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  1. Please note i did not create this tactic, i downloaded it online somewhere. its brilliant!!!! I use Wingbacks who can cross, Florenzi and Shaw, Matic Asencio and Pogba as the midfielders! Of course Lukaku Martial and Rashford as the strikers! Lukaku is on fire!!! I did not create this tactic but here goes!! Good Luck mate! 433 V_25C4D819-B0A6-4B9E-94E7-73EFA049E8C9.fmf
  2. Lukaku and Ibrahimovic in unreal form, Shame i sold Ibrahimovic as he was old. Lukaku is impressing me as his replacement on my 2nd season. Florenzi who is a winger who i am playing as a full back and he has managed 36 assists!!
  3. Danny Mohiddin to be in Football Manager 2013. I hope all is well!!!!!!!!!
  4. Fabio, Did the demo just stop working ? I have problems with Steam, it gives me messages like Game not available at this time.
  5. Im glad tbf .. I was so angry but he is a top striker and better to have him in our team, Him , Hernandez, Berbartov and Macheda are good options to have in the game and real life
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