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  1. I finished my first season with United with amazing player stats. James Rodriguez and Delofeu signed 1st season. Have a look at the stats. Liverpool gave me a run for my money. League and FA Cup winners. All stats available on request.
  2. Transfer budget - 50m Signings - Delofeu - 30m and James Rodrigues for 42m Sold - Matic & Mata Greenwood is on fire. All Goals and Highlights are uploaded on my YouTube which is a week old. I have 2 subs only so be easy
  3. Continued from my last save on FM2010 - Started a story on FM20 with Danny Mohiddin as a manager ... - Anyone interested on the videos or pics? Will post updates on this.
  4. Danny Mohiddin to be in Football Manager 2013. I hope all is well!!!!!!!!!
  5. I will be putting yearly updates ... I am continuing the game from his management spell at Porto ..
  6. Thank you ... It was Fun and still is Everyone was involved in making this story great ...
  7. I have Created Danny Mohiddin and his profile is as follows followed by Mario Santos Mohiddin .. The son of Danny Mohiddin ! Danny Mohiddin is the manager of Newcastle United ..... Mario Mohiddin as 15 years old and plays for Newcastle United ....... I have made Danny Mohiddin and Newcastle United as his favoured personell and have done the same thing for Danny .. I am going to add myself to Danny's Favoured personell as well as Mario's - Of course Danny will be liked more as h e is the dad ! My team will be Manchester United so Danny has a job in his hand to bring the Toon back to the p
  8. Nice .. lol I have created Danny Mohiddin already .. I will create Mario in a minute .. I am going to give him 170 PA and a i will post screenshots ad soon as they are done ... Cheers for that PS .. I will put him at Newcastle United and not Manchester United unless they want to sell him ...
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