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  1. Please note i did not create this tactic, i downloaded it online somewhere. its brilliant!!!! I use Wingbacks who can cross, Florenzi and Shaw, Matic Asencio and Pogba as the midfielders! Of course Lukaku Martial and Rashford as the strikers! Lukaku is on fire!!! I did not create this tactic but here goes!! Good Luck mate! 433 V_25C4D819-B0A6-4B9E-94E7-73EFA049E8C9.fmf
  2. Lukaku and Ibrahimovic in unreal form, Shame i sold Ibrahimovic as he was old. Lukaku is impressing me as his replacement on my 2nd season. Florenzi who is a winger who i am playing as a full back and he has managed 36 assists!!
  3. Danny Mohiddin to be in Football Manager 2013. I hope all is well!!!!!!!!!
  4. I had only had 1 son ... I went past 100 years old but it was worth it! I hope i get one in this years FM!!! Its the best feauture!
  5. All questions regarding Son's should be kept in here! Is it easier to get son's in this year's version ??? I LOVE THE GAME!!!!!!!
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