 for man management and motivating or as close to it as possible.... he will say all the right things in your team talks, when you can be bothered!