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  1. moomoomoo 4 3 3 2010

    Bingo, for me Mcgeady is killing it on the left. Shaun Maloney does a good job in that role, but Mcgeady is already at about 10 goals and 15 assists and its only the start of jan in my first season. I think the scottish league being that bit less competetive does make life easier. But Samaras works really well in the target man role, with Fortune and Macdonald playing the poachers roles. Both Mcdonald anf Fortune do well but not amazing, mainly caues I dont think they are ideal players for these roles, however they do a good enough job. what they do excel is being shifted into that target man position then they normally really pick up their performance. going purely on real life knowledge (and as a spurs fan its not the best with the gooners!) but I'd have RVP as the targetman, walcott and arshavin as the two poachers. for the midfield surly the likes of Nasri would kill on the left hand side, I'd even be tempted to have Cesc as the box to box player. I think I have been lucky falling into immediate success with this formation as others are clearly struggling, however once you work out what the key to making it tick is I think you'll realise how potent it can be. I very rarely need to make massive changes for home or away. I tinker a bit for European ties against teams that should be beating me away to try and shut up shop for a while so I dont get smashed in the first 20 minutes or so then start to free the players up a little to take the game to them.
  2. moomoomoo 4 3 3 2010

    are you guys picking guys suited to the position. The target man and creative midfielder are the key for me. Samaras getting 24 goals and mcgeady are killing it in the SPL for me.
  3. moomoomoo 4 3 3 2010

    I was going to go a bit bonkers and as samaras plays the target man role so well is play both adriano and samaras as target men and see what happens. Although I'm with your thinking that the two poachers get marked and the target man gets the space to score the goals. I will have a play around, however the tactic seems to work very well, including european games as well. I often switch around the forwards to mix things up which I find helps.
  4. moomoomoo 4 3 3 2010

    this is working out really well for me at celtic. Started the season playing 4-4-2of my own creation with mixed results, but switch to this. Samaras as my target man has boshed in 29 goals and 24 games (a couple of hat tricks in cup games helped his ratio) and just signed Adriano who looks like he is going to be perfect as the target man. My main problem at the moment is the two other strikers really seem to struggle getting goals. The midfielders get a fair few, but other than the target man the striking trio seem to lack real potentancy. I've tried switching them to different roles, but nothing seems to change. Their ratings are averaging about the 7 mark so not playing badly, just not getting the goals I would expect, especailly as I'm rotating Fortune, Macdonald and an aging resigned start in the form of Henrik Larsson.
  5. Fulham's repayment fo gift loan

    the pitfalls of modern football finances I'm afraid.
  6. Angry at Extreme 2nd Leg Comeback

    heres a boring stat i remember from a few years back. Was Arsenal 1 Middlesborough 1. Middlsborough had 0 shots on target, their goal was an own goal. So strange things do happen in football.
  7. Downloadable version of the online manual

    ah right, not particularly useful. guess I'll go through pdf all the pages and print at work then!
  8. Hi all, I've been searching on here and I can well imagine I'm being a lemon and just missing it. But at the moment looking at the online manual I can only seem to look at one section as at a time as pdf. Is there a whole pdf of the manual I can download anywhere. My apologies if this is somewhere obvious, I've been searching the site for the past half an hour and really should be doing some work now!!